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AN introduction to Six sigma
  Six Sigma  Ice Break  Who am I ? Who Are you ?    Feedback and assessment)Graded Components( Feedback and Assessment)Formative & Diagnostic( 1 Class Participations, Questions & discussions during class time (10% )ac! ground !no ledge on each sessions 2  Assignments and case studies (10 % )#o test your !no ledge regarding the course topics and su$ectsome assignment and classroom case studies' 3.1  Qui (%) Co*ers session 1+'-ultiple choice & #rue . /alse 3.2 Qui II (%) Co*ers session +'-ultiple choice & #rue . /alse 4 i2 igma Proect (30%) + #he participant should co*er all the 4-AIC steps'/inal Assessment   S-P-A-C-E-R  a5etyPurpose AgendaCode o5 Practice62pectation7ules  
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