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TURBINE. CRANES. NEA39. PLANT STATUS!. General System Diagram of. Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Legend::. Safety Injection Systems. Reactor Coolant System. To Switchyard. Containment Building. Main Steam System. Main Feedwater System. Main Condensate System.
TURBINE CRANESNEA39Turbine CranePLANT STATUS!General System Diagram ofPalo Verde Nuclear Generating StationLegend::Safety Injection SystemsReactor Coolant SystemTo SwitchyardContainmentBuildingMain Steam SystemMain Feedwater SystemMain Condensate SystemCONTAINMENT SPRAYCirculating Water SystemTransformerTurbine BuildingAuxiliary Feedwater SystemCooling Towerand FansSafetyInjectionTankMoisture SeparatorReheatersMSSVsADVs888SteamGeneratorAuxiliaryBuildingMSIVPressurizerMTSVControlRodsMSSSShutdownHeatExchangerHPLPLPLPGeneratorBldg.TurbineTurbineTurbineTurbineEquipment CoolingMTCVZFromAuxiliaryFeedwaterPumpsContainmentSpray PumpTurbineBypassValvesReactorCoreRefuelingWaterTankCondensatePumpReactorCoolantPumpMain CondenserLow Pressure SafetyInjection Pump(HP)FeedwaterHeaters(LP)FeedwaterHeatersCirculatingWater PumpHigh Pressure SafetyInjection PumpFeedwaterRegulationValveMain FeedwaterPumpPolishingDemineralizersContainment SumpTurbine CranePV Daily Status ReportTurbine CraneWalk downs
  • Review instructions to ensure workable and adequate
  • Right Parts/materials/tools
  • Permits
  • Relevant Operating Experience
  • Turbine CranePre Job Briefs
  • Understand the Task
  • Critical Steps identified and OE used AND what actions are being taken in reference to these two areas
  • Two Minute Drills:
  • Hazards identified AND what are actions are you taking
  • Turbine CraneProcedure Use & Adherence
  • WO / procedure in hand & latest revision
  • Place keepers being used
  • Sign steps as you go
  • Follow & understand steps - STOP if can't or don't
  • Turbine CraneTURBINE CRANE
  • Terminal Objective
  • Given references provided by the Instructor, the Plant Electrician will maintain Turbine Building Cranes as demonstrated by achieving a minimum of 80% on a written examination.Turbine Crane. Multi Stud TensionerPRE-JOB BRIEF
  • Identify Critical Steps
  • Identify Error Precursors
  • Worst thing that can happen
  • Error prevention defenses to be used
  • Actions to assure proper configuration control
  • Turbine CraneTURBINE CRANEEO 1.8 Describe the Corrective and Preventive maintenance performed on the Turbine Building Crane.Preventative Maintenance
  • Visual Crane Inspections
  • Check collectors and shoes for wear.
  • Visually check insulators for cracks.
  • Inspect all lighting fixtures, on the crane to insure all are illuminated and that the lighting in the cab, and that all electrical outlets (receptacles) are functional and grounded.
  • Inspect all the flat festoon cables for degradation and or damage. Insure cables are being properly supported and there is proper clearance between the structure and the cables so the do not make any contact to wear or rub the jacket.
  • Turbine CranePreventative Maintenance
  • Visual Crane Inspections
  • Inspect the control cab conduit for proper installation and are properly supported, outlet receptacles are functional, status lights and all crane rail lights to insure they illuminate are in a working condition.
  • Worker Verification: In Panels 4, 3, 2, & 1, ensure all fuses are the correct size, for the various components, and there are no signs of damage or degradation to the fuse blocks.
  • Inspect the Cranes safety Horn wiring , switches and contacts on the control panel in the cab for degradation.
  • Turbine CranePreventative Maintenance
  • PLC Battery Replacement:
  • Replace the back-up battery (s) in SLC Processor (S).
  • Catalog Number 1747-BA, Every Re-fuel cycle.
  • Note: Processors have a capacitor that provides at least 30 minutes of battery back-up while the battery is disconnected. Data in RAM is not lost if the battery is replaced within 30 minutes.
  • Turbine CranePreventative Maintenance
  • Motor Inspection and testing:
  • Main Hoist Motor
  • Aux Hoist Motor
  • Main Trolley Motor
  • North/South Bridge Crane
  • Turbine CranePreventative Maintenance
  • Motor Inspection and testing:
  • Inspect the motors for dust, dirt, signs of oil and grease and any other contaminates or degradation
  • Inspect the Motor & Brake Heaters for damage or degradation
  • Inspect all electrical conduit, flex, for proper installation and that there is no broken or degraded flex
  • Inspect the break enclosure and verify that it is clean, free of dust, dirt and any contamination that will interfere with the safe operation of the crane
  • Turbine CranePreventative Maintenance
  • Motor Inspection and testing:
  • Main and Aux Hoist Geared Limit Switches
  • Inspect the flex conduit for damage and degradation
  • North and South Bridge Crane
  • Inspect the limit switches conduit and flex for damage or degradation that will interfere with the safe operation of the crane.
  • Turbine Crane
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