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FEATURE WRITING. Everything you ever needed to know!. Information provided by UIL. Feature Writing is…. Tells the reader a story. It has a beginning (lead), middle and end. Quotes are used liberally and allows the reader to see the story through detailed description and vivid writing.
FEATURE WRITINGEverything you ever needed to know!Information provided by UIL Feature Writing is…Tells the reader a story. It has a beginning (lead), middle and end. Quotes are used liberally and allows the reader to see the story through detailed description and vivid writing.The Beginning…. LEADS*Must grab and hold the readers attention. Use specific, interest-arousing words.*Must catch the spirit of the story and create the proper tone: serious, sarcastic, ironic, flippant, melancholy.LEADS
  • Can be and are often longer than one sentence
  • Should be specific to your story
  • Should NOT be filled with clichés
  • Should be in third person
  • Must fit the mood or tone
  • More Types of Leads
  • Narrative – Tells a story
  • Descriptive – Describes a scene, person or subject
  • Direct Quote – Use sparingly, MUST be a powerful quote
  • Startling Statement
  • Contrast and Compare (then and now
  • Twist
  • EXAMPLE: Narrative – Tells a StoryEXAMPLE: Narrative – Tells a StoryEXAMPLE: Descriptive – Describes a Scene/PersonEXAMPLE: Descriptive – Describes a Scene/PersonEXAMPLE: Descriptive – Describes a Scene/PersonEXAMPLE: Direct Quote – Use sparingly, Must to Powerful1.2.EXAMPLE: Startling Statement – Creates DramaEXAMPLE: Startling Statement – Creates DramaEXAMPLE: Twist – Sets the Reader up for one Mood and then twists it, surprisesEXAMPLE: Another TwistCont.Cont.Do not “Imagine this…”Try this instead…After a Strong Lead…You need a strong nut graphWhat is a nut graph?
  • Basically it is a summery of what the story is going to be about. It’s the 5 Ws and H that you didn’t answer in the lead.
  • It’s the THESIS sentence of your story
  • After a Strong Lead and Informative Nut Graph…Transition – Jeb still needs four more surgeries, but none of them will help him regain his sight.
  • Direct Quote – “I am glad that they are going to make me look more like my old self, Jeb said. “But I am upset about my eye. I wanted to be a pilot and now that dream is shattered.
  • Transition – Jeb’s said his little brother, Shane, found the gun in his father’s dresser bureau on that summer day.
  • So How do you End a Feature Story?End Your Story with …
  • A Powerful Quote
  • OR
  • Tie the End back to the lead!
  • For example:(Lead) “Don’t be mad. I took some pills,” Karen Keaton cried as she stooped over the toilet. A few hours later, the 14-year-old freshman died after a series of coronary arrests.(Ending) Since the death of her oldest daughter, the Keatons have found themselves becoming more protective. “I find myself watching for things,” Mrs. Keaton said. “I’m not sure for what. I’m just watching.”(Lead) A group of candystripers stand around the nursery, holding incubator babies. It’s “loving time.” Another young girls steps in with her mother and picks up a baby, too. She is not in a uniform, but a in a hospital gown, for the baby she holds is her own — and it’s her “loving time.”It’s also time to say good-bye.“I sat in that rocker and held him and rocked him and I cried and cried and cried,” Amber, a senior, said. “I wanted that moment to last forever so I could always hold him and always be there for him.”“But I knew I couldn’t. That’s what hurt.”For Example:For example:(Ending) This was evident as she stated the one word that described the whole ordeal:“Pain,” she said, tears streaming down her cheeks and falling onto her sweater.“True pain.”For a Strong Feature Remember this….GO STUDDG GreatQ QuotesS Strong LeadT Transition/Quote FormulaU Unique AngleD Description - Show Don’t TellD Detail
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