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1. PPU Solar Power Abdullah Humidan Abdulsalam Alshaabh Chad Anderson Colston Cooper Majed Alshubbar 2. Regulations and Policies 3. Roof Codes  Pennsylvania buildings…
  • 1. PPU Solar Power Abdullah Humidan Abdulsalam Alshaabh Chad Anderson Colston Cooper Majed Alshubbar
  • 2. Regulations and Policies
  • 3. Roof Codes  Pennsylvania buildings have to comply with the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  Codes pertaining project are under section 1509.7 of the International Building Code  Includes weather protection, fire protection, and requirements for roof coverings  Section titled, “Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures: Photovoltaic Systems,” used for solar panels
  • 4. Sunlight zones • A • A • A • A • A
  • 5. 5kw System calculation
  • 6. Layout of Panels
  • 7. Watts Calculator  Creates hour-by-hour performance simulations  Provides estimated monthly and annual energy production in kilowatts and energy value, as well as hourly performance data for the selected location  Users can select a location and choose to use default values, or their own system parameters for size, electric cost, array type, tilt angle, and azimuth angle
  • 8. 10KW/5KW SOLAR SYSTEM  These 10KW and 5 KW solar systems are specially designed to satisfy the electricity needs of Point Park University Lab, as to produce and power some basic loads, like lamp, test bench, etc., which brings you a perfect turnkey solution by exploiting maximum energy, and meanwhile, saves your electricity bill.
  • 9. Main components Solar panel Inverter
  • 10. Main components Safety switch combiner box
  • 11. Connection 10kw
  • 13. Cost estimation Item No. Description Total 1 Solar panels( 22-38) 2 Inverter 3 Disconnect switch 4 Distribution Equipment 5 Labor(10% of total cost ) 6 7 $25,000 to 40,000
  • 14. Benefit of the system • Satisfy the electricity needs of Point Park University • Help the environment by using renewable energy • Save money on electricity in long run • Free energy after paying for itself • Can be used for education
  • 15. Time Line
  • 16. Thinking Ahead  Systems are capable of being expanded upon  Current-carrying-conductors (CCCs) or inverters could be upgraded  Future installations can be made simpler and far less costly  An energy storage system could be added in the future
  • 17. Solar PV Standard Plan
  • 18. Safety Codes  Some of the components regulated by The NEC pertaining to PV systems include:  Disconnects  Grounding  Over Current Device (OCD)  Markings  Conductor Size
  • 19. SOLAR PV STANDARD PLAN  Table A is based on the following:  A. Table 310.16 - Allowable Ampacity of Insulated Conductors, 90 C rated conductors.  B. Table 310.16 - Correction Factors based on temperature ranges.  C. Table 310.15(B)(2)(c) - Ambient Temperature Adjustments for Conduits Exposed to Sunlight On or Above Rooftops.  D. Table 310.15(B)(2)(a) Adjustment Factors for More Than Three Current-Carrying Conductors in a Raceway or Cable.  E. Sections 240.4(D)(5) and 240.4(D)(7) for 10 AWG and 12 AWG conductors
  • 20. References  First Breakthrough In Solar Photovoltaic Module Recycling, Experts Say". European Photovoltaic Industry Association. Retrieved January 2011.  Morgan Baziliana . (2012). "Re-considering the economics of photovoltaic power". UN- Energy (United Nations).  "Improving the efficiency of solar panels". The Hindu. 24 October 2013. Retrieved24 October 2013.
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