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Connect cars, vehicles through global GSM. Networkservice enables companies within the automotive industry to connect directly and worldwide at best rates and best quality on the basis of existing mobile networks, starting with GSM. Real-time data, positioning, borderless multi-net-roaming are some of several features that are clearly ahead. Roaming-free features and international cloud-style services proof perfect sourcing opportunities.
  • 1. CONNECTED automotive mobile – seamless – direct Global GSM for the Car- & Vehicle Industry
  • 2. The Challenge Imagine … add global GSM to vehicles and components … monitor control, visualize international, indoors and in real-time You Can … perfect sourcing in price and quality … enjoy and offer SLA close to real-time networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 3. Add Game Changer Qualities Upgrade your connectivity with: Global & Borderless   Add the Net   Any  business  can!   Visualize   in  real  (me  nearly  everywhere     No  roaming  fees  interna.onally   plus  the  ability  to  operate  freely  in  mul(ple   networks.  This  makes  Networkservice  SIM  solu(ons   unique  and  simply  the  best!       A  completer  value  chain     >  drives  addi(onal  revenues,  >  boosts  your  power  of   service,  >  significantly  beBers  service  levels,  >   simplifies  the  access  to  your  products  and  services,  ..     Worldwide  &  indoor  posi.oning   and  controlling  with  true  m2m  func(onality  is  the   emperor  class  of  wireless  and  GSM  services.   networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 4. Connected! Take control and control your assets directly & global: Direct Access worldwide | real-time | positioning GSM + wireless networks You Can control faster | simpler | global networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 5. One Multitasking Platform to control vehilcles worldwide: eCall Quality Security Streaming Media > 3G | 4G coverage > internet & telephony > global USSD > indoor & outdoor positioning International LBS > real-time telematics to monitor & control networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 6. Comprehensive & One Manufacturer, supplier and service provider gain perfected sourcing on several levels: Connect to: Controlled by: Manufacturer monitor | locate | meter | secure | control Supplier System Houses SIM Card Distributors networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 7. Rates for Global Telematics Possible pricing for customers with an international rollout of c2x, x2c, m2m, LBS projects Vehicles worldwide EUR  per  session/MB   components,  devices,  services   USSD    max   0,001   SMS    max   0,04   Internet  2G,  3G,  4G    min   (see  country  list)   0,03   GSM  posi(oning    max   0,05   networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 8. Access Through SIM Services SIM cards or SIM chipsets are the most robust and flexible connectivity application. GSM  access  to  connect  &  charge: Embedded     •  Chipsets  are  built-­‐in  SIM   applica(ons  for  circuit  boards,   black  boxes,  plugin  data  modules   ü  ü  ü  Cards   No  moving  parts.     Free  for  all  networks.   Most  robust  SIM  solu(on.   •  •  For  phones.     For  mobile  devices.   •  Enables  hardware  to  connect  to  the  best  available   network  at  best  rates.     •  Enables  businesses  to  access  directly  to  vehicles,   components,  services  or  user.     networkservice.biz edition 26.02.14 15:49
  • 9. CONTACT Jörg von Brandis contact@networkservice.biz | +49 151 25306118 | networkservice.biz
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