Luis Reyes-Rojo, A201 185 006 (BIA Sept. 8, 2015)

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In this unpublished decision, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Reopened proceedings at which the respondent was ordered removed in absentia where the hearing notices were returned as undeliverable because the address, while correct, did not include a lot number, and where the respondent acted with diligence after learning of the removal order. The decision was issued by Member Edward Grant and was joined by Member John Guendelsberger and Member Brian O’Leary. Looking for IRAC’s Index of Unpublished BIA Decisions? Visit
  Alvarez de Bennett, Paola Marie Alvarez e Benne Law 3508 NW 50th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Name: REYES-ROJO LUIS U.S Departmen of Jusice Executive Ofce r Imigration Review Board oflmmigtion Apes Oce of he Cerk 5107 Lesburg Pik. Sut 200 Fals Chrch, Vignia 2241 HS/ICE Office of Chief Counsel -OC 4400 SW 44th Street, Suite A Oklahoma City, OK 31192800 A 201185-006 Date of this notice: 9/8/2015 Enclosed is a copy of the Board's decisio and order in th above-rrenced cas. Enclosur Panel Membes: Gudrg, Joh O'Lry, Bi . Grt Edwrd R Sicerely, DO c a Donna Car Chief Crk Useeam Dock For more unpublished BIA decisions, visit  I   m m i    g r  a n t   & R  e  f   u  g e  e  A  p  p e  l   l   a t   e  C e  n t   e  r  , L  L  C|  w w w . i   r  a c  . n e  t   Cite as: Luis Reyes-Rojo, A201 185 006 (BIA Sept. 8, 2015)  (      Executive Oce r Imaton Revew Falls Chuch, Vginia 22041 File A201 185 006Dallas, TX In re: LUIS YSROJ  REMOVL PROCEEDINGS EAL Decson of e Bod o mgraon Appel ate SEP -8 2015 ON BEHLF OF ESONDENT: Paola M. lvrez de Benet, Esquire APPICATION: Reopening e responent hs appealed te Imiation Judge's ecision dated Mch 2, 015, denying his motion to reopen. e Imigration Judge had previously ordered te respondents removal om the Unted Stes, llowng the respondents ilure to appear r a erng on December , 014 Te appeal will e sustained, proceedings will be reopened, d te record will be remanded. We review an Immigration Judges ndings of ct r clear eor, bt questions of law, discretion, ad judent, and all oer issues in appeals, are reviewed de novo. 8 C.F.R. § § 1003 .1 ( d)(3 )(i), (ii) On appe e respondent contens that he did not receive notice of he Deceber , 2014, heng, d e as presente sucient evidence to overcome e presumpion of receipt The respondent sses at te heng date was not listed on s Noce to Appe d tat e was not given the chnce to review his addess listed on e Fo 830 lled out b  Immigion d Customs Enrcement ocial, which did not include te lot number o his address. Te recor reects that er e respondent ws released om custody, tee heng otces were mailed  to im on Februar 22, 2013, August 14, 2014, ad September , 2014 (I.J. at 1) However, the notices ere reed to the Immigration Cou as undeliverabe i the notion Insucient ddress (I.J. at 1). Te respondent did ot appe r his Deceber , 014, herng, nd he ws ordered removed in absentia on that date (IJ. at 1-2) The Immiation Judge noted te undelivere notices but determned that the respondent had  the duty to provide a writen record of his addess, rather than rely on the oral addess provided r use on his Fo 830 (I.J. at 2) The migration Judge concluded tat it ws reasonable r  the Immigration Cour to send the notices to the best available address o record Alough he Immigration Judge states that the responet i not actuay ive at te aress to which the notices were sent, the record does not emonstrate such an admissin. 1 I We note at te evidence of the respondents address is dated up to Mch 4, 04 owever, absent other evidence, we do not nd tis sucient to state at he responent as living elsewhere on September 9, 014, the date of sevice r the ering notice  I   m m i    g r  a n t   & R  e  f   u  g e  e  A  p  p e  l   l   a t   e  C e  n t   e  r  , L  L  C|  w w w . i   r  a c  . n e  t   Cite as: Luis Reyes-Rojo, A201 185 006 (BIA Sept. 8, 2015)  A201 185 006 Te evidence o record eecs ha he responden did no receive he heig oices, ad ha his recoded address on e Fo I-830 was coec excep  the missig lo number. Te responden also submitted a adavi sing ha e did o move o is ce address il Juary , 205 (Moion o Reope, Feb 13, 205, a Tab A) Addiionally, i appers a when e esponden leed o is order o emoval, he exercised due diligence in obtaining counsel and requesing eopening o proceedings, as evidenced by the ling o is moion 2 monhs er his reoval order Thus, reopening of poceedings is wred Accordingly, e llowing orde will be eneed OE: The appea is susained, the in absenia order o emoval is rescinded, the poceedings are reopened, d e record is eded r he poceedings consisen wih te regoing opinion 2  I   m m i    g r  a n t   & R  e  f   u  g e  e  A  p  p e  l   l   a t   e  C e  n t   e  r  , L  L  C|  w w w . i   r  a c  . n e  t   Cite as: Luis Reyes-Rojo, A201 185 006 (BIA Sept. 8, 2015)    -� ;) �-h      _·.,  , , -� :/  ! '·,  .  . ·- 1  , . � -�·. . . . - \ UNITD STATES DPARTMNT OF JUSTCE XCUTV OFFC FO GTON VEW MMGTO COUT 110 COMEC ST., SUTE 106 DALLAS, TX 75242  Alvarez de Benett Law  Alare e Beett, aoa Marie 3508 NW 50th Street Okahma Cty, OK 7312 N THE MATT OF �YES-OO LUS FL A 2018506 UNABL TO FOWAD NO ADDESS ROVDD DAT: Mar , 205  ATTACHD S A COPY OF TH DCSO OF TH MMGATO JUDGE THS DECSON S FNAL UNLESS AN APPAL S FLD WTH TH BOARD OF MMGRTO APALS WTHN 3 CANDAR DAYS OF TH DAT OF TH MALG OF THS WTT DCSON SEE THE NCLOSED FOMS AND STRUCTONS FO POLY EAG YOU AAL YOU NOTC OF APAL, ATTACHED OCUMNTS, AD FE O EE AV QUEST MUST BE MALD TO: BORD O MGTO AALS OFFC OF THE CLERK 507 eesburg Pke, Sute 20 LLS CHURCH VA 2530  ATTACHD S A COY OF TH DCSON OF TH MMGTON JUDG AS THE RSULT OF YOUR AURE TO APPA AT YOUR SCHDLED DEOTTON O OVAL HANG THS DCSON S FNAL UNLSS A MOTON TO EON S FLD  ACCODANC WTH SECTON 242B(c) (3) OF TH MMGATON AND ATOALTY ACT 8 USC SECTON 252Bc) 3) N DORTAON OCEDGS O SCTO 24(c) (6   8 USC SECTON 1229ac) 6)  EOVAL POCDNGS F YOU FLE A MOTON  TO ON, YOU MOTON MUST B FLD WTH THS COUT: GTON COURT !{ 0 COMMCE ST SUIT  DALAS T 75242 X OTHR: SEE ATTACHED OER OF T IMIGTION JGE DATED 03/022015 CC GONZALEZ, OSLYN 5 E. HWY 4; T 5 IN rx, 50 BHL ã!  '   . COUT CR MMGTO COUT FF  I   m m i   r  a n t   & R  e  f   u e  e  A  p  p e  l   l   a t   e  C e  n t   e  r  , L  L  C|  w w w . i   r  a c  . n e  t  
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