Frequently asked questions about Ctfmon

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Frequently asked questions about Ctfmon
  3/28/13 Frequentl asked questions about Ctfmon.ee1/?scid=kb;en-us;282599 Fee aed ei ab Cf.ee Aice ID: 282599 - Vie dc ha hi aice aie . Thi aice a ei bihed de Q282599Whe   a Micf Office XP ga, he fie Cf.ee (Cf)  i he bacgd, ee afe  i a Office ga.Thi aice ae e f he fee aed ei ab he Micf Te Seice Cf.ee fie, hich i aded afe iaig Office XPAeaie Ue I feae. Thi aice ae he fig ei:Wha i he Cf.ee (cf) fie?Wha de he Cf.ee fie d?Ca I ee he Cf.ee fie?Wh ' Cf.ee g aa he I ee i f MSCfig?Whe I ia he aeaie i ie f Office XP, Cf.ee i ad. Wha ee d I eed  d  ee i f ig?Wha a f e ece i ed he Cf.ee i ig?Ca I ad Cf.ee  dead iead f a he ie?Wi I bea ehig if I cic End Tak    he Cf.ee ce?De Cf.ee  he ae  a eaig e? Wha I he Cf.ee (Cf.ee) Fie? Cf.ee aciae he Aeaie Ue I Te I Pce (TIP) ad he Micf Office Lagage Ba. Wha De he Cf.ee Fie D? Cf.ee i he acie id ad ide e i eice  f eech ecgii, hadiig ecgii, ebad, aai, adhe aeaie e i echgie. Ca I Ree he Cf.ee Fie? Reig he Cf.ee igh cae beaic behai i  Office XP ga,  eig i i  eceded. T ee Cf.ee fig, f hee e. Sep 1: Uninall Alenaie Ue Inp T ia he aeaie e i feae, e he iaai ae  No Aailable  i Office XP Se. Micoof Windo Millennim Ediion (Me), Micoof Windo 98, o Micoof Windo NT 4.0 :1. Qi a Office ga.2. Cic Sa , i  Seing , ad he cic Conol Panel .3. I C Pae, dbe-cic Add/Remoe Pogam .4. O he Inall/Uninall  ab, cic  eec Micoof Office XP prodc  , hee Office XP prodc   i he ae f he ecific Office dc beiged. If  ae ig a adae ei f e f he Office ga, cic  eec he aiae dc i he i. Cic Add/Remoe .5. I he Mainenance Mode Opion  diag b, eec Add o Remoe Feae , ad he cic Ne . Thi dia he Chooe inallaion opionfo all Office applicaion and ool  diag b.6. Cic he  ig (+) e  Office Shaed Feae   ead i.7. Cic he ic e  Alenaie Ue Inp , ad he eec No Aailable .8. Cic Updae . NOTE : If  hae ie Office XP dc iaed, f eae, Office XP Pfeia ad Pbihe 2002,   eea he ecedig e feach iaed dc. Micoof Windo 2000 and Micoof Windo XP :  SUMMARYMORE INFORMATION Find i melf   A he ciGe ie heSeec he dc  eed he ih WidIeeEeOfficeSfaceXbSeWidPheMe dc  3/28/13 Frequentl asked questions about Ctfmon.ee2/?scid=kb;en-us;282599 1. Qi all Office pogam.2. Click Start , poin o Settings , and hen click Control Panel . NOTE : In Windo XP, click Start  and hen click Control Panel .3. In Conol Panel, doble-click Add/Remove Programs . NOTE : In Windo XP, click Add or Remove Programs .4. In he Currentl installed programs  li, click o elec Microsoft Office XP prodc  , hee Office XP prodc   i he name of he pecific Officepodc being ed. If o ae ing a andalone eion of one of he Office pogam, click o elec he appopiae podc in he li. Click Change .5. In he Maintenance Mode Options  dialog bo, elec Add or Remove Features , and hen click Net . Thi dipla he Choose installation optionsfor all Office applications and tools  dialog bo.6. Click he pl ign (+) ne o Office Shared Features  o epand i.7. Click he icon ne o Alternative User Input , and hen elec Not Available .8. Click Update . NOTE : If o hae mliple Office XP podc inalled, fo eample, Office XP Pofeional and Pblihe 2002, o m epea he peceding ep foeach inalled podc. Step 2: Remove Alternative User Input Services from Tet Services 1. Click Start , poin o Settings , and hen click Control Panel .2. In he Conol Panel, doble-click Tet Services . NOTE : In Windo XP, click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options , and hen click Regionaland Language Options . On he Languages  ab, click Details .3. Unde Installed Services , elec each inp iem ha i lied, and hen click Remove  o emoe he iem. All iem m be emoed, one b one,ecep he folloing inp eice:Englih (Unied Sae)- defal Keboad Unied Sae 101 Step 3: Run Regsvr32 /U on the Msimtf.dll and Msctf.dll Files 1. Click Start  and hen click Run .2. In he  Run  dialog bo, pe he folloing command: Regsvr32.ee /u msimtf.dll 3. Click OK  .4. Repea ep 1 hogh 3 fo he Mcf.dll file.Fo addiional infomaion abo ho o emoe CTFMon.ee, click he aicle nmbe belo o ie he aicle in he Micoof Knoledge Bae:313176  (hp://ppo.micoof.com/kb/313176/EN-US/ ) Pogam Ma Sa, Qi, Loe, and Gain Foc Randoml Wh Will Cfmon.ee No Go Aa When I Remoe I fom MSConfig? Remoing Cfmon.ee fom MSConfig doe no diable Cfmon.ee. Fo moe infomaion abo diabling Cfmon.ee, efe o he "Can I emoe heCfmon.ee file?" ecion ealie in hi aicle. When I Remoe he Alenaie Inp Feae fom Office XP, Cfmon.ee Sill Load. Wha Ele M I Doo Keep I fom Rnning? Unlike he Alenaie Ue Inp feae, Cfmon.ee i a em componen ha canno be ninalled. Fo moe infomaion abo diabling Cfmon.ee,efe o he "Can I emoe he Cfmon.ee file?" ecion ealie in hi aicle. Wha Amon of Sem Reoce I Ued When Cfmon.ee I Rnning? Cfmon.ee e lile of he em eoce if Adanced Te Seice ae no nning. Adanced Te Seice ae hoe inp echnologie (peechecogniion, handiing ecogniion, and Inp Mehod Edio) ha ae being conolled b Cfmon.ee ia a TIP. Can I Load Cfmon.ee on Demand Inead of All he Time? The Alenaie Ue Inp em i no deigned o be loaded and nloaded on demand. Can I Click "End Tak" in he Tak Manage Dialog Bo o "End Tak" in he Cloe Pogam Dialog Bo fohe Cfmon.ee Poce? No. I i no ecommended ha o manall cloe he Cfmon.ee poce. I i ecommended ha o e he ep in he "Can I emoe he Cfmon.eefile?" ecion if o an o op he Cfmon.ee poce. Doe Cfmon.ee Wok he Same in All Opeaing Sem? Geneall, e. Cfmon.ee pefom he ame ak on diffeen Micoof Windo opeaing em.    3/28/13 Frequentl asked questions about Ctfmon.ee3/?scid=kb;en-us;282599 Addiia Ifai Cf.ee i he fie ha i eibe f cig he Aeaie Ue I echgie. I a he Lagage Ba ce (i he Sa) adeai ig i he bacgd ee afe  i a Office XP ga. I a a each ie Wid i aed ad eai i he bacgd,egade f hehe a Office XP ga i aed.Cf.ee i deiged  cie   i he bacgd dig Wid ei afe he Office XP Aeaie Ue I ce ae iaed.Aice ID: 282599 - La Reie: Seebe 12, 2011 - Reii: 7.0 APPLIES TO Micf Acce 2002 Sadad EdiiMicf Ece 2002 Sadad EdiiMicf O 2002 Sadad EdiiMicf PePi 2002 Sadad EdiiMicf Wd 2002 Kewords: bfa bh KB282599   Bac  he  PeieGie Feedbac
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