Christ in the House of Martha and Mary

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Christ in the House of Martha and Mary English Literature Study Guide
  As a well known biblical story, Christ in the House of Martha and Mary was one of the most favoured artistic theme of 16th and 17th centuries.16. ve 17. Yüzyılda artha ve ary!nin hikayesini anlatan bir ok tablo ve sanat eseri ya#ılmı$. %ir ok eserde biblical bir &'üt olan ado#tin( contem#latin( life style rather than doin( the day!s trivial works i$lenmi$.)el*z+uez!in eserini bu tablolardan ayıran ise use of li(ht, metonymy, #ers#ective, o##osition and symbols denebilir. Background: n the back(round we see a #aintin( which de#icts  -esus sittin( on a chair while ary listenin( his teachin(s and arthacom#lainin( about ary because of not hel#in( her with the housework. And we see -esus! left hand sli(htly u# and sto##in( artha!s com#lainin( about her sister.1As a si(n of res#ect, )el*z+uez uses #ers#ective in order to #aint -esus taller than two woman. Althou(h artha is standin( u#, she looks sli(htly shorter than -esus because she is #ainted #ers#ectively far away from -esus./n the back(round )el*z+uez shed most of the li(ht on -esus.Also in order to em#hasize his li(ht, -esus de#icted in front of a black (ate. And this art of o##osition stresses cardinal feature of -esus.0-esus is de#icted as i(ht of the world in the %ible.23'er device of art olarak o##osition sorulursa, 4sa!nın karanlık bir (e it &nünde tüm ı$ı'ın üzerine yansıtılmı$ olarak izilmesi ve burada yaratılan zıtlık, ve bu zıtlık sayesinde 4sa!nın yüceltilmesi ok (üzel bir &rnek olabilir.5ers#ektif de aynı ama la kullanılmı$ ve 4sa!yı yüceltmek i inartha biraz daha uzakta izilerek, 4sa!nın otururken bile ondan daha uzun oldu'u al(ısı yaratılmı$.6Yine back(round!da tablonun i indeki masanın üzerindeki #itcher #ers#ektif al(ısını yaratmak i in izilmi$.  Foreground:  wo servant de#icted in a kitchen. 8ne of them is a youn(, healthy and stalwart woman who is de#icted clutchin( the #estle stron(ly while other one is an older woman whose inde9 :n(erindicates the #aintin( on the wall and she looks like (ivin( an advice to the youn(er one. Also there is a table in the kitchen which de#icted with :shes and e((s in chi##ed #lates, red hot #e##ers, (arlic and mortar on it.1As a si(n of res#ect, most of the li(ht is shed on the :shes and e((s which re#resent -esus and resurrection of him. Also:shes and -esus de#icted in the same line.a;ish and -esus< n =reek >?@B CDEFGH is an acronymIacrostic for J-esus Dhrist Gon of =od and GaviourK C I esous, Ch ristos, Th eou,  Y  ios, S oterH. Go :sh L -esus.b3(( re#resents resurrection of -esus. CDivciv ıkıyor, yeniden do'u$. askalya!daki yumurta buradan (eliyorHc3'er device of art olarak metonymy sorulursa masanın üzerindeki balıklar ve yumurtalar izilerek 4sa!ya ya#ılan atıf &rnek (&sterilebilir. etonymy<etonymy is a :(ure of s#eech or drawin( in which thin(s are not called with their own name but rather with theirsymbols or associatedmeanin(s. -esus L ;ish, Güleyman Memirel L ;&tr Na#kaMiOerences between metonymy and meta#horPetaforda her $eyi kullanabilirsin, sınırları sanat ı belirler ancak metonimide benzetilenki$i ya da ol(unun bir &zelli'i mutlaka yansıtılmak zorunda./estle clutchin( of the youn( woman can be inter#reted as an(er. Also her red li#s can be e9#ressed as a si(n of #assion to her work and an(er to the life. A(ain #estle is a #hallic symbol and clutch of it can be re(arded woman!s  de:ance of a #atriarchal society. Qed #e##ers re#resents both lust and an(er. =arlic is an a#hrodisiac and healer which re#resents the youn( woman!s #assion and talents.8lder woman!s inde9 :nder is a meta#hot to creation and also can be inter#reted as an allusion to Gword of Mamocles.Qemarkable vision on the fore(round we see -esus with the use of li(ht and li(htRs sheddin( on :sh and e((s. Additionally, youn( womanRs stren(th, an(er and sorrow on her face. his sorrow mi(ht be an allusion to other ary. %ecause one of the titles of )ir(in ary is Jaria de los dolores Cary of the GorrowsHK.8ld woman!s inde9 :n(er is a feature of su#eriority. And reminds the youn( one her #osition. Also makin( balance with her calmness and acce#tance. Youn( L an(ry balances old L calmness Youn( L de:ance balancesold L acce#tance
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