6 beautiful mandap decoration ideas to try out for your wedding

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6 Beautiful Mandap Decoration Ideas To Try Out For Your Wedding Mandaps are a crucial part of most Indian weddings. It is the sanctimonious place where the couples…
6 Beautiful Mandap Decoration Ideas To Try Out For Your Wedding Mandaps are a crucial part of most Indian weddings. It is the sanctimonious place where the couples vow to love and cherish each other for years to come. This particular area becomes the point of focus for all as the ritualistic pheras around the fire take place over here. Thus, the mandap decoration has to be glorious enough to attract and appease the eyes of the guests who will bear witness to this holy matrimony.If you are wondering how to make your mandap look something right out of a dreamy wedding, then listed below are some ideas that will surely help you out.1. Flower Power Flowers form the very essence of any Indian wedding and what better way to mark the day than having your entire mandap decorated with flowers? There are various ideas for flower decoration Bangalore that you can opt for. You can create a canopy out of red roses to craft the mandap. You can have four pillars to support such a beautiful canopy. Or you can create curtains out of white flowers to make a makeshift mandap.2. Colourful Hues Weddings are all about vibrant colours which express the joy of life and celebrate love. So, for your mandap, you can choose to decorate it with vibrant hues. There are various things you can experiment with. You can go with pastels and some flowers to get an elegant look. Or you suspend yellow and orange drapes over the pillars of the mandap.3. Get Wed Under Royal Chandeliers Always dreamed of having a grand wedding? Then, your mandap should look something right out of the royal palace as well. Just an addition of some glass chandeliers will impart that charm. When you search for Indian wedding decoration ideas for a royal theme, you will get multiple ideas. Like for example, using flowers to create a canopy for the mandap and then suspending a glass chandelier from the middle of the canopy.4. Go For Minimal Many people go overboard when it comes to marriage decoration. The key to a chic and beautiful wedding is opting for minimal decoration. So, go for single colours to impart a contemporary look to your mandap. Colours like blue, peach, white and yellow are best for such ideas. Add in some carnations and you will have a beautiful looking mandap in no time.5. Garden CanopyIf you want your mandap to have a slight touch of nature, then creating a garden canopy would be ideal. Filled with twigs, lilies, roses and white flowers, it would complement the whole dĂŠcor, no matter what colour you choose.6. Light It Up! For night weddings, decorating the mandap with diyas or fairy lights would just make it look something right out of a dream. This is especially suitable for outdoor garden weddings, provided you get the ideal location.These are some ideas for mandap decoration Bangalore. There are various other concepts which you can conjure up to get the dream wedding that you want. Remember that the auspicious day is marked by the vows you take at that place. So, do not compromise when it comes to selecting the right way to decorate the mandap for your D-day.
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