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IM&T DES e-Audit. Dr Dai Evans Clinical Advisor, PRIMIS+. IM&T DES global Data Quality Accreditation (Work in progress). Overview. IM&T DES part 1 Prepare plan, TNA, training, N3, smart cards (40p/pt) IM&T DES part 2 Accreditation for paper-light practices (44p/pt) IM&T DES part 3
IM&T DES e-AuditDr Dai EvansClinical Advisor, PRIMIS+IM&T DES globalData Quality Accreditation (Work in progress)OverviewIM&T DES part 1Prepare plan, TNA, training, N3, smart cards (40p/pt)IM&T DES part 2Accreditation for paper-light practices (44p/pt)IM&T DES part 3Demographic validation & EPS (27p/pt)IM&T DES part 4Moving to a hosted system (22p/pt)Context 1Practice Data is “fit for sharing” **Standards as in “Good Practice Guidelines”Mixture of practice submission, e-audit and practice visit by assessorOccurs after “preparation” (formative) phaseOutline details in the DES specificationContext 2: IM&T DES Part 2Practice must be “paperlight”.Entering consultations contemporaneously where appropriateShould be “accredited”Pre-Requisite for DQAInformation GovernanceAddresses, locum, supports; telephone consultationsData protection; recovery; Caldicott guardianNon-audit RequirementsPRIMIS+MIQUESTCHARTTerminologyDrug to Disease Audits (MIQUEST)Presence of some Disease codes (MIQUEST)Presence of other expected codes (MIQUEST)Event Date inconsistencies (MIQUEST)Other audit sources (QoF/QMAS) to support process (i.e. re disease prevalence etc.)System specific for those general aspects not handled by MIQUEST (location, ? Reg data, significance)There will be a “Bank” of audits – how implementede-Audit *KEELE GPRN workTwo broad query sets: - preparation for accreditation - accreditationWill need to be fed back to: - practice - facilitator/assessor - PRIMIS+ (anonymised) Standard output proposed to CHARTOther AspectsE-audit output will be broadly anonymisedBUT, assessors may need to see patient identifiable recordsThere is guidance from DoH “permitting” this in this circumstance (?reference)A good idea to inform patients in the month before the assessment re any objectionsPatient ConfidentialityRead and understand Good Practice Guidelines (2005)Support practices in submission preparation and throughout processDeliver baseline assessment and Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for practicesUnderstand Information Governance and Data Quality re practicesWhat Facilitators need to do (1)Run pre-accreditation queries and assist practices in their interpretationRun Accreditation setAssist compilation of material for AssessorsFacilitators Role (2)E-AuditRemember the e-audit is only one part of the assessment & accreditation process.It does NOT test all aspects of Data Quality. E.g. system specific nuances, local codes etcE-Audit roleRead codes / HysterectomyNo. of event dates for each pts HysterectomyHow do you do this…?Minor information on summary?Important information not on summaryDuplicated informationMultiple eventsSummary SignificanceLook for the presence of one code/event from a number representing a diseaseNot look at minor problems on summaryFor 1 or 2 areas check no events are “not flagged”Summary ProposalCHART/ Chart OnlineHandle MIQUEST & supplier queriesGive feedback to practiceProvide reports for facilitator & PCT assessorFeedback to PRIMIS online (comparison, benchmarking)Proposed ToolsLooking at query designTesting software functionsIn Autumn looking at whole processBearing in mind may be subtle changes twixt now & thenOngoing Pilot WorkSo what’s a fail then?The process formalises what some practices have been doing for a while (with £)It brings it up the practice agendaMixture of formative preparation & summative assessmentSummary
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