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  Bookshelf inventory: Arthur Conan Doyle: ã  The Completed Stories of Sherlock Holmes ã  The Lost World ã  The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes ã  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes H! Lovecraft: ã ecronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H! Lovecraft ã  The call of Cthulhu and #ther Weird Tales #scar Wilde: ã  The !icture of Dorian $ray and #ther Works %d&ar Allan !oe: ã  The Complete Tales and !oems 'ark T(ain: ã  The Adventures of Huckleberry )inn and #ther ovels ã  The Adventures of Tom Sa(yerHomer: ã  The *liad ã  The #dyssey+ir&il: ã  The Aenid$ranta: ã +olume ,,-: Horror Dante: ã *nferno .ohn 'ilton: ã !aradise Lost)yodor Dostoevsky: ã Crime and !unishment ã  The House of the Dead / The $ambler ã  The *diot ã otes )rom 0nder&round and The Double ã  The Brothers 1arama2ov  Tolstoy: ã War and !eace  ã Anna 1arenina) Scott )it2&erald: ã  The $reat $atsby ã  Tales of the .a22 A&e ã  The Beautiful and Damned ã All the Sad 3oun& 'en ã  This Side of !aradise ã  Tender is the i&ht Caesar: ã  The Civil WarDumas: ã  The Three 'usketeers ã  The Count of 'onte CristoStephen 1in&: ã Doctor Sleep ã 'r 'ercedes ã 4evival ã  The $unslin&er ã  The Dra(in& of Three ã  The Waste Lands ã Wi2ard and $lass ã Wolves of the Calla ã Son& of Susannah ã  The Dark To(er ã  The Wind Throu&h the 1eyhole ã ,,566578 ã Carrie ã Cu9o ã !et Semetary ã Salem;s Lot ã  The Shinin& ã  The Dark Half ã eedful Thin&s ã  The Stand ã *T ã #n Writin& ã Cell ã  The %yes of The Dra&on ã Skeleton Cre( ã Di<erent Seasons ã Hearts in Atlantis ã 'iseryBev +incent:  ã  The Dark To(er Companion )ran2 1afka: ã 'etamorphosis and #ther Stories %rnest Hemin&(ay: ã )or Whom the Bell Tolls4obert Louis Stevenson: ã 1idnapped ã  Treasure *sland Anthony Trollope: ã  The Warden Dou&las Adams: ã  The Hitchhiker;s $uide to the $ala=y: The Trilo&y of )our 1im Stanley 4obinson: ã 68,6 ã $alileo;s Dream Brian )alkner: ã Brain9ack Lesley Levene: ã * think> Therefore * Am Caroline Ta&&art: ã A Classical %ducation ã An Apple A DayAna Sampson: ã * Wandered Lonely As A Cloud? .oan Clark: ã Latitudes of 'elt 'ichelle de 1retser: ã  The Lost Do& 4aymond Chandler: ã  The Lon& $ood@ByeWilkie Collins: ã  The 'oonstone  Scott Turo(: ã !resumed *nnocent icci )rench: ã Beneath the Skin Hubert Selby .r ã Last %=it to Brooklyn Anthony Bur&ess: ã A Clock(ork #ran&eBram Stoker: ã Dracula'ary Shelley: ã )rankensteinH$ Wells: ã  The War of the Worlds 4oderick Hai&@Bro(n: ã !anther !hillip 1 Dick: ã Do Androids Dream of %lectric Sheep ã Lies> *nc ã 'inority 4eport $eor&e #r(ell: ã ,*an 'c%(an: ã S(eet Tooth Crai& Silvey: ã  .asper .ones Charles Dickens: ã $reat %=pectations ã A Tale of T(o Cities  .ohn 1eats: ã Bri&ht Star: The Complete !oems and Selected LettersSimone Werle:
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