19 Powerful Writing Skills that Will Supercharge Your Copy

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This presentation (and eBook) walks you through 3 levels of writing skills -- basic, intermediate, and advanced -- to propel your writing to the next level. Subscribe to Copytactics and download the full eBook here: http://superchargeyourcopy.copytactics.com. If you understand the power of the written word, in life and in business, this eBook will help you harness it.
  • 1. Which skills will we cover?
  • 2. Part I. 6 Basic Writing Skills that Will Tighten Your Copy
  • 3. Part II. 6 Intermediate Writing Skills that Will Strengthen Your Copy
  • 4. Part III. 6 Advanced Writing Skills that Will Supercharge Your Copy
  • 5. Part IV. BONUS SKILL!!! Click Image to Download full PDF eBook
  • 6. Let’s get started.
  • 7. Part I. 6 Basic Writing Skills that Will Tighten Your Copy
  • 8. Writing Skill #1 – On your second draft, delete 90% of your “that”s
  • 9. Writing Skill #2 – Use the active voice for more exciting copy
  • 10. Writing Skill #3 – Get rid of clichés and jargon. Instead, say what you’re ACTUALLY trying to say
  • 11. Writing Skill #4 – Simple trick to conversational writing: Spread contractions throughout your copy
  • 12. Writing Skill #5 – “Very” and “really” – Remove them for more powerful writing
  • 13. Writing Skill #6 – Use italics and bold-type to influence how your readers emphasize
  • 14. Part II. 6 Intermediate Writing Skills that Will Strengthen Your Copy
  • 15. Writing Skill #7 – Replace “in order to” with “to.” And get rid of “start to”
  • 16. Writing Skill #8 – Write shorter sentences to hook your readers
  • 17. Writing Skill #9 – Use simple language to increase the impact of your copy
  • 18. Writing Skill #10 – Avoid starting sentences with “there are”
  • 19. Writing Skill #11 – Use strategic punctuation to conduct your reader’s thoughts
  • 20. Writing Skill #12 – Suck people into your content with paragraphs of 1-2 lines each
  • 21. Do you want the full guidebook with in-depth details? Click the image below to download
  • 22. Part IV. BONUS SKILL!!!
  • 23. #19 – Don’t be afraid to break the rules
  • 24. When deciding between “proper” and “effective”…
  • 25. Choose “effective” every time
  • 26. Thanks for watching. Presentation brought to you buy… Content Marketing that Grows Your Business
  • 27. To Download the Full Book… Click the image below And if you enjoyed it, please share this presentation with other cool people (by clicking those images) Thanks! 
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