Feasibility study on poultry business

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Feasibility study on poultry business
  LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY(OGBA CAMPUS)FACULTY:PGD (BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION)COURSE:PROJECT ANALYSISTOPIC:FEASIBILITY STUDIES ON POULTRY BUSINESS WRITTEN BY:SINGATURESAHEYI ADEKUNLE C___________________ SANI ABDULLAHI BABAYARO___________________ TIJANI AYODELE KABIR___________________  NWAODA C. ROSECOLYNS___________________ JUNE 2010  Table of Conen!Pa"e! 1.0Introd!t"on1.1#ro$%!t Br"%& 1.2O''ortn"t( R)t"on)*%1.+Tot)* #ro$%!t !o,t1.-#ro'o,%d C)')!"t(2.Crr%nt "nd,tr"%, Str!tr%,+.)r/%t"n-.)r )n)%%nt-.1D)( O*d C3"!/,-.2Brood"n-.+%%d"n-.-Ho,"n-.4%%d%r,-.5L"3t"n-.6Dr"n/%r -.7L"tt%r -.89)!!"n)t"on-.10")t"on )nd S'r)("n4.)n #o%r R%;"r%%nt5.)r E;"'%nt6.L)nd )nd B"*d"n6.1R%!o%nd%d od% &or A!;"r"n L)nd  6.2S"t)<*% Lo!)t"on6.+In&r),tr!tr% R%;"r%%nt7.#ro$%!t Co,t,8."n)n!")* An)*(,",10.K%( S!!%,, )!tor,11.T3r%)t,12.K%( A,,'t"on  #$#INTRODUCTION#$#P%o&e' B%ef  T3% <ro"*%r &)r ", ) 'ro$%!t o& *"=%,to!/ ,%!tor> "n 3"!3> t3% d)( o*d !3"!/, ?DOC,@ )r% r)",%d on 3"3%r 'rot%"n &%%d &or ) '%r"od o& ," %%/,. T3", <,"n%,, !)n <% ,t)rt%d <ot3 "n rr)* )nd ,%"r<)n )r%), "n ,3%d,. T3% 'o*tr( ,3%d, !)n <% )!;"r%d on r%nt)* <),",. T3%,% ,3%d, 3)=% )** t3% r%;"r%d &)!"*"t"%, &or t3% <ro"*%r &)r> t3% r%nt !o,t =)r"%, d%'%nd"n 'on t3% *o!)t"on )nd &)!"*"t"%, )t t3% &)r.T3% <ro"*%r <"rd, )r% ,o*d to tr)d%r, )nd t3% 3o*% ,%**%r, )r/%t, "n t3% r<)n )r%),. So%t"%, <"rd, !)n )*,o <% ,o*d d"r%!t*( to t3% ,3o'/%%'%r, "n t3% r<)n )r/%t,. Bro"*%r &)r"n ", ) 'ro&"t)<*% =%ntr%, d%'%nd"n on t3% d%)nd o& t3% %)t "n t3% )r/%t. Ann)**(> ," &*o!/, o& <"rd, "** <% r)",%d on t3% ,)% 'r%",%, o& ) &)r. #$O**o%+n, Raonale Bro"*%r %)t ", t3% !3%)'%,t ,or!%, o& )n")* 'rot%"n )=)"*)<*% "n t3% !ontr(. T3% t"% r%;"r%d &or r)","n <ro"*%r <"rd, ", *%),%r t3)n t3)t &or <" )n")*,. T3% !on,'t"on o& 3"t% %)t ", "n!r%),"n d% to ro"n 3%)*t3 !on,!"o,n%,, "n t3% ),,%,.A!!ord"n to t3% Ar"!*tr% St)t",t"!, o& N"%r") t3% '%r !)'"t)* !on,'t"on o& 'o*tr( %)t ", "n!r%),"n )t ) r)t% o& - '%r )nn. It !orr%*)t%, "t3 t3% "n!o% *%=%* o& t3% !on,%r,>. T3% %",t"n d)"*( )=)"*)<"*"t( o& 'rot%"n ;)nt"t( '%r C)'"t)n "n N"%r") d%r"="n &ro )n")*, ,or!%, "n!*d"n <%%&. tton> 'o*tr( )nd &",3 !o<"n%d )**o)n!% &ro )n")* ,or!%, o& 25 r), )!!ord"n to t3% or*d 3%)*t3 Or)n",)t"on ,t)nd)rd,. #$-Toal P%o&e' 'o! A <ro"*%r &)r "t3 ) 'o'*)t"on o& 6>400 <"rd, t3)t ", %,t)<*",3%d "n ) r%nt%d <"*d"n> n%%d, ) !)'"t)* "n=%,t%nt o& )<ot N15->0-0 &or 'r!3),"n &)r %;"'%nt. In )dd"t"on to t3",> ) , o& n+-+>27- ", r%;"r%d ), or/"n !)'"t)*> t3", "** <% ,%d &or 'r!3),"n d)( o*d !3"!/, )nd r) )t%r")*, ?&%%d  =)!!"n%,@ %t!. #$.P%o*o!e/ 'a*a', A <ro"*%r &)r o& )<ot 4>000 t3o,)nd <"rd, ", !on,"d%r%d to <% )n %!ono"!)**( =")<*% ,"%> 3"!3 "** $,t"&( &"%d )nd o'%r)t"on)* !o,t,. In t3", 'r%&%),"<"*"t( ,td(> )** t3%  !)*!*)t"on, 3)=% <%%n <),%d on ) &*o!/ ,"% o& 6>400 <"rd,> "t3 r)","n ," &*o!/, '%r (%)r. T3%r% "** <% ) *) t"% o& to %%/, &or !*%)n"n )nd &")t"on o& t3% &)r. $CURRENT INDUSTRY STRUCTURE T3% %n%r)t"on *"n% o& <ro"*%r !o%, &ro 'r% *"n%> 3"!3 ", "'ort%d. T3", 'rod!%d r)nd ')r%nt, &or ')r%nt, ,to!/, )nd ')r%nt ,to!/ %nd ' "n 'rod!"n t3% &"n)* 'rod!t. T3% &)r%r, %t d)( o*d <ro"*%r &ro 3)t!3%r"%,. T3%,% 3)t!3%r"%, )"nt)"n t3%"r <r%%d%r &)r,> or "n ,o% !),%,> 'r!3),% t3%"r 3)t!3"n %, &ro <r%%d%r &)r,> t3%,% <r%%d%r, &)r d%'%nd on 'rod!%r, o& ')r%nt ,to!/.#o*tr( &%%d "**, )r% t3% )$or '*)(%r "n t3% 'o*tr( "nd,tr(> 3"!3 'rod!% ) ,'%!"&"! &or*) &%%d ". #o*tr( &%%d !on,",t, o& r"!3 'rot%"n %*%%nt, *"/% r)"n,> *t%n> <*ood %)*> &",3%)* )nd ,o() <%)n, %)*. T3% )$or !o'on%nt o& !o,t o& 'rod!t"on o& !3"!/%n %)t )!!ont, &or d%%d !o,t.In t3% (%)r 1886> "n N"%r")> t3%r% %r% )<ot 14>6+2 <ro"*%r &)r, t3)t 'rod!%d 187.5 "**"on <ro"*%r, "n t3% (%)r 2000 don &ro 280 "**"on <"rd,> <ro"*%r 'o'*)t"on 3),  <%%n ro"n )t ) tr%%ndo, r)t% dr"n t3% *)t% to d%!)d%, <t "n 1886> d% to <)n on )rr")% d"nn%r,> t3%r% ), ) 3% ,%t<)!/ to t3", ,%!tor.Ho%=%r> t3", ,%!tor 3), r)d)**( '"!/%d ' "n t3% t3r%% (%)r, )nd ", no ro"n )t ) r)t% o& - '%r )nn> t3% 'o*tr( %)t 'rod!t"on 3), ,3o%d ) ro"n tr%nd o=%r t3%  '),t t3r%% (%)r, )&t%r ) d"' "n 1886 d% to t3% <)n "'o,%d on %dd"n d"nn%r,. -$MAR0ETING T3% )r/%t"n o& !3"!/%n, &o**o, t3% tr)d"t"on)* !3)nn%*, o& d",tr"<t"on. G%n%r)**(>  <ro"*%r, )r% d",tr"<t%d I t3% )r/%t t3ro3 "dd*%%n ?Art"@ )nd 3o*%,)*%r,. T3% ro*% o& Art" ", to "d%nt"&( ) &)r )nd n%ot")t% t3% 'r"!%. In ,o% !),%,> t3% "dd*%)n  'ro="d%, D)( O*d C3"!/, )nd ot3%r &)r "n't, ?&%d> %t!@ to t3% <ro"*%r &)r%r, )nd t3%n )r%%, to <( <)!/ t3% )tr% <"rd, &ro t3%.B"rd, )r% tr)n,'ort%d to t3% r<)n )r/%t )r% ,o*d to r%t)"*%r, or )/%r,tr%%t 'o*tr( ,3o',. B"rd, )r% ,o*d on *"=%%"3t <),",. T3% t"% ,'%nt "n %tt"n <ro"*%r, &ro t3% &)r to t3% r%t)"* ,3o' ", <r"%&. A*t3o3 !o**%!t"on )nd 3)nd*"n o& <"rd, 3), "'ro=%d "t3 t3% ,% o& *o)d%r =%3"!*%,> <t "t ", )n %,t)<*",3%d &)!t t3)t r%)t%r t3% d",t)n!%  <%t%%n t3% 'o*tr( 'rod!%r )nd !on,%r> or% !o'*"!)t%d ", t3% )r/%t"n ,(,t%
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