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KLMH Television Station. Front End Analysis by: Lynda Hoang Michelle Yokota Hong Ngo. Agenda. System Analysis Change Analysis Needs Assessment Plan Design Implications Solutions Insights. KLMH Television Station. Broadcasts live news in Hawaii Locally managed
KLMH Television StationFront End Analysis by:Lynda HoangMichelle YokotaHong NgoAgenda
  • System Analysis
  • Change Analysis
  • Needs Assessment Plan
  • Design Implications
  • Solutions
  • Insights
  • KLMH Television Station
  • Broadcasts live news in Hawaii
  • Locally managed
  • Privately owned by the Fulford Broadcasting Group
  • KLMH adopted the Auto-Ignite System
  • Auto-Ignite SystemSystems chart overview: KLMH Television StationFulford Broadcasting GroupFederal Communication Commission (FCC)SuprasystemAdministrativeDirectorTechnicalDirectorFacilities and EquipmentSystemBudgetSecretaryAdvertisersAuto-Ignite SystemProduction CrewChiefPeersProfessional Development Coordinator (PD coordinator)SubsystemFamilyViewersCommunitySubsystemProduction CrewChiefProfessional Development Coordinator (PD Coordinator)PeersFamilyViewers
  • Intrinsic Factors:
  • Beliefs
  • Prior Knowledge
  • Expectations
  • Values
  • Intellectual Margin
  • Time Margin
  • CommunitySystemAdministrative DirectorTechnical DirectorBudgetFacilities and EquipmentSecretaryAdvertisersAuto-Ignite SystemSuprasystemFulford Broadcasting GroupFederal Communication Commission (FCC)Administrative DirectorTechnical DirectorChange Analysis
  • Change Leaders
  • Production Crew Chief
  • Professional Development Coordinator
  • Production Crew
  • Change Analysis
  • Gatekeeper
  • Secretary
  • Change Analysis
  • Blockers
  • Administrative Director
  • Technical Director
  • Dissemination
  • Visitation Strategy (Gentry, 1994)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (Gentry, 1994)
  • Draft Change Proposal
  • Oral Walk-Through (Gentry, 1994)
  • Diffusion
  • Distribute Change Proposal
  • Present Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Walk About Method (Gentry, 1994)
  • Compiled Metrics
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Suggestion Box (Gentry, 1994)
  • Objective of these techniques:Gather and validate the needs at KLMH Television Station. An analysis of this data can provide an accurate assessment of the learners' needs. A systems approach will be applied to reach long term goals.Needs Analysis
  • Delphi Technique (Gentry, 1994)
  • Critical Incident Technique (Gentry, 1994)
  • Needs Statement
  • What is
  • Inadequate skills to operate production tools
  • Audience dissatisfaction in the news products
  • Insufficient profits made for KLMH Television Station
  • Needs Statement
  • What should be
  • The production crew can skillfully operate the Auto-Ignite System
  • The audience is satisfied with the high quality of the news broadcast
  • Adequate funding is collected from advertisers for company prosperity
  • Needs Statement
  • Gap
  • Effective and efficient procedures must be implemented for KLMH Television Station to continually learn the skills needed to produce quality news products for audience satisfaction
  • Design Implications
  • Motivate the production crew to learn new technical skills 
  • Consider human attitudes to change behaviors by gaining support and communicating with one another
  • Maintain equipment and relationships
  • Increase viewer ratings and profits       
  • Possible Solution #1 Awareness of the necessity for change through intensified communication and collaboration
  • Visitation Strategy
  • Oral Walk-Through
  • Weekly Staff Meetings
  • Pros:
  • To familiarize the personnel with an integrative communication process
  • To understand how each person works best
  • Cons:
  • Uncooperative members will lead to ineffective communication
  • Possible Solution #2 Encourage self-improvement for the production crew members
  • Walk About Method
  • Pros:
  • Encourages high productivity
  • Enforces high moral
  • Increases viewer ratings for KLMH news
  • Increases KLMH Television Station profits
  • Cons:
  • Discourages self motivation in the workplace
  • Possible Solution #3
  • Pros:
  • Active participation and collaboration
  • Motivate everyone to succeed and gain a sense of group accomplishment
  • Ideas for future training sessions
  • Cons:
  • False interpretations of using the Auto-Ignite System may be passed on as ineffective practices
  • Conduct a development training session focused on updating the skills needed to successfully operate the Auto-Ignite System
  • Oral-Walk Through
  • Recommended SolutionPossible Solution #3: Conduct a development training session focused on updating the skills needed to successfully operate the Auto-Ignite System
  • Precise process that allows control over the outcomes
  • To perform the necessary skills needed to produce quality broadcasting
  • Produce satisfactory broadcasting products for their audience
  • Increase revenue
  • Insights: We Learned From the Process…
  • How to conduct a front end analysis
  • The importance of systems approach
  • Understanding alpha level needs
  • How to work effectively in a team
  • Insights: What Went Right…
  • Productive collaboration from face-to-face meetings and using asynchronous and synchronous tools
  • Elluminate Live
  • Google Docs
  • Google Chat
  • E-Mail
  • Texting
  • Telephone
  • Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Ongoing revision of the system analysis
  • Meeting benchmarks and deadlines
  • Insights: What Went Wrong…
  • APA Checklist confused us at times
  • Inconsistent student examples
  • Selected an unfamiliar system
  • Insights: What We Discovered…
  • Explored the systems and components of television stations
  • Different working styles
  • Easy to mistake outputs for outcomes
  • Revising during the process is extremely necessary for a thorough analysis
  • First hands-on binding experience
  • Insights: What We Would Do Differently…
  • Choose a familiar system
  • Keep in mind that most systems need profit to operate
  • Critical consumer of information in applying APA format
  • Insights: In a Real-Life Situation…
  • Conduct Front-End Analysis
  • Utilize the systems theory learned in ETEC 600
  • Use change theory to conduct the dissemination and diffusion
  • Use needs assessment to come to alpha-level goals
  • Consult Dr. Catherine Fulford and Eddie Gose
  • Conclusion
  • Able to conduct front-end analysis for any type of organization
  • Can apply skills learned in working collaboratively to any work environment
  • CreditsLynda Hoang…..Writer, PowerPointHong Ngo………Writer, APA MasterMichelle Yokota..Writer, PowerPoint, ResearcherThank You for Watching!
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