Lifting the Nation from Poverty Through Excellence

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Commencement Speech delivered on 30 March 2015 at the City of Malabon University
  Lifting the Nation from Poverty Through Excellence Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio  Commencement Speech delivered on 30 March 2015 at the City of Malabon UniversityMayor Antolin Oreta III !resident amon Maronilla other members of the #oard of e$ents the fac%lty and staff of the City of Malabon University the $rad%atin$ class and their families distin$%ished $%ests friends& 'ood afternoon to yo% all()han* yo% for invitin$ me this afternoon to spea* to the Class of 2015( And con$rat%lations to all the $rad%ates and their pro%d families(+%rin$ the amos administration I had the privile$e to ,or* ,ith -ational Sec%rity Adviser .ose Almonte( /is fascinatin$ a%tobio$raphy  ndless .o%rney  ,ritten by the a,ard,innin$ o%rnalist Marites it%$ has %st been released( It is a $reat boo* abo%t nation b%ildin$(Almonte came from h%mble be$innin$s( /e ,as born in stancia a barrio of Malinao to,n in Albay province( /is father ,or*ed as a b%s cond%ctor and his mother ,as a teacher ,ho became permanently paraly4ed after $ivin$ birth to Almontes yo%n$er brother( 6or food their family planted s,eet potato t%ber yam corn and ve$etables(Almonte did not allo, poverty even the Second 7orld 7ar $et in the ,ay of his ed%cation( /e ,o*e %p at fo%r in the mornin$ everyday to prepare his meal feed the carabao and fetch ,ater for his family( +ressed in r%mpled clothes f%ll of patches he crossed a bi$ river and ,al*ed barefoot for t,o ho%rs $oin$ to school and another t,o ho%rs ret%rnin$ home(/e $rad%ated from elementary school third in class( One of his teachers o*ed that the first in class ,o%ld become president of the co%ntry the second vice president and the third adviser to the president( 8ittle did she *no, that almost five decades later her little prophecy ,o%ld come tr%e(Almonte hardly tho%$ht abo%t colle$e beca%se of his familys poverty %ntil one day ,hen he received a letter %r$in$ him to ta*e the entrance e9amination to the !hilippine Military Academy ,here ed%cation ,as free( )he letter stirred his hopes and opened a door to a colle$e ed%cation()he door to a !MA ed%cation opened more doors( 7hile leadin$ his platoon in Sierra Madre Almonte met then Capt( 6idel amos( )here in the middle of the %n$le the t,o men en$a$ed in conversations not %s%ally heard in the military( After all soldiers are trained to follo, orders and not to as* :%estions( )hey as*ed themselves ,hy they ,ere *illin$ their fello, co%ntrymen and ,hy their fello, co%ntrymen ,ere rebellin$ a$ainst the $overnment( )hese conversations became the $enesis of their oint ,or* in nation b%ildin$(7hen !resident amos ass%med office he appointed Almonte national sec%rity adviser( +%rin$ one of their first meetin$s !resident amos $ave Almonte t,o pens ; one blac* ,hich the president %sed for si$nin$ and one red ,hich he %sed for ,ritin$ mar$inal notes( /e told Almonte that he ,as not merely part of the staff b%t a partner in nation b%ildin$()he Constit%tion mandates that the State shall $ive priority to ed%cation <to foster patriotism and nationalism accelerate social pro$ress and promote total h%man liberation and development(= )he Constit%tion reco$ni4es the importance of ed%cation in nation b%ildin$( d%cation is considered the $reat e:%ali4er that ,ill allo, the mar$inali4ed poor to oin the mainstream of society( d%cation is the tic*et to a $ood f%t%re( #eca%se of ed%cation Almonte ,as able to rise %p from bein$ the impoverished p%blic school st%dent ,ho ,al*ed  barefoot for t,o ho%rs to school to becomin$ the !residents partner in dismantlin$ monopolies and levelin$ the economic playin$ field(d%cation is a potent tool people can %se to improve their lives( Social and economic barriers may affect or limit the opport%nities for some people( /o,ever poverty is not anyone>s preordained destiny( !overty does not define a person %nless a person allo,s it to define him or her( )hro%$h ed%cation perseverance and hard ,or* anyone can rise %p and have a chance at s%ccess( Almonte is livin$ proof amon$ so many others that a person thro%$h ed%cation and perseverance can lift himself %p from poverty(Most important of all ed%cation is the fo%ndation of nation b%ildin$( 7ith ed%cation the possibilities for a nation are bo%ndless( 7itho%t ed%cation the possibilities for a nation are none9istent( 7ith more than half a million colle$e $rad%ates every year the !hilippines has a solid fo%ndation for nation b%ildin$( #%t ,hy has the !hilippines remained %nderdeveloped? Obvio%sly ,e have failed to capitali4e on the individ%al and collective val%e of more than half a million colle$e $rad%ates every year(7e have ,aited for economists f%t%rists and planners to tell %s ho, to capitali4e on the val%e of o%r colle$e $rad%ates( )here is no need to ,ait and ,aitin$ is a ,aste of time( It is %p to each and every individ%al $rad%ate ho, to ma*e the best of his colle$e ed%cation( )he po,er to translate a colle$e ed%cation into a prod%ctive or income prod%cin$ tool lies in the hands of each and every $rad%ate not on economic planners(6ilipinos desperately hope for chan$e( 7e ,ant to eradicate poverty corr%ption violence and many other problems perpet%ally pla$%in$ o%r co%ntry( /o,ever hopin$ alone ,ill not chan$e anythin$( In order for thin$s to chan$e in o%r co%ntry ,e have to chan$e individ%ally o%r mindset first( )here is no other ,ay( 7e each and every one of %s m%st individ%ally commit to be the startin$ point of chan$e in o%r co%ntry( 7e cannot ,ait for a political messiah to mirac%lo%sly solve the problems of o%r co%ntry( 7e have no control over that and a political messiah is simply ,ishf%l thin*in$( )he only thin$ yo% can control is yo%r o,n individ%al action yo%r o,n personal destiny( ach of %s m%st individ%ally be the very chan$e ,e ,ant to see in o%r co%ntry(A nation li*e any or$ani4ation is only as $ood as the people composin$ it( An instit%tion of learnin$ li*e the CMU is only as $ood as the fac%lty and st%dents composin$ it( If most of the st%dents $rad%atin$ today in CMU are strai$ht <A= st%dents then CMU ,ill be the n%mber one %niversity not only in the !hilippines b%t also in the ,hole ,orld( S%ch an achievement does not re:%ire any o%tside assistance( It is %p to the individ%al st%dent to commit ,hether to e9cel in his or her st%dies( If each and every individ%al st%dent ma*es s%ch commitment and p%rs%es s%ch commitment %ntil $rad%ation day then the entire school a%tomatically becomes a ,orldclass instit%tion of learnin$( )he po,er to achieve e9cellence in ed%cation lies in yo%r o,n hands in yo%r o,n decision(Once yo% find ,or* ,hether as employee or selfemployed commit to be a center of e9cellence in yo%r ,or*( If yo% are a mechanical en$ineer be the best mechanical en$ineer yo% can be( If yo% are an acco%ntant be the best acco%ntant yo% can be( If yo% are an Information )echnolo$y specialist be the best Information )echnolo$y specialist yo% can be( If yo% are a p%blic school teacher be the best p%blic school teacher yo% can be(Strive for e9cellence on yo% o,n as an essential part of yo%r personal ,or* ethic( If each and every one of yo% adopts e9cellence as yo%r personal ,or* ethic then all of yo% here this afternoon individ%ally and collectively ,ill have a tremendo%s impact on the b%ildin$ of o%r nation( And if all the Class of 2015 thro%$ho%t the !hilippines adopts e9cellence as their personal ,or* ethic the po,er of their collective e9cellence in vario%s fields of ,or* ,ill catap%lt the !hilippines to a m%ch hi$her level of development( )he po,er to chan$e o%r  co%ntry for the better lies in yo%r o,n hands in yo%r o,n decision(In my chambers in the S%preme Co%rt I have had a 4erobac*lo$ in my case doc*et for the last five years( I strive to ma*e my office a center of e9cellence( Many of yo% ,ill ,or* in $overnment incl%din$ the City 'overnment of Malabon( Strive for e9cellence in yo%r ,or* in $overnment no matter ho, h%mble yo%r ,or* may be at first( If all $overnment ,or*ers strive for e9cellence in their ,or* then the entire $overnment ,ill become a center of e9cellence(It is time for o%r people to stop searchin$ for political messiahs or loo*in$ to the ne9t elective leaders to deliver %s from poverty and %nderdevelopment( It is li*e ,aitin$ for 'odot @ he ,ill never come( )he b%ildin$ of a nation starts ,ith the individ%al citi4en( ach individ%al m%st be his or her o,n center of e9cellence( If every individ%al $ets into this mindset if every individ%al strives for e9cellence in his or her ,or* then the entire !hilippines ,ill become a center of e9cellence ,hich ,ill translate into economic social and political development( )he b%ildin$ of this nation is a decision and the individ%al action of each and every citi4en( Unless ,e reali4e that and act on it ,e ,ill be ,aitin$ for 'odot()o the Class of 2015 yo% have been $iven the ed%cation yo% need to ma*e a difference in yo%r lives and to b%ild o%r nation( Use this ed%cation ,ith perseverance and dedication to ma*e yo%rself a center of e9cellence in any ,or* yo% do( In that ,ay as yo% s%cceed in yo%r ,or* yo% are part of that $reat %nderta*in$ called nation b%ildin$(Once a$ain con$rat%lations to the Class of 2015 and I ,ish yo% all s%ccess in ,hatever endeavor yo% choose()han* yo% and a $ood day to all(
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