Reissuance of the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities Eric R. Capps VSMP Construction

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Reissuance of the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities Eric R. Capps VSMP Construction Permitting Manager. Construction General Permit. Required for stormwater discharges associated with land-disturbing activities Large construction activity: > 5 acres
Reissuance of the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction ActivitiesEric R. CappsVSMP Construction Permitting ManagerConstruction General PermitRequired for stormwater discharges associated with land-disturbing activities
  • Large construction activity: > 5 acres
  • Small construction activity: > 1 acre < 5 acres
  • Bay Act Area: > 2,500 sqft < 1 acre
  • Common plan of development
  • Construction General Permit Fees
  • Based on area of land-disturbance
  • > 5 acres - $500> 1 acre < 5 acres - $3002,500sqft < 1 acre – currently no fee unless part of a common plan of development or sale
  • Common plan of development or sale
  • - $300 or $500 fee - Based on the developments land-disturbance - Not the construction sites land-disturbanceConstruction General Permit
  • 5 Year Permit (Maximum)
  • DCR01 General Permit
  • - Effective Date July 1, 2004 - Expiration Date June 30, 2009 - DCR01-FY-######
  • VAR10 General Permit
  • - Effective Date July 1, 2009 - Expiration Date June 30, 2014 - VAR10-FY-######Significant Changes from the 2004 Construction General Permit
  • Updating and adding definitions
  • Updates to standard forms
  • - Registration statement (DCR 199-146) - Fee form (DCR 199-145) - Notice of termination (DCR 199 -147) - Transfer (DCR 199-191)
  • Updates to stormwater pollution prevention plan requirements (SWPPP)
  • Inclusion of Part II water quality and quantity requirements
  • Updating and Adding Definitions
  • Control measure -any BMP, stormwater facility, or other method used to minimize the discharge of pollutants to state waters.
  • Qualified Personnel - licensed PE, RLD, or other person certified by the board as a inspector combined administrator.
  • Minimize - to prevent, reduce or eliminate using practicable control measures to meet the conditions of the permit.
  • Virginia Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse Website a website that contains detailed standards and specifications for control measures that may be used to comply with the Virginia Stormwater Management Law and associated regulations
  • Registration Statement (Application)
  • Continue coverage submit application by June 1, 2009
  • Update SWPPP within 30 days after date of coverage
  • Authorized to discharge stormwater 15 days following submission of a complete and accurate application
  • Direct discharges to receiving waters
  • - Impaired waters 2008 305(b)/303(d) - TMDL WLA established for construction activities
  • Nutrient offsets
  • Certification
  • - Read and understood the application - Documents were prepared properly - Best of knowledge to be true, accurate and complete - False information fine or imprisonmentNotice of Termination
  • Submitted within 30 days of one or more of the following conditions are meet:
  • 1. Post-construction controls measures in place & functioning; final stabilization of site 2. Another operator has assumed control over site 3. Obtained coverage under an alternative VPDES or VSMP permit 4. Residential only - temporary stabilization & transferred to homeowner
  • List of permanent control measures or regional facility
  • - Type of control measure - Location (locality, HUC, latitude & longitude) - Waterbody they discharge into - Number of acres treatedPosted Sign or Notice
  • Near main entrance of construction activity
  • Copy of permit coverage letter with permit number
  • Internet address to view SWPPP or name and phone number of contact person for viewing time
  • Available to public
  • - Only for new discharges without prior permit coverage - On internet or hardcopy - No less then once a month during normal business hours - Request of SWPPP my be charged for a copy - Information excluded from disclosure by law or not required by the permit not required to be released
  • ESC plan or agreement in lieu of plan
  • Water quality and quantity criteria
  • - §4VAC50-60-1182 through §4VAC50-60-1190
  • Impaired waters
  • - Control measures protective of water quality standards
  • - Strategies and control measures to ensure consistency with the assumptions and requirements SWPPP
  • Inspection
  • - Qualified personnel name and number - Conducted every seven days; or - Every 14 days and within 48 hours of runoff producing event
  • Inspection reports
  • - Name of qualified personnel - Date, major observations, - Location of discharges of sediment and pollutants - Location(s) of control measure requiring maintenance - Locations(s) of failed control measures or inadequate - Corrective actions required - Weather information including rainfall amountMaintenance
  • Control Measures
  • Maintained in effective operating condition
  • Maintenance performed as soon as practicable
  • Additional control implemented prior to next storm event
  • Changes in design, construction, or maintenance that effect the discharge of pollutants
  • Based on inspection, existing control measures are ineffective
  • - Include additions or modifications to control measures - If approval by plan-approving authority is needed within seven of approval Construction General Permit Additional Information
  • Notice of Appeal & Petition to Appeal
  • - Shenandoah Riverkeeper (Jeff Kelble)
  • - Potomac Riverkeeper
  • - Ralph Hendrickson
  • EPA final approval
  • Possible Future Changes
  • Virginia Stormwater Regulations Technical Criteria
  • EPA Effluent limit guidelines (EFG)
  • Chesapeake Bay TMDL
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