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Manual de expansora de tubos Tridan
   1 WARNING The controls and software that are supplied with this machine are an integral part of the safety devices incorporated into the machine design.  Any changes, alterations, modifications or adjustments without the written authorization of TRIDAN® will VOID all warranties, specified or implied, and could make the machine unsafe to operate! DO NOT attempt any changes without first obtaining written permission from TRIDAN® International, Inc. ELECTRICAL Certain machine functions may remain electrically energized even though the stop or off button has been depressed. To provide proper safety while servicing, setting - up or maintaining the machine, SHUT OFF the electrical power supply at the main disconnect or at the source if a disconnect is not provided. PNEUMATIC Many TRIDAN®  machines are equipped with compressed air line connections. Prior to any service, set-up or maintenance, SHUT OFF the air supply and bleed off all air pressure from the lines before proceeding. HYDRAULIC Hydraulic power supplies that are used in industrial applications operate at very high pressures. DO NOT attempt to loosen or tighten any bolt, fitting or connection while the pump is operating. Exercise caution when working around high-pressure hydraulic hoses, tubing and pipes. Bumping or moving a line under pressure could cause a rupture in the line.   2 Introduction: This manual is provided to expedite and facilitate receiving, installing, adjusting, and the safe operation of your TRIDAN®  equipment. It is divided into sections to aid you in a step-by-step approach to initial lubrication and adjustment, routine maintenance requirements and operator instruction. In addition we have included a recommended maintenance schedule, spare parts and supplies inventory, and a checklist to help you identify and eliminate problems.  A Message to Our Customers: We wish to thank you for selecting TRIDAN®  equipment for your production requirements. It is our policy to build equipment to the highest quality standards. With proper maintenance and operation, our equipment will provide you with long lasting, trouble-free service. If you have questions about, or encounter problems with our equipment, please contact us at the following address. TRIDAN® International, Inc. 130 North Jackson St TEL: (217)-443-3592 Danville, Illinois 61834-0537 FAX: (217)-443-3894  A Word about Safety: TRIDAN®  has incorporated safety features in the design and construction of their equipment that meet or exceed the criteria of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 1910.243, Guarding of Portable Powered Tools . Misuse of the equipment may result in damage to material or equipment and injury to personnel. To insure safe operation and maximum utilization of the equipment, provide adequate training and a safe working environment for your personnel. Personnel trained specifically for those tasks should only make adjustment, repair and operation of this equipment. This Is The Service Manual For The Following Flexpander Models: Model FE-3 & FE-4 Standard Flexpander with 3 HP hydraulic power unit. Model FE-3S & FE-4S Standard Flexpander with 5 HP hydraulic power unit. Model FE-3PU & FE-4PU Standard Flexpander without power unit.   3  About Your TRIDAN® FE-3 / FE-4 Flexpander: The Model FE-3 / FE-4 Flexpander provides low cost capability for mechanically expanding circulation tubes in heat transfer coils. It is designed to expand two (2) tubes per cycle and may be used with straight tube, U-bend or hairpin tube construction. The Flexpander may also be equipped with a tube-slitting tool for the removal of damaged tubes from heat exchanger coils. This equipment is ideal for large custom coils, experimental coils and limited production orders. Listed below are some of the features that make the TRIDAN®  FE-3 Flexpander a popular choice for many heat exchanger coil manufacturers. Versatility: Simply by changing tool sets, the Flexpander will expand tubes of copper, aluminum and other thin walled material, with outside diameters of 5/16 in. (7.94 mm) to 3/4 in. (19.1 mm). Tube centers may vary from 3/4 in. (19.1 mm) to 3 in. (76.2 mm). There are virtually no limitations on length of heat exchanger coil tubes that can be expanded. When standard Flexpander equipment cannot be tailored to meet your requirements, contact your TRIDAN®  representative for technical assistance and price quotation on custom or specialized equipment for your heat exchanger coil manufacturing applications. Precision: Flexpander tube expansion is a mechanical process that gives uniform and precise control to the amount of fin to tube bond. Minimum lubrication is required for the expansion process, eliminating the drying and cleaning problems experienced with hydraulically expanded coils. In addition, this process minimizes over all coil shrinkage normal to an expansion process. Productivity: The Flexpander will expand tubing at a rate of forty (40) to fifty (50) feet per minute. Clamping and unclamping of the tube ends is automatic with the cycling of the equipment. The operator is only required to place the Flexpander clamp jaws over the tube ends and cycle the machine. A well-trained operator can do tool change and set-up quickly. The Flexpander may also be equipped with an AUTO-CYCLE function. This function will allow the operator to place the Flexpander over the tube ends and press the switch, causing the unit to clamp the tube ends and cycle through the forward and backward stroke automatically, minimizing wear on clutch discs. Kits are available for connecting two Flexpanders to the same hydraulic power unit. Each Flexpander may then be equipped with tool sets for use on coils with different tube sizes or spacing, making a significant savings in tool change and setup times. Multiple Flexpanders attached to the same power unit should not be operated at the same time.   4 SECTION ONE Initial Inspection and Pre-Operation Instructions 5… Inventory and Inspection of Equipment 5… Removal of Packing Material and Protective Coating Operation Site and Power Preparation 5… Electrical 5… Hydraulic Power Unit 5… Operator Space and Safety SECTION TWO Flexpander Assembly and Adjustment Setup 6… Lubrication  Assembly and Adjustment 7… Hydraulic Power Unit 8… Clamp Jaw Assembly Installation and Adjustment 8… Hand Guard Assembly Installation 9… Expander Rod Installation 9… Expander Rod Drive Gear Assembly Adjustment 10… Drive Gear Clutch Torque Adjustment (Single Nut Adjustment) 10… Drive Gear Clutch Torque Adjustment (Double Nut Installation and Adjustment) 10… Expander Rod Tips and Stops SECTION THREE Operation 11… Equipment Operation 11… Auto Cycle Operation 12… Tube Slitter Operation SECTION FOUR Maintenance 13… Maintenance 14… Problems and Resolutions SECTION FIVE Miscellaneous 16… Part List 16… Spare Parts Inventory 16… Supplies Inventory 17… How to Order Replacement Parts 18… EC10213-1 – Electrical Schematic 19… EC10213-1 – Hydraulic Schematic 20… EB10618 – Electrical & Hydraulic Schematic for (2) Two Flexpander Hook-up
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