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  Joshua Zou National History Day Annotated BibliographyPrimary SourcesAdelman, Bob. Mine Eyes Have Seen: Bearing Witness to the Struggle or !ivil ights. #e$ %or&: 'ime Home Entertainment, ())*. Print. Through vivid pictures and powerful imagery, this book shows rather than tells the history of the civil rights movement, being written by, in fact, a photographer present at that time. This book gave me a basic understanding of the civil rights movement and built the foundation on which the rest of my proect could be laid. Angelou, Maya.  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings . #e$ %or&: andom House, +*).Print. !n autobiographical account of her life, aya !ngelou uses #aged $ird to illustrate the events that led her to her achievements. !ngelou portrays the everyday sufferings of black life in the south, and how it would eventually lead her to take a stand against racism. Bald$in, -ames. 'he ire ne/t 'ime. #e$ %or&: 0ial, +12. Print. %n this collection of two essays, $aldwin writes addressing the !frican&!merican dilemma as well as $aldwin's own mistrust in faith. $aldwin's voice in these essays varies from Zou 1  Joshua Zou National History Daylogical and cold to impassioned and pleading, giving me a sense of who he was and how he would be instrumental in the #ivil (ights ovement. Bald$in, -ames. Go Tell It on the Mountain . #e$ %or&: 0ial, +12. Print.  ! coming of age story partially based on his own life, $aldwin uses this book to review his own beginnings. The parallels emerge in the main character's abusive father and disillusionment with the church, both of which are present in $aldwin's own life. This book helped me get a grasp of $aldwin's background and what pushed him to take a stand in critici)ing oppression Bald$in, -ames.  Notes of a Native Son . Whitehouse Station: Bantam, +13. Print. %n this collection of ten essays, $aldwin reflects on the circumstances that blacks face from day to day, as well as the great problem blacks face collectively* racism. %n addition, $aldwin also uses some of the essays to come to terms with and reflect on his own life. This  book was not only pivotal in showing $aldwin taking a stand, it also allowed me to gain a clearer grasp of $aldwin's thoughts of the #ivil (ights movement itself. Bald$in, -ames, and #i&&i 4iovanni.  A Dialogue . Philadelphia: -.B. 5ippincott, +*2. Print. Zou 2  Joshua Zou National History DayThese were a set of declarations in which it was shown that +iovanni, even though she was a cultural nationalist, would not bow down to the typical black power seism. This book really allowed me to to understand +iovanni's inclinations. Bara&a, Amiri.  Blac Art  . #e$ar&, #-: -ihad Productions, +1. Print.  This book of poems, written in the midst of the $lack !rts (evolution, gave me a  powerful and wide view of many of $araka's motivations and messages, This would be useful in contrasting poems. Bara&a, Amiri. 6Amiri Bara&a on His Poetry and Brea&ing ules.6 7ntervie$. !outu e . E. Ethelbert Miller, 8 #ov. ()+(. Web. This interview with !miri $araka allowed me to really enter his mind and understand what he was thinking when he wrote his poems. This would be essential later on when % created his profile section. Bara&a, Amiri.  #ard $acts% &'()*(+ . #e$ar&: evolutionary !ommunist 5eague, +*9. Print. This book, written at the Tail end of the $lack !rts movement, was etremely helpful as acompare and contrast resource to see how much $araka's writing had changed since Twenty -olume due to militarism, nationalism, and the $lack !esthetic. $araka, %mamu !miri. The Dead Lecturer: Poems . New ork* +rove, /012. 3rint. Zou 3  Joshua Zou National History Day!lso published before the $lack !rts ovement, this book helped me establish $araka's writing style and how he rose to fame, as well as contrast his later views with his pre&nationalist views. Bara&a, 7mamu Amiri.  Dutch,an . #.p.: S. ischer, +13. Print. 4hile the maority of $araka's work was poetry, Dutchman provides one of the most holistic views of $araka's view of $lack nationalism. %n it, both he who represents blacks and she who represents whites are loud and violent, demonstrating eactly what $araka thought about the two races interacting. B ;S, 4WE#05%#. GW-ND./!N B0..KS% Collected 1oetry 2 1rose . #.p.: 57B A %  AME 7!A, ()+1. Print. This book contained many of +wendolyn $rooks' poems, meaning % could compare and contrast to my pleasure the difference in her writing before and after the $lack !rts ovement. %n addition, % also got a firm grasp of what $rooks wanted and what she was trying to achieve in the $lack !rts ovement. !armichael, Sto&ely, and As&ia 'oure.  SNCC% Basis of Blac 1ower  . 'oronto, nt.: Published by esearch, 7normation, and Publications Pro<ect or Student =nion or Peace Action, +11. #hampioning the $lack !esthetic, this paper set a model for many similar papers, and gave me a grasp of !skia Toure's thoughts on black arts, as well as who !skia Toure was. Zou 4
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