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C L A Conjugated Linoleic Acid Alexis Lemmex, Katelin Rorabeck, Sheila Kelly Outline What is it? Scientific background Physiological affects Side effects Case Studies Retail and Marketing Conclusion Did you know???
C L AConjugated Linoleic AcidAlexis Lemmex, Katelin Rorabeck, Sheila KellyOutline
  • What is it?
  • Scientific background
  • Physiological affects
  • Side effects
  • Case Studies
  • Retail and Marketing
  • Conclusion
  • Did you know???
  • There was over 10,000 deaths in NA (10,271 to be exact) from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, fatty liver disease, blood clots, hearts attacks and a host of other obesity-caused illnesses in overweight/obese patients, in 2004 alone!
  • In Canada, 36% of teenagers are overweight or obese. 59% of adults in Canada are overweight/obese.
  • 2.4 % Canadian teenage girls between the ages of 12 to 18 are using diet pills.
  • What is it
  • Isomer of omega-6 essential fatty acid
  • Refers to a family of 8 geometric isomers of linoleic acid
  • Found in meat and dairy products
  • Lets Talk Science
  • CLA is an isomer of Linoleic Acid
  • CLA isomers have conjugated bonds
  • Linoleic acidTrans 9- cis 11, octadecadienoic acidTrans 10- cis 12, octadecadienoic acid
  • Principal dietary isomer of CLA
  • Found in the stomach of ruminant animals
  • Anti-cancerous
  • Also found in the stomach of ruminant animals
  • More effective in reducing body weight
  • Where is it Found?
  • Milk
  • Ruminant meats
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products like cheese and yogurt
  • Processed Foods like Cheez Whiz
  • Physiological Effects
  • CLA occurs naturally in whole meats and whole milk (5mm per gram of fat)
  • Always consider the effects of both isomers ( cis 9, trans 11 and trans 10, cis 12)
  • At least 8 different CLA isomers to have different physiological effect on health benefit
  • Overview of Physiological Effects
  • Weight Loss/ Lean tissue builder
  • Cancer fighting effects
  • Effect on diabetics
  • Weight Loss / Lean tissue builder
  • CLA may:
  • reduce percent body fat
  • Reduces leptin (enzyme associated with appetite)
  • Promote apoptosis of adipose tissue
  • Interferes with Lipoprotein lipase
  • Effects of LeptinInhibits tumor growth
  • Inhibit the proliferation of tumor growth
  • Role in blocking the growth of tissue that support cancer
  • Some isomers exhibit an inhibitory effect on cancer prevention
  • Side Effects
  • Fairly new
  • Studies have shown it increases LDL’s
  • Case Study #1The Effects of CLA and Exercise on Mice
  • 8 week old mice divided into 2 dietary groups and feed the same diet
  • Each dietary group was divided into sedentary and exercise groups
  • Mice were exercised 5 days a week for 14 weeks, gradually increasing the speed and duration
  • Case Study #1 con’tResults:
  • All groups gained weight during the first 6 weeks of the study
  • Non- CLA exercise group decreased weight
  • CLA exercise and sedentary groups gained less weight
  • CLA exercise but not CLA sedentary had greatest gain in lean body mass
  • Suggests the consumption of CLA in diet combined with moderate exercise can decrease gain in total body fat and increase lean body mass more than exercise alone
  • Case Study #2
  • Random
  • Double-blind
  • Placebo controlled (hydrogel)
  • 20 healthy people
  • Exercised 90 mins, 3 times/wk
  • Placebo or 0.6mg of CLA 3 times/day
  • 2 capsules/meal
  • 12 weeks
  • Case Study #2 con’t
  • Body fat, measured using near infrared light, was significantly reduced in the CLA group but not in the placebo group
  • Reduces body fat, NOT weight
  • Results:How Much?Retail Value
  • Herbal Select Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • 1000mg
  • 90 caps
  • $21.24 CAD
  • Herbal Select Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • 1000mg
  • 60 softgels
  • Promotes healthy body composition
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response
  • Enhances immune function
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Use as part of a healthy diet and exercise program
  • Marketing
  • “All-natural Multi-faceted Nutrient”
  • “Derived from the oils of the safflower”
  • Marketing
  • Overweight people
  • Body Builders
  • Athletes
  • ConclusionSummaryOur 2 centsFactsBroad StatementQuestions Anyone?
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