2.Assessment of Furnaces

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    ENERGY PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT OF FURNACES      Pusher-Type 3-Zone Reheating Furnae      Performance Terms and Denitions Furnace Efficiency, η  =   Heat in stock (material) (kCals)Heat in Fuel /electricity (kCals) Specific Energy Consumption =   Quantity of fuel or energy consumed Quantity of material processed.    irect !et od #esting Measure!ent Para!eters  # e follo$ing measurements are to %e made for doing t e energy %alance in oil fired re eating furnaces (e.g. Heating Furnace) i)   &eig t of stock / 'um%er of %illets eatedii)   #emperature of furnace $alls, roof etciii)   Flue gas temperaturei)   Flue gas analysis)   Fuel il consumption
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