Komatsu Coolant High-performance Long-life Coolant With Low Impact on Global Environment

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coolant yang digunakan pada mesin komatsu
  Komatsu Coolant High - performance Long - life Coolant with Low Impact on Global Environment   Coolant selection has significant implications The life of your engine and radiator heavily depends on what coolant you select Enhanced with special additives for heavy-duty construction machinery, Komatsu Genuine Super Coolant is a non-amine/non-nitrite type, high-performance coolant that satisfies Komatsu's in-house standards. It can be used for two years and protects the cooling system from corrosion and cavitation etc.. Stable non-freezing performance that can withstand the winter season or the climate in very cold districts  With high-quality ethylene glycol contained, this coolant demonstrates stable non-freezing  performance over a long period, preventing freezing trouble.    Properties   Product name/Item Color Anti-corrosion Cylinder liner protection performance Replacement interval Super Coolant AF- NAC Blue For all metals (steel, aluminum, solder, etc.) Very high Two years or 4,000 hours  Note: Komatsu Genuine Super Coolant eliminates the need for corrosion resistor. For details, see the instruction Characteristics of Komatsu Genuine Super Coolant   Sustaining robust rust and Anti-corrosion  When used over for extensive periods, coolant additives deteriorate because of heat and oxidation, degrading the coolant's performance. The Komalsu genuine coolant contains highly heat-resistant long-life additives to achieve longstanding robust rust and anti-corrosion, and can  prevent corrosion any kinds of trouble in the cooling system Life of Coolant Additives by Temperature (based on Komatsu's in-house data comparison)      Metal corrosion tests (conforming to the JIS K2234 tests)   Komatsu Genuine Super Coolant (coolant: 30%, artificial corrosive water ;70%)   Blended solution (artificial corrosive water)   Excellent performance to prevent cavitation  With special additives blended in, this coolant suppresses cavitation damage to the cylinder liner or water pump that might otherwise cause engine trouble. In addition, it extends the life of each component of the cooling system. Results of benchmark tests at Komatsu      Cavitation-Preventing Mechanism with Komatsu Genuine Super Coolant - Schematic Diagram   Viscosity and surface Tension  Special additives reduce the destructive force of air bubbles. Adsorption of additives  Special additives are absorbed to farm a protective film on the metal surface. Protective film  The protective film formed protects the metal surface. Significant effect of preventing scale generation  With special scale-preventive additives working, this coolant greatly contributes to reduction of clogging problems with cooling system.
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