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Control. Zulhizam Bin Ebrahim 4092007721 Mohd Shamir Bin Abd Azia 4092007261 Muhammad Salehin Bin Suhaimi 4123014302. Controls. Controls : constraints and restrictions imposed on a user or a system Controls can be used to secure against risks
ControlZulhizam Bin Ebrahim 4092007721Mohd Shamir Bin Abd Azia 4092007261Muhammad Salehin Bin Suhaimi 4123014302Controls
  • Controls: constraints and restrictions imposed on a user or a system
  • Controls can be used to secure against risks
  • Controls are also used to ensure that nonsensical data is not entered
  • Controls can reduce damage caused to systems, application, and data
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionControls (continued)Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionApplication Reliability and Data Entry Controls
  • A reliable application is one that can resist inappropriate usage such as incorrect data entry or processing
  • The application should provide clear messages when errors or deliberate misuses occur
  • Controls also translate business policies into system features
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionBackup
  • Backup: periodic duplication of all data
  • Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID): set of disks programmed to replicate stored data
  • Data must be routinely transported off-site as protection from a site disaster
  • Some companies specialize in data backup services or backup facilities for use in the event of a site disaster
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionAccess Controls
  • Access controls: measures taken to ensure only authorized users have access to a computer, network, application, or data
  • Physical locks: lock the equipment in a secure facility
  • Software locks: determine who is authorized
  • Three types of access controls:
  • What you know: access codes, such as user ID and password
  • What you have: requires special devices
  • Who you are: unique physical characteristics
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionAccess Controls (continued)
  • Access codes and passwords are usually stored in the OS or in a database
  • Security card is more secure than a password
  • Allows two-factor access
  • Biometric: uses unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints, retinal scans, or voiceprints
  • Up to 50% of help desk calls are from people who have forgotten their passwords
  • Biometrics can eliminate these kinds of calls
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionAtomic Transactions
  • Atomic transaction: a set of indivisible transactions
  • All of the transactions in the set must be completely executed, or none can be
  • Ensures that only full entry occurs in all the appropriate files to guarantee integrity of the data
  • Is also a control against malfunction and fraud
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionAtomic Transactions (continued)Management Information Systems, Sixth EditionAudit Trail
  • Audit trail: a series of documented facts that help detect who recorded which transactions, at what time, and under whose approval
  • Sometimes automatically created using data and timestamps
  • Certain policy and audit trail controls are required in some countries
  • Information systems auditor: a person whose job is to find and investigate fraudulent cases
  • Management Information Systems, Sixth Edition The end……………
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