9.5 Hyperbolas (Day 2)

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9.5 Hyperbolas (Day 2). (FROM YESTERDAY). Standard Form of Hyperbolas. Major axis is on the x-axis:. Major axis is on the y-axis:. asymptotes. a 2 is on (+) variable. Vertices & Foci on x-axis. Vertices & Foci on y-axis. “C A B”. Foci:.
9.5 Hyperbolas (Day 2)(FROM YESTERDAY)Standard Form of Hyperbolas Major axis is on the x-axis:Major axis is on the y-axis:asymptotesa2 is on (+) variableVertices & Foci on x-axisVertices & Foci on y-axis“C A B”Foci:Ex 1) Write an equation of a hyperbola with asymptotes and fociMake a sketch of asymptotesRise = 3Run = 4Foci on x- axis → x2 is (+) variablea is on x- axis & b is on y- axison x- axison y- axisEx 2) Find an equation of a hyperbola having foci (-3, 0) and (3, 0) and difference of focal radii equal to 4Diff. of focal radii = 2a Foci are ± con x- axis(Same as Sum for Ellipse)on x- axisfoci on same axis as ‘a’Compare Ellipse & HyperbolaEllipsea2 is larger #Hyperbolaa2 is with (+) variable“C A B”Foci (‘c’) on same axis as ‘a’Eccentricity = BOTHHomework#909 Pg. 430 2, 4, 6, & 13 – 18 allPg. 421 1, 3, 5 When graphing, find: x-intercepts y-intercepts coordinates of foci eccentricity length of major axis (if ellipse) equations of asymptotes (if hyperbola)
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