Emerging Indian market trends in Technical Textiles and nonwovens

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Emerging Indian market trends in Technical Textiles and nonwovens. Smt. Shashi Singh Joint Textile Commissioner New Delhi 12-11-2008. Presentation format. Present Status of the Technical Textile and Non-Woven Industry in India. Government Initiatives to promote this Industry.
Emerging Indian market trends in Technical Textiles and nonwovensSmt. Shashi SinghJoint Textile CommissionerNew Delhi12-11-2008Presentation format
  • Present Status of the Technical Textile and Non-Woven Industry in India.
  • Government Initiatives to promote this Industry.
  • Market size of Indian Technical Textile industryUS$ 8.95 bn.(Rs.40,284 crore)DomesticUS$ 8.35 bn.ExportUS$ 0.60 bn.(Rs.37,571 crore)(Rs.2,713 crore)(93%)(7%)Market size of Technical Textiles10%6420220%12%402841913015196Figures in bar chart are in Rs. croreTechnical Textile industry : share in global marketIndia contributes 8% to global market size of technical textiles.Expected to increase to 10% by 2010.Growth of technical textiles in the World vis-à-vis Indian technical textilesIndia is expected to register higher rate of growth.Consumption of technical textiles in IndiaTechnical textile industry of IndiaThe Indian technical textile industry has presence in all the 12 segments but consumption pattern is different.India’s consumption level is different than global level. The top three segments in the World vis-à-vis India are given below:Technical textile industry of India
  • There are about 1500 technical textile units in the country.
  • MNCs, large scale units, SSI units and cottage units all are present in this industry.
  • SSI sector has significant presence in converting activity.
  • Some of the large scale units are given below:
  • Technical textile industry of India
  • Production capacity is primarily focussed on commodity products / not very R&D intensive.
  • The technology by and large is traditional. Not many projects are based on state-of-the-art-technology.
  • High-end products are mostly imported.
  • Large untapped potential exist for potential investors.
  • Triggers for growthIndian market size of PacktechMajor itemsPolyolefin sacksFIBC12%Import intensive items25913Soft luggage products38%1463013%Potential items for investment31984086Leno bagsFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of ClothtechMajor itemsLabelsZip fasteners7%0.27%13%Import intensive items9665Umbrella cloth683369085395Potential items for investmentUmbrella clothInterlining nonwovenFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of HometechMajor itemsMattress & pillow componentsFibre fill10%Import intensive items5360BlindsHVAC Filters34%329717%1030Potential items for investment758Stuffed toysFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of MobiltechMajor itemsNylon tyre cordUpholstery10%Import intensive items5144AirbagsSeat belt webbing23%31879%Potential items for investment13821169AirbagsSeat belt webbingFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of SporttechMajor itemsSports netsSports composites13%Import intensive items5645Artificial turf18%30098%1534Potential items for investment1310Artificial turfFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of IndutechMajor itemsFibre glass itemsRopes & Cordages6%Import intensive items384832%Glass battery separators29278%962819Potential items for investmentGlass battery separatorsFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of BuildtechMajor itemsTarpaulinsHoardings & Signages4%Import intensive items261516%Hoardings & SignagesFloor & wall coverings6%214110511182Potential items for investmentRoofing feltsFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of MeditechMajor itemsSurgical dressingsSurgical sutures6%Import intensive items224415%Artificial implantsHygiene products10%1660778933Potential items for investmentSurgical dressings / disposables (nonwoven)Artificial implantsFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of ProtechMajor itemsHigh altitude clothing Fire retardant fabrics11%Import intensive items238729%High altitude clothing22%1430Potential items for investment520348High altitude clothing Fire retardant fabricsFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreIndian market size of AgrotechMajor itemsFishing netsMulch mats5%Import intensive items17%7428%Green house fabrics576304Potential items for investment261Green houseMulch matsFigures in bar chart are in Rs. croreNonwovens
  • There are about 50 units of nonwovens in the country. Only 7 with European machinery, remaining 43 with Chinese machinery.
  • The consumption of non-woven in India is estimated to be one lakh MT in 2007-08 and expected to increase to 1.8 lakh MT in 2012-13.
  • Currently, about 30% of demand is met through imports. However, capacities coming up in India will reduce imports.
  • Import of nonwoven fabrics(quantity)Source : Monthly Statistics of the Foreign Trade of India, DGCIS, Kolkata.Import of Nonwoven machinerySource : Monthly Statistics of the Foreign Trade of India, DGCIS, Kolkata.
  • Sharp increase in imports of nonwoven machinery during 2006-07. Domestic production likely to increase substantially now. Cost –competitiveness.
  • Government initiatives
  • Technical textiles covered under TUFS. Under modified TUFS, w.e.f. 01-04-2007, the 10% capital subsidy has been made applicable along with 5% interest reimbursement for specified technical textile machinery.
  • The subsidy under TUFS works out to about 20-25% of project cost.
  • 280 applications with project cost of US$ 355 Mn. have been sanctioned upto 31-03-2008.
  • Registration has been given to 104 eligible units under 10% capital subsidy under TUFS.
  • Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS)Fiscal duty concessions
  • Major machinery eligible for 5% concessional customs duty.
  • Excise duty on man-made fibre / yarn reduced to 8%.
  • Government initiatives
  • Govt. has selected ICRA Management Consultancy Services (IMaCS) for doing the baseline survey at the cost of Rs.54.50 lakh.
  • Interim report has been submitted on 10-11-2008 which is under examination and will be placed in public domain shortly.
  • Baseline surveyGovernment initiatives
  • Govt. has designated 4 COEs for Geotech, Agrotech, Protech and Meditech segments.
  • Centre of Excellence (COE)Government initiatives
  • Govt. will provide fund support of Rs.11 crore for setting up essential facilities and the COE has to bear the recurring expenditure and manage the COE on commercially sustainable basis.
  • The essential facilities to be created in COE:
  • Centre of Excellence (COE)
  • Facilities for testing and evaluation with national and international accreditation.
  • Resourse centre with IT infrastructure.
  • Facilities for training of core personnel and regular training of personnel from the industry.
  • Government initiatives
  • Six training workshops were organised during the last year.
  • Internationally reputed consultants were invited to speak on manufacturing technologies, raw materials, global market scenario and future directions, standard test methods, etc .
  • Objective of the workshop was to facilitate ‘transfer of knowledge’ to encourage investment in the ‘high-end’ technical textile items.
  • During current year also such workshops are being held.
  • Training workshopGovernment initiatives
  • Government provides fund support for creation of common infrastructure (i.e., compound wall, roads, drainage, water supply, electricity supply including captive power plant, effluent treatment, telecommunication lines etc.) to the extent of 40% limited to Rs.40 crore.
  • 30 parks have been approved under SITP.
  • Technical Textiles /non-wovens can come in any such park or can come together to have its own separate park to get the benefit of infrastructure support.
  • Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks (SITPs)Government initiatives
  • In Textile sector FDI is permitted through automatic route without any limit on the extent of foreign ownership. Thus there is no restriction on any amount of FDI , with or without local partner.
  • FDI PolicyGovernment initiatives
  • Technical textile units with focus on exports can take the benefit of SEZ policy.
  • SEZs deemed to be foreign territory for the purpose of trade operations, duties and tariffs.
  • The main aim of SEZ Policy is to enhance foreign investment and promote exports from the India.
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) PolicyGovernment initiatives
  • Incentive and facilities offered to the units in SEZs.
  • Duty free import / domestic procurement of goods for development, operation and maintenance of SEZ units.
  • 100% Income Tax exemption on export income for SEZ units for first 5 years, 50% for next 5 years thereafter and 50% of the ploughed back export profit for next 5 years.
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) PolicyGovernment initiatives
  • Incentive and facilities offered to the units in SEZs (Contd...)
  • Exemption from Central Sales Tax.
  • Exemption from Service Tax
  • Single window clearance for Central and State level approvals.
  • Exemption from State Sales Tax and other levies as extended by the respective State Government.
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) PolicyGovernment initiatives
  • TMTT proposed to have four Mini-Missions to provide support to manufacturing units of technical textiles -
  • capacity building of raw material, machinery, infrastructure;
  • standardization, product development, common testing facilities with international accreditation;
  • domestic and export market development;
  • Human Resource Development.
  • Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (Proposed)Potential for technical textiles
  • Due to the buoyancy in the economy and Government initiatives the production and consumption of technical textile and non-woven items in India is increasing very rapidly.
  • The turbulence in conventional textile industry have also encouraged diversification in technical textiles.
  • For information on technical textiles :visitwww.txcindia.comThank You
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