CASPAR Framework and Lessons Learned

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CASPAR Framework and Lessons Learned. David Giaretta. Overview. CASPAR OAIS Threats and Solutions Validation. CASPAR Project. EU FP6 Integrated Project Total spend approx. 16MEuro (8.8 MEuro from EU). Digital Preservation.
CASPAR Framework and Lessons LearnedDavid GiarettaOverview
  • OAIS
  • Threats and Solutions
  • Validation
  • CASPAR ProjectEU FP6 Integrated ProjectTotal spend approx. 16MEuro (8.8 MEuro from EU)http://www.casparpreserves.euDigital Preservation
  • Ensure that digitally encoded information are understandable and usable over the long term
  • Long term could start at just a few years
  • Easy to make claims
  • Difficult to provide proof
  • Reference Model for Open Archival Information System (ISO 14721)
  • The basic standard for work in digital pres.
  • Defines terminology and compliance criteria
  • InformationObject1+interpretedinterpretedusingDataRepresentation1+usingObjectInformationPhysicalDigitalObjectObject1+BitSequenceInformation Model & Representation InformationThe Information Model is keyRecursion ends at KNOWLEDGEBASE of the DESIGNATED COMMUNITY(this knowledge will change over time and region)Basic concept of CASPAR
  • Digital preservation had been dominated by libraries and (state) archives
  • However there was a focus there on “rendered objects” and
  • Tendency to think data is an “easy” add-on
  • Need to deal with DATA – processed to new things, not just rendered
  • Need to follow OAIS – finer grained view
  • Need to test and prove that things work
  • “metadata”Preservation Strategies
  • Emulation
  • Access software
  • Migration
  • Transformation
  • Description techniques
  • Data…Level 2 GOME Satellite instrument data Contains numbers – need process to this...or this...through complex processing schemesJust Format?sfqsftfoubujpo jogpsnbujpo svmftYou have a fileJHOVE tells you it is WORD version 7..with some extra information..representation information rulesFormat Registries – useful but not enough: formats can be used for multiple purposes e.g. audio files used to store configuration parametersExamples (cont)
  • “504b0304140000000800f696….”
  • “This is a ZIP file which contains Word files, each of which contains an encoded message which needs the key ‘!D$G^AJU*KI’ to decode it using encryption method SHA7”
  • Examples (cont)
  • LaTex file containing an EPS (Encapulated Postscript) version of an image
  • Web page containing Java Applet generating random numbers
  • SWISS-PROT data
  • Foreign Language emails
  • XML enough? – can stare at this and probably understand it<family> <father>John</father> <mother>Mary</mother> <son>Paul</son></family>..but what about this?<VOTABLE version="1.1" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns=""><RESOURCE><TABLE name="6dfgs_E7_subset" nrows="875"><PARAM arraysize="*" datatype="char" name="Original Source" value=""><DESCRIPTION>URL of data file used to create this table.</DESCRIPTION></PARAM><PARAM arraysize="*" datatype="char" name="Comment" value="Cut down 6dfGS dataset for TOPCAT demo usage."/><FIELD arraysize="15" datatype="char" name="TARGET"><DESCRIPTION>Target name</DESCRIPTION></FIELD><FIELD arraysize="11" datatype="char" name="DEC" unit="DMS"><DATA><FITS><STREAM encoding='base64'>U0lNUExFICA9ICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICBUIC8gU3RhbmRhcmQgRklUUyBmb3JtYXQgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICBCSVRQSVggID0gICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgIDggLyBDaGFyYWN0ZXIgZGF0YSAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgIE5BWElTICAgPSAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgMCAvIE5vIGltYWdlLCBqdXN0IGV4dGVuc2lvbnMgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgRepresentation InformationThe Information Model is keyRecursion ends at KNOWLEDGEBASE of the DESIGNATED COMMUNITY(this knowledge will change over time and region)Representation Information NetworkRep
  • Info
  • Virtualisation
  • Use application to find data in Repository
  • Create DIP with enough RepInfo for the user (via DC profile)
  • Obtain more RepInfo from Registry if necessary
  • Preservable infrastructureRepInfo toolkit, Packager and Registry – to create and store Representation Information.In addition the Orchestration Manager and Knowledge Gap Manager help to ensure that the RepInfo is adequate.Registry and Orchestration Manager to exchange information about the obsolescence of hardware and software, amongst other changes.The Representation Information will include such things as software source code and emulators.Authenticity toolkit will allow one to capture evidence from many sources which may be used to judge Authenticity.Digital Rights and Access Rights tools allow one to virtualise and preserve the DRM and Access Rights information which exist at the time the Content Information is submitted for preservation.Persistent Identifier system: such a system will allow objects to be located over time.Orchestration Manager will, amongst other things, allow the exchange of information about datasets which need to be passed from one curator to another.The Audit and Certification standard to which CASPAR has contributed will allow a certification process to be set up.As part of the validation the CASPAR tested simulated the following:hardware changes software changes changes in the environment (including legal framework)changes to the knowledge bases of the Designated Communities Accelerated Lifetime testsTest scenarios vs Threats to digital preservationSTFC Testbed – various STP dataESA testbedUNESCO testbedThe Villa Livia dataset is a collection of files used within the "virtual museum of the ancient Via Flaminia" project: a 3D reconstruction of several archaeological sites along the ancient Via Flaminia, the largest of them being Villa LiviaThis is an elevation grid (height map) of the area where Villa Liva is located. It is an ASCII file in the ESRI GRID file formatContemporary Art TestbedPerformance Viewer: side-by-side comparison and validation of the transformation. From left to right: 3D visualization in Ogre3D, 3D model of the stage including the virtual dancer in VRML.Figure 8 Some aspects of acousmatic productionCASPAR Validation
  • In all cases members of the Designated Community, with appropriate changes to mimic changes over time, verified that the metadata was adequate for the use despite simulated changes of hardware, software, environment and Designated Community over time.
  • Full details are available in the validation report (CASPAR Validation report, 2009)
  • Links
  • CASPAR –
  • CASPAR Source code -
  • OAIS Reference Model -
  • and the updated draft is available from
  • CASPAR Validation report
  • PARSE.Insight:
  • Alliance for Permanent Access:
  • Digital Curation Centre:
  • Persistent ID resolverRepInfo RegistryAuthenticity toolsProcessing ContextCertificationOrchestration/BrokeringKnowledge Gap ManagerPersistent ID resolverRepInfo RegistryAuthenticity toolsProcessing ContextCertificationOrchestration/BrokeringKnowledge Gap ManagerStorageCompute ResourceLocal AuthenticationLocal AuthorisationWANLANRouterSwitchCableInterconnectsGatewaysManagementWANLANRouterSwitchCableTranslatorsThesauriCross-referencesDiscipline repositoriesStorageCompute ResourceLocal AuthenticationLocal AuthorisationResource RegistriesProcess IDSchedulerShibbolethRepositoriesUsersAutomated systemsRepositoriesUsersAutomated systemsDiscipline repositoriesTranslatorsThesauriCross-referencesFUTURE
  • Users may be unable to understand or use the data e.g. the semantics, format, processes or algorithms involved
  • Non-maintainability of essential hardware, software or support environment may make the information inaccessible
  • The chain of evidence may be lost and there may be lack of certainty of provenance or authenticity
  • Access and use restrictions may not be respected in the future
  • Loss of ability to identify the location of data
  • The current custodian of the data, whether an organisation or project, may cease to exist at some point in the future
  • The ones we trust to look after the digital holdings may let us down
  • END
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