Guidelines For Processing M-IV Schedules Class of 2014

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Guidelines For Processing M-IV Schedules Class of 2014. Dr. Jeanette Ford USC SOM Registrar. Planning Your Schedules - general considerations. Academic calendar allows scheduling in 10 blocks 9 plus the block marked “Independent Study” Capstone Week is “fixed” and required of all M-IV’s
Guidelines For Processing M-IV SchedulesClass of 2014Dr. Jeanette FordUSC SOMRegistrarPlanning Your Schedules -general considerations
  • Academic calendar allows scheduling in 10 blocks
  • 9 plus the block marked “Independent Study”
  • Capstone Week is “fixed” and required of all M-IV’s
  • Everyone is required to schedule at least 9 rotations out of those 10 blocks
  • 5 required rotations
  • 4 elective rotations
  • 2 month(s) off
  • 2013-2014 Academic Calendar
  • Independent Study (Rotation 1) June 29 –August 4, 2013
  • Rotation 2 August 5 – August 30
  • Rotation 3 September 3 – September 27
  • Rotation 4 September 30– October 25
  • Rotation 5 October 28 – November 22
  • Rotation 6 November 25 – December 20
  • Thanksgiving Day November 28
  • Deadline for Taking the Step 2 Examinations December 20, 2013
  • Winter Break December 21 – January 5, 2014
  • Rotation 7 January 6–January 31
  • Rotation 8 February 3– February 28
  • Capstone Week (Rotation 9) March 4 – March 7
  • Rotation 10 March 10 – April 4
  • Rotation 11 April 7 – May 2
  • Commencement May 9, 2014
  • Planning Your Schedules -general considerations
  • Up to 4 rotations may be scheduled away
  • No more than one independent study may be scheduled
  • No more than 3 rotations (including your AI and selective) may be scheduled in the same specialty or subspecialty
  • Senior Medicine and Senior Surgery do not “count” towards this limit
  • Planning Your Schedules -general considerations
  • Other planned (hopefully!) events
  • Wedding
  • Childbirth
  • “Other”
  • Other M-IV activities
  • Step 2 CK
  • Step 2 CS
  • Residency application and interview process
  • Planning Your Schedules -required rotation #1Senior Medicine
  • Must be done in Columbia (some exceptions, but rare)
  • You will be contacted by the department regarding your choice(s) of experiences
  • Once scheduled, difficult to change
  • Any period but 6 and 11 – maximum 8 each rotation
  • No exam given
  • Planning Your Schedules -required rotation #2Senior Surgery
  • Must be done in Columbia (some exceptions, but rare)
  • You will be contacted by the department regarding your choices of experiences
  • Once scheduled, difficult to change
  • Any period but 11 – maximum 8 each rotation
  • Final exam given at end of rotation
  • Planning Your Schedules -required rotation #3Acting Internship (AI)
  • Defined as including
  • A predominantly inpatient experience
  • Night call or night call equivalent
  • Meaningful primary patient responsibility
  • Must be done in one of the seven M-III core disciplines (GENERAL, not subspecialties)
  • Can be done “away” but with prior approval from local AI director; must provide him/her a course description and have the Extramural Form completed at least a month in advance
  • Planning Your Schedules -required rotation #4Selective
  • Can be chosen from any elective in the fields of
  • Family Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Women’s Health
  • May be taken away (U.S.)
  • Cannot be “double counted” as your AI
  • Planning Your Schedules -required rotation #5Capstone
  • Held during period 9 (for all M-IV’s)
  • One week in length
  • Large group sessions in Columbia and Greenville
  • Workshops in Columbia and Greenville
  • Planning Your Schedules-electives
  • Opportunities include
  • USCSM electives (Columbia and Greenville)
  • SCAHEC electives
  • Extramural electives
  • International electives
  • Independent study elective
  • Planning Your Schedules-electives
  • Resources
  • “Local” elective catalog
  • Away rotation information
  • 139 Host Schools for 2013-2014VSAS is open year round – but each school has different application dates$35 for first school $15 for each additional schoolRefer to VSAS handoutYou must be authorized BEFORE you applyContact Bridget Greene for authorizationAway Rotations - AAMC’s VSAS ProgramAway Rotations
  • Consult the compendium of 4th year electives at the AAMC website (
  • The compendium lists each school’s specific requirements… including application fee, tuition, malpractice liability insurance amounts, and date applications will be accepted.
  • You may be asked to provide any or all of the followingLetter of referenceTranscriptPictureBoard ScoresProof of health insuranceProof of liability insuranceBackground checkDrug ScreenAway RotationsAway Rotations
  • Liability insurance requirements are usually $1 million/$3 million at most institutions.
  • SC limits are $300,000/$600,000.
  • Supplemental Insurance is available – see resource listed in handout
  • Away Rotations
  • AL University of South Alabama 500,000 1,500,000
  • FL University of South Florida100,000200,000
  • KS University of Kansas SOM 500,000
  • LA Louisiana State University -New Orleans 500,000500,000
  • LA Louisiana State University -Shreveport 500,000500,000
  • TX Texas A&M University System 25,00075,000
  • TX University of Texas -SanAntonio25,00075,000
  • TXUniversity of Texas SW Medical Center@25,00075,000
  • Away Rotations
  • Check to see if you are responsible for
  • Housing
  • Scrubs
  • Additional immunizations
  • Health reports (Donna Wall, Employee Health Nurse) can provide copies-she can be contacted at 434- 2479 or
  • Bridget Greene (contact at 216-3621) or will complete processing of your application to include Dr. Ford’s signature, seal, and any letters or evaluations
  • Away Rotations
  • All schools do not go by the same academic calendar. If your away rotation starts a week earlier, schedule your “off” period or an elective that is flexible before your away rotation. When you return a week early, you can make up the ‘lost’ week.
  • One month prior to the beginning of the away elective, the following must be on file:
  • Approval from host institution
  • Completed “Request To Take Extramural Elective” form
  • International rotations
  • Need prior approval (2 months in advance) by Dr. Jeff Hall, Family Medicine
  • Listed in electives catalog
  • Keep in mind…
  • Electives must be 4 weeks in length
  • No AI or elective will be approved if you do not meet the deadline of four weeks prior to the beginning of the rotation.
  • Rotations in Columbia, Greenville, or any of the SC AHEC sites are not considered away rotations.
  • Keep in mind…
  • Some rotations (required or elective) do not contact you or send you anything in the mail prior to your rotation – be proactive -consult the web site CATALOG OF FOURTH YEAR ELECTIVES for information on when and where you need to be!
  • Keep in mind…Keep in mind…
  • M-IV grades
  • Will not appear on your ERAS transcript unless you request them to be included
  • Pass/Fail
  • Senior Medicine
  • Senior Surgery
  • Independent Study
  • Capstone
  • Electives (all except Surgery)
  • Selectives
  • Letter grades
  • Acting Internships
  • Surgery electives
  • Schedule Processing
  • OASIS scheduling system will be used
  • Lottery will be in two phases
  • Phase 1-required rotations (March)
  • Phase 2-elective rotations (May)
  • Actual dates yet TBD
  • Notification and instructions will be sent via email
  • How do I get started?
  • Over the next 5-6 weeks
  • Look over information and course catalog
  • Devise a plan and PENCIL in your proposed schedule on the worksheet in your folder
  • Talk with your advisor and have him/her sign off on your worksheet
  • In March, OASIS will open for you to input choices for your required rotations (“Phase 1”)
  • What comes next?
  • Once the Phase 1 lottery is run, you will be notified of the results
  • You will then have two weeks in which to make changes to your schedule
  • Phase 2 (for elective choices) will open up in May
  • As much flexibility as possible will be allowed throughout the fourth year for further changes, but required months cannot always be changed
  • Questions?
  • Contact your advisor
  • Contact Dr. Richeson
  • Contact Dr. Ford
  • Contact Bridget Greene
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