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17 March Privacy (finish) Consumer Privacy Data & informational privacy One should ask: Who has ACCESS ? Who should have ACCESS ? Need to know? Why ? Keep for how long ? And more … My rights Shouldn’t I have a say? Why should I care? Decisions made about us?
17 MarchPrivacy (finish)ConsumerPrivacyData & informational privacy
  • One should ask:
  • Who hasACCESS?
  • Who should have ACCESS?
  • Need to know?
  • Why?
  • Keep for how long?
  • And more …
  • My rights
  • Shouldn’t I have a say?
  • Why should I care?
  • Decisions made about us?
  • Any effect if data are Incomplete? Erroneous? Sensitive?
  • Visit Data breaches chronology
  • Importance of Privacy
  • Privacy and relationships
  • How is it different from pre-computers/networks?
  • Electronic alter ego
  • Some Videos
  • Privacy and social networks
  • Cameras
  • Online identity and convergence
  • Controversy & Challenge
  • My right to Informational Privacy vs. Others’ right to know vs. Security
  • Does it have to be “vs”?
  • Is it really a zero-sum game?
  • Everyone Agrees
  • Privacy is notabsolute in society …why?
  • Willing to divulge SOME info in exchange for SOME economic or social benefit….
  • BUT! Reasonable expectation about how it’s treated…
  • Government Surveillance
  • Snuggly bearexplains warrantless wiretapping
  • Cyberspace surveillance plan
  • The story
  • ConsumerHistory of Shopping
  • Peddlers and door-to-door salesmen
  • Started out at home!
  • Moved to the city
  • 1964 Petula Clark
  • Malls
  • Big Box Stores
  • WalMart
  • Internet Shopping
  • 1995: Internet unknown
  • 1996: over 95% of general population aware
  • 1998: online sales increase 200%
  • $2.2 billion
  • < 1% of total retail sales ($3 trillion)
  • 2006: sales > $100B
  • CyberMonday 2007
  • Internet Shopping Preference
  • Many still like to purchase offline
  • Pew survey
  • Like convenience
  • Use for research and comparisons
  • Security worries
  • Some Consumer Safety Web sites
  • Consumers Union: financial privacy
  • FTC’s Consumer Protection page
  • FTC's "Paying On Line" : Paying it Safe…
  • SafeShopping from the American Bar Assn.
  • Consumer Watchdog
  • 'Lectric Law: Consumer Rights & Protection
  • Internet Shopping Trends
  • Comparison Shopping sites
  • What are the most important features
  • Google shopping (Froogle) vs Bizrate
  • Amazon vs. Half.com
  • Word of mouth: reviews
  • Gauri et al
  • Shopping Addiction
  • Related Search
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