IMProvement of Innovation Management Performance with Sustainable IMPact

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IMProvement of Innovation Management Performance with Sustainable IMPact. A Europe INNOVA Project. Agenda. IMP 3 rove – A Europe INNOVA project The objectives of IMP 3 rove: Enhancing Innovation Management performance in Europe
IMProvement of Innovation Management Performance with Sustainable IMPactA Europe INNOVA ProjectAgenda
  • IMP3rove – A Europe INNOVA project
  • The objectives of IMP3rove:Enhancing Innovation Management performance in Europe
  • The results of IMP3rove: Powerful tools for SMEs and intermediaries
  • The scope of IMP3rove:SMEs in focus
  • The approach of IMP3rove: Developing best practices
  • The benefits of IMP3rove:Integrating all stakeholders of Innovation Management enhancement
  • Contact details
  • IMP3rove – A Europe INNOVA projectIMP3rove – A Europe INNOVA projectIMP3rove is the flagship project of the Europe INNOVA initiativeEurope INNOVASectoralinnovationwatchClusternetworksInnovationpanelsFinancingnetworksClustermappingStandardsnetworks
  • Funded by the European Commission
  • Driven by a consortium from more than 10 countries
  • Innovation managementIMP³rove
  • Providing innovation facilitators with new and better tools to consult enterprises on Innovation Management issues
  • Improvement of Innovation Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe
  • +IMP3rove – A Europe INNOVA projectThe project IMP3rove has been initiated by the European Commission in December 2005Directorate-General for Enterprise and IndustryConsortium driving the project + Expert Panel advising the consortiumReaching out toIntermediaries for Innovation ManagementSMEs includinghigh-tech start-upsFinancial community funding SMEsPolicymakingIMP3rove – A Europe INNOVA projectA European consortium under the leadership of A.T. Kearney is driving the projectThe objectives of IMP3rove: Enhancing Innovation Management performance in EuropeDevelopment of new and better Innovation Management tools for SMEs and innovation facilitatorsStrong and early involvement of intermediaries and SMEsProvision of tangible means for financial institutions for evaluation of SME and their financial risksBetter insights for policy makers in the needs of innovative SMEs, targeted innovation policy measures in the futureIntegration with other Europe INNOVA initiativesThe objectives of IMP3rove: Enhancing Innovation Management performance in Europe The overall objective is to foster innovation efficiency in EuropeIMP3roveThe results of IMP3rove: Powerful tools for SMEs and intermediariesThe results of IMP3rove: Powerful tools for SMEs and intermediariesIMP3rove will deliver tangible resultsEuropean approach to Innovation Management consulting including a toolkit for innovation facilitators to enhance the SMEs’ Innovation Management capabilitiesTangible ResultsOverview of existing best practice in Innovation Management approachesFoundations for European Innovation Management certificateAn online Self-Assessment Tool that allows SMEs to benchmark their Innovation Management against Best PracticeThe scope of IMP3rove:SMEs in focusA.T. Kearney's 'House of Innovation'Impact of Innovation Management Tools and Innovation Management performance linked to business successDatabase for comparisons to Innovation Management mechanisms in a wide spectrum of companies in terms of industry sectors and size of companiesAccess to a media network across Europe from the Best Innovator contest, which will be leveraged to increase the awareness of improved Innovation Management services and techniques.The scope of IMP3rove: SMEs in focusIMP3rove pursues a holistic approach to Innovation ManagementInno-vationstrategyInnovation organization and cultureInnovation life cycle managementProduct/process developmentIdeagenerationLaunch/contin. improvementEnabler, e.g. Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Project and Program Mangement, Controlling and ITCompanies in focus2-20 employees21-100 employees101-250 employees>250 employeesincluding high-tech start-upsIndustry sectors coveredChemicals and pharmaceuticalsInformation and Communication TechnologiesMechanical engineering, plant constructionsRoad, air, rail and sea transportationServicesFinancial and business servicesTextile and textile productsFood products, beverages and tobaccoThe scope of IMP3rove: SMEs in focusSMEs from a wide range of industry sectors are includedThe approach of IMP3rove:Developing best practicesThe approach of IMP3rove: Developing best practicesWithin 48 months, the project will deliver new Innovation Management toolsDevelop Innovation Management toolsTest Innovation Management toolsDisseminate Innovation Management toolsReview and evaluation of existing consulting methodologies and online self-assessment tools (SAT) in EuropeStrong involvement of inter-mediaries, e.g. innovation manage-ment consul-tancies, trade associa-tions, IRCsAt least 1,500 interviews with SMEs in more than 10 countries and various industry sectors, facilitated by interme-diaries
  • Comprehensive marketing and communication program to promote new tools
  • Ensure increased sustainability
  • Improved innovation manage-ment consulting methodo-logiesEuropean Self-Assess-ment Tool (SAT)01/0612/0612/0911/07The benefits of IMP3rove:Integrating all stakeholders of Innovation Management enhancementFor IntermediariesFor SMEsThe approach of IMP3rove: Integrating all stakeholders of Innovation Management enhancementIMP3rove will provide significant benefits for a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Access to full set of Innovation Management consulting methodologies
  • Possibility to provide input on best practices
  • Positioning as "leading intermediary"
  • Growth opportunity in leveraging innovation network
  • Insight into Best Practice in Innovation Management
  • Benchmarking own Innovation Management performance with SAT
  • Own performance in Innovation Management
  • Actions required to fill the gap to Best Practice
  • Project's benefitsFor Policy MakersFor Financial Institutions
  • First hand insight on key success factors for Innovation Management
  • Knowledge of existing barriers to Innovation Management
  • Tangible means for evaluating SMEs'/high-tech start-ups' performance and risk
  • Benchmarks across countries and industry sectors
  • Contact detailsProject core team:A.T. KearneyKai Engel, Eva DiedrichsTel: +49 211 1377 2266Fax: +49 175 13 2659 266improvecoreteam@atkearney.comFraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO)Kristina WagnerTel.:  +49 (0)711 970-2215Fax:  +49 (0)711 970-2299improvecoreteam@atkearney.comwww.europe-innova.orgContact detailsContactsIMP3rove is a project of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and IndustryContact detailsA whole set of promotion material is available for intermediariesE-newsflash
  • Short html email sent at key project milestones (2006-2009)
  • Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Can be re-customized by intermediaries for SMEs
  • Information package
  • Consultancy methodology & questionnaires for use with SMEs
  • Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Available 12/2006 (English), 4/2007 (German, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Train-the-Trainer events
  • For intermediaries
  • 12/2006 (UK), 2007 (Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. tbc)
  • Training in Innovation Management Consultancy Approaches
  • CountryLaunches
  • Aimed at SMEs
  • 2008-2009 (open schedule)
  • Organized by intermediaries,supported by IMP3rove
  • Encourage use of SAT & Innovation Management tools
  • Showcasing 2-3 success stories
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