Requirements Based Verification Continuous Improvement and Greater Consistency Through Objective Measurement on the OTI

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Requirements Based Verification Continuous Improvement and Greater Consistency Through Objective Measurement on the OTIA III Program ODOT/AGC Industry Annual Meeting February 6, 2009 David Norman OTIA III - Assessment Program Manager Introduction.
Requirements Based VerificationContinuous Improvement and Greater Consistency Through Objective Measurement on the OTIA III ProgramODOT/AGC Industry Annual MeetingFebruary 6, 2009David NormanOTIA III - Assessment Program Managerd.norman@delcan.comIntroduction
  • Delcan has been retained by ODOT to provide Quality Management Oversight of construction inspection, design review and management conducted by OBDP on the OTIA III Bridge Delivery Program.
  • The Assessment Program provides due diligence for a program managed by an outsourced PMC
  • The approach follows that developed in 1994 for the 407 ETR DB toll highway project in Toronto, and used on $16 billion of transportation projects since.
  • The Compliance Assessment Process
  • Identify key contract requirements that best define product quality
  • Prioritize requirements according to perceived risk to the Agency
  • Determine whether requirements are being met through direct observation (assessments)
  • Prepare Assessment Reports of performance, issuing Non-conformances if necessary
  • Non-conformances
  • OBDP responds to Non-conformances
  • NCs may be dispositioned to be repair, rework or use-as-is
  • OBDP implements corrective action to prevent recurrence
  • Clarification of specifications are provided where necessary
  • Improvements Through Trending
  • Identification of systemic issues
  • Promotes improvement over time through corrective action to prevent recurrence
  • Enables OBDP to initiate improvements
  • - Quality Alerts, staff training
  • Monthly and quarterly reports to Agency and OBDP provide trends and progress
  • Oversight Approach - Keys to Success
  • Must be fair and objective
  • Must be balanced, not punitive
  • Must initiate positive results to all parties
  • Assessment team must work towards self- improvement
  • Examples:
  • 90 minute limit to concrete placement
  • Post tensioning jack certifications
  • Definition of a worksite
  • Mix rotations for silica fume concrete
  • Replacement parts for crash attenuators
  • Benefits to Owners and Contractors
  • A planned and systematic approach:
  • Promotes consistency
  • Conveys owner expectations more clearly
  • Levels the playing field for bidding contracts
  • Assessing against contract requirements only:
  • Removes subjectivity that is inherent in construction inspection
  • Allows unclear requirements to be identified and changed for improvements to future contracts
  • Benefits to Owners and Contractors– continued
  • Putting the oversight focus on areas of risk, with consideration of past performance
  • Enables efficient use of staffing resources
  • Should result in reduced costs
  • Trend analysis for identification of systemic issues
  • Facilitates the acquisition of Lessons-Learned
  • Promotes continuous improvement to aid in contract delivery
  • Benefits to Owners and Contractors– continued
  • Reporting and facilitating NC responses using web-enabled database applications:
  • Improves efficiency of processing reports, providing responses, and resolving issues
  • Reporting of both good and bad performance:
  • Provides a balanced measure of contractor performance to the Agency
  • Allows contractors to identify their successes and opportunities for future improvement
  • Questions and DiscussionRisk Drives the AssessmentsThe Assessment ProcessThe Performance Matrix
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