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   1 Contents • Introduction  – Basic stuff.. • Call Flow Scenarios  – Node-B initialization and System Information Broadcast  – RRC Connection Establishment and Release  – Location/Routing Area Update  – Circuit Switch Call Setup and Release  – Packet Switch Call Setup and Release  – Handovers • Backup  – Misc..   2 Introduction • UE Connection States • RNC Cell and UE Contexts • End to End Protocol Stacks (CS and PS Domain) • Handover Scenarios   3 UE Connection States GSM Connected Mode   UTRAN RRC Connected GPRS Packet Transfer Mode IDLE Mode CELL DCH   CELL PCH URA PCH CELL FACH Camping on GSM/GPRS Cell Camping on UTRAN Cell GPRS Packet Idle Mode UMTS to GSM Inter-System Handover GSM to UMTS Inter-System Handover   4 UE #M UE #2 UE #1 DTCH’s   CELL #N CELL #2 CELL #1 RLC-TM   RLC-TM RNC  –  Cell and UE Contexts PHY-Upper MAC  –  d RLC-UM RLC-AM RLC-AM RLC-AM RLC-AM   RLC-TM DCH FP DCH FP DCH FP DCCH   DCCH DCCH DCCH DTCH DCH DCH   RRC PDCP GTP IuUP PS RAB CS RAB   MAC  –  c RRC SRB RLC-TM RLC-UM RLC-TM SRB #0 SRB #0 CCCH   CCCH   PCCH   PCH FP FACH FP RACH FP FACH   PCH   RACH   SRB #1 SRB #2 SRB #3 SRB #4 DCH’s     MAC-d MAC-c/sh Flows   5 CS Domain  –  End to End Protocols PHY PHY [E1/T1/STM] ATM AAL2 FP AAL5 SSCOP SSCF-UNI STC.2 NBAP ALCAP PHY PHY-upper MAC RLC RRC Codec MM CC PHY [E1/T1/STM] ATM AAL2 FP AAL5 SSCOP SSCF-UNI STC.2 NBAP ALCAP PHY-upper MAC RLC RRC IuUP AAL5 SSCOP SSCF-NNI STC.1 ALCAP MTP3-b SCCP RANAP PHY [E1/T1/STM] ATM AAL2 IuUP AAL5 SSCOP SSCF-NNI STC.1 ALCAP MTP3-b SCCP RANAP Codec MM CC UE Node-B RNC 3G-MSC Uu IuB Iu-CS
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