Functional Skills Level 1 Maths revision

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Functional Skills Level 1 Maths revision. May 2011. Kindly contributed by Charlotte Gustar , Northampton College. Search for Charlotte on This PPT refers to City and Guilds Functional Skills assessment but most aspects are applicable to all awarding bodies.
Functional Skills Level 1 Maths revisionMay 2011. Kindly contributed by Charlotte Gustar, Northampton College. Search for Charlotte on www.skillsworkshop.orgThis PPT refers to City and Guilds Functional Skills assessment but most aspects are applicable to all awarding bodies.One of a set of three. Equivalent PPTs for L1 Functional English and L1 Functional ICT are also available.Curriculum linksThis PPT covers many aspects of Level 1 Functional Maths. Please refer to the resource description page on for detailed curriculum links and related resources.Functional Skills MathsDomestics
  • Please ensure all bags are kept under the table and walkways are kept clear
  • Please keep all food and drink away
  • Please keep mp3 players & mobile phones switched off
  • What do you see?What do you know?
  • Today’s lesson will be revision for your maths exam.
  • Look at the following maths symbols and words, explain what they are, and give an example.
  • You have 5 minutes!
  • Quick fire round
  • What is 1444 – 965?
  • Round 2512 to the nearest 1000.
  • What is the mean of these numbers? 
  • 21 21 104 64 8 22
  • and the range? (Level 2: mode and median)
  • Which of the following fractions are equivalent to 1 ?
  • 66238512 9 12 18 16 30 28Quick fire round
  • What is 1444 – 965?
  • 479
  • Round 2512 to the nearest 1000.
  • 3000
  • The mean and range (Level 2 - mode and median) of these numbers: 
  • 21 21 104 64 8 22mean = 40, range = 96, mode = 21, median = 21.5
  • Which of the following fractions are equivalent to 1
  • 662385129 1218 16 30 28Top tips for the exam
  • The next couple of slides show common errors made in Functional Maths exams. Be sure not to fall into the same trap!
  • Make revision notes to help you!
  • Common error 1:
  • Many students do not use a calculator
  • Impact = inaccurate work = wrong answer
  • Remedy = use a calculator!
  • Common error 2
  • Many do not set their work out systematically. This leads to difficulties in sequencing steps.
  • Impact = wrong answers = dropped marks
  • Remedy = answer questions in the set order. Be sure to look for links between questions.
  • Common error 3
  • Students do not use a ruler or label diagrams
  • Impact = dropped marks
  • Remedy = use a ruler to draw lines on squared paper. Neatness can be an issue in some cases.
  • Label diagrams in full.
  • Common error 4
  • Candidates often not familiar with mean, median, mode and range.
  • Impact = Wrong answer
  • Remedy = know which one to use
  • Averages
  • Mode
  • = the most common number
  • Median
  • = the middle value
  • Range
  • =how far from biggest to smallest.
  • Mean
  • = total of the numbers divided by how many numbers.Common error 4
  • When asked to check answers, students write: “checked with a calculator”
  • Impact = Wrong answer = no marks
  • Remedy = step by step sequencing to show the process is important. Make sure you physically write out any checks you do.
  • Level 1 Assessment Guidance Notes
  • Is it true that the assessment is in two parts?
  • NO.
  • The exam will take part in one session. It will last for 1 hour 30 minutes
  • What should I have with me for the exam?The exam invigilator will provide the following:
  • the source documents
  • a pencil and eraser
  • a 30cm ruler
  • graph paper
  • Note
  • You may use a calculator
  • You may use a protractor
  • You may use a dictionary
  • You will need to bring:
  • College I.D
  • a pen with black or blue ink
  • How long before results are issued?
  • Results slips and certificates will be issued to centres within 42 working days.
  • General instructions There are 3 tasks to complete. • Show your working out. • Check your calculations. • Remember to put units on your answers. • Write all working out and answers in the answer booklet not on the source documents. • There are additional pages at the back of this booklet if you run out of space.Any questions?Now use your task sheet (not included with this PPT)
  • The sheet outlines all the steps necessary to complete the task
  • It incorporates all aspects of skills learnt over the past weeks
  • Try to be as independent in the task as possible – but staff are here to help you if you need it
  • You have 20 minutes...
  • Task sheet 2 Mirror tiles(not included with this PPT)
  • There are 15 marks available for this task.
  • Overview of task
  • You want a new mirror made up of mirror tiles for your bathroom.
  • You have to work out how many tiles to buy and the total cost of the tiles.
  • You have up to £75 to spend.
  • Use the handouts provided to complete your answers.
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