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yeast cake recipe
  Kokosh recipe Serves 10Prep time: 25 | Bake time: 30 minutes | Total time: 55 minutes  Ingredients: For the filling ã 1/2 cup cocoa ã 1/2 cup granulated sugar  ã 1/2 cup bron sugar  ã 1/2 cup podered sugar  ã 1 tablespoon vanilla e!tract For the dough ã 3 cups plus 2 tablespoons lour  ã 1 tablespoon dr# #east ã 1/$ cup arm ater % or t&e #east' ã 1/3 cup orange (uice ã 1/$ cup sugar  ã 2 eggs % or t&e doug&' ã 2 das&es salt ã 1)1/2 sticks butter* so tened ã 3 teaspoons canola oil ã 1 egg* beaten % or t&e egg as&' ã 3 teaspoons ater % or t&e egg as&'  Directions: For the filling 1+To a medium)si,e bol* add all t&e ingredients* and stir+ Set aside+ For the dough  1+-eat t&e oven to 350 degrees .+2+To a small bol* add t&e #east and arm ater+ et sit until t&e mi!ture bubbles %10 minutes'+3+To a large bol* add t&e lour* orange (uice* sugar* eggs* salt and butter+$+s soon as t&e #east mi!ture starts to bubble* add it to t&e doug&+5+it& a large spoon* mi! t&e doug& ingredients toget&er++nead t&e doug& a e times it& #our &ands+4+a# t&e doug& on a loured cutting board* and cut t&e doug& in &al + Set 1 o t&e &alves  back in t&e mi!ing bol++6oll t&e ot&er &al * airl# t&in* into a rectangle+7+Spread a lig&t coating o canola oil on top o t&e doug&+10+dd 1/2 t&e cocoa mi!ture on top o t&e doug& and* starting rom t&e longest side* roll t&edoug&+11+Pinc& t&e sides o t&e roll so t&at t&e c&ocolate mi!ture doesn8t spill out+12+lso pinc& t&e edge o t&e doug& at t&e end o t&e roll+13+a# t&e roll on a cookie s&eet lined it& parc&ment paper+1$+To a small bol* add t&e egg and ater* and &isk toget&er+15+Brus& t&e egg mi!ture on top o t&e roll+1+6epeat t&e process or t&e ot&er &al o t&e doug&+14+Bake until t&e doug& turns a golden color %about 30 minutes'+1+et cool+ Slice* and serve &ile arm+ Kokosh  ) 9;<-:   5 lb lour   $ %$ o,' sticks margarine   = cup oil   1 cup sugar   3 o, #east   2 Tbsp vanilla sugar   1 cup orange (uice   3 cup arm ater    eggs   $ #olks    > tsp salt   ) .??@<:   2 cup cocoa   5 cup sugar   1 Tbsp co ee   = cup lour   1 Tbsp vanilla sugar   1 tsp cinnamon* optional   ) A<< S-:   1 #olk   2 tsp sugar   1 tsp ater    ?n t&e bol o electric mi!er* place t&e #east* sugar and 1 cup ater+ et it sit until t&e #east  starts bubbling %#east proo s'+ dd t&e remaining ingredients* alternating et and dr#+ dd salt last+ i! or a ull seven  minutes+ i! ingredients or t&e illing in a large mi!ing bol+   Separate c&alla&* reciting t&e brac&a* and cut doug& into as man# pieces as desired %one  Cuarter o t&e doug& makes t&e cake in t&e p&oto'+ T&ere is no need to let t&is doug& rise+ 6oll t&e doug& ver# t&in* t&e t&inner t&e better* and smear it& a small amount o oil* cover  generousl# it& illing+ 6oll up to create a long log+ Dut t&e log into even si,ed pieces* about 1= inc&es t&ick+   Place t&em uprig&t around t&e perimeter o a 7 inc& oil pan+ nce t&e perimeter &as been  covered* create anot&er ro toard t&e centre and continue until #ou &ave onl# space in t&e centre or one piece+ Place 2 pieces lat on t&eir side* one on top o t&e ot&er* to create t&e center o t&e design+ Brus& it& egg as& and bake or 35 E $0 minutes at 350. degrees+   Tip: &ile t&e doug& ma# seem a bit et at irst* once #ou start orking it& it* it becomes  muc& easier+ Sprinkle a bit o lour i desired Tip 2: 6oi,# said s&e sometimes sprinkles Bacardi* or rum onto t&e illing be ore s&e rolls it  up+ ? tried it* and it as delicious+ ?t created a slig&tl# more sop&isticated tist to a good olF &omemade kokos& cake+ Tip 3: la#s use more illing t&en #ou t&ink initiall# necessar#+ ?t tends to lessen as t&e cake   bakes+ Tip $: T&is doug& ree,es reall# ell+ 6oi,# makes t&e doug& and ree,es it in  Giploc bags+  Aver# .rida# morning s&e takes one out o t&e ree,er* aits till it reac&es room temperature and rolls* ills and bakes+ .res& &omemade c&ocolatel# kokos& cake ever# eekH Hungarian Kokosh  To all of you craving the REAL Hungarian kokosh: I just made a ve pound atch last night and it came out e!actly like my mother s# And if you $ould taste my mother s kokosh you $ould kno$ $hat good kokosh reallyis% &o here s the recipe:  '()*H: + ls% ,our - o. yeast /+ T0& dry1 activated in 2 3% $arm $ater /$ith some of the sugar1 4 3% (range juice 2 3% sugar 2 3% 2 3% oil 2 eggs 5 yolks 4 stick margarine /I sometimes skip this out and add 462 a cup of oil and it s really ne1 7i! all ingredients $ell /at 48 mins1 and let rise for 462 and hr% 9ILLI* 2 3% cocoa 2 3% icing sugar - 3% sugar 4 pkg instant choc pudding - pkgs vanilla po$der Roll out pieces of dough to desired si.e and 46- in% thickness% &mear some oil onto the entire surface% &prinkle on the lling ; e generous< theres plenty% At this point you can cut slices and lay the pieces ,at on a cookie sheet to make rugelach% I like it 6c I can al$ays take out a fe$ pieces from the as needed and I don t haveto start a $hole roll% 0ake at =+8 for aout 28;=+ mins< depending on si.e% Oohey Gooey Kokosh flling 1 D Docoa 2 D Sugar 1 D Don ectioners Sugar 2 T Ianilla Sugar  i! t&e ingredients toget&er+ 6oll out t&e doug& suuuuuuper t&in* and spread oil* margarine or egg &ites
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