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Some parts of this ritual were used to inaugurate the Incarnate Word Congregation’s Corporate Stance Against Human Trafficking, May 27, 2015, by Webstream from Peru with Sisters in Mexico, Ireland, Peru, the U.S., and Zambia participating. You are welcome to adapt this and use it for groups, such as Associates or schools, or to use it for personal prayer. This includes music with languages of four or our cultures. St. Josephine Bahkita is the patron saint of the movement against trafficking.
  Human Trafficking, a Ritual shared by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Wordto inaugurate our Corporate Stance http://!amormeus!org/english/inde !php Prepared by Sister Martha Ann Kirk (kirk@uiwtx.edu   ) from various sourcesespecia!!y !oba! Sisters #eportSome parts of this ritua! were used to inau$urate the %ncarnate &ord 'on$re$ations 'orporate Stance A$ainst uman *raffickin$ May +, +-/ by &ebstream from Peru with Sisters in Mexico %re!and Peru the 0.S. and 1ambia participatin$. 2ou are we!come to adapt this and useit for $roups such as Associates or schoo!s or to use it for persona! prayer. 3ack$round preparation4 &e have created a prayer card about St. 5osephine 3ahkita the patron saint of the movement a$ainst traffickin$ and a!! are encoura$ed to pray this often. http466www.usccb.or$6about6mi$ration7and7refu$ee7services6nationa!7mi$ration7week6up!oad6M,7+8875osephine73akhita7Prayer7'ard.pdf P!ease have a cand!e in the center a strip of paper (about one or two inches wide and 9 inches !on$) and a penci! for each person some tape and an open heart. %f you can $et a piece of chain (or make a chain out of paper) you mi$ht want to put it in a circ!e around the cand!e to remind us of the chains of human s!avery. %f you can p!ease prepare by !earnin$ about St. 5osephine 3ahkita. At the bottom there are recommended resources and fi!ms.   #raying $gainst Human Trafficking &e invite you to ho!d up the chain. (Someone ho!ds up the chain so that it can be seen.) &hat is it !ike to be he!d in chains: (pause) Sometimes peop!es bodies are not in chains but they are he!d in chains of desperate poverty. *hey are he!d in chains of fear. *hey are in  psycho!o$ica! chains because of !ack of se!f7esteem. #e!i$ious !eaders have !aunched a new website and it is ca!!ed ;a7!i$ht7a$ainst7human7traffickin$.info< =et us !i$ht our cand!es as a symbo! that each of us wants to be a ;!i$ht a$ainsthuman traffickin$.< (=i$ht the cand!e and put the chain in a circ!e around the cand!e.) 1  %n the bib!ica! tradition the innocent !amb is a victim which is sacrificed. 5esus became the ;=amb of od< the victim who was sacrificed. =et us prepare ourse!ves to pray with the victims of human traffickin$ who are sacrificed by $reed sacrificed by !ust sacrificed by se!fishness . . . =et us sin$ and pray the ;Mu!ti!in$ua! =amb of od.< *he words have been written for us in Spanish >uechua (Peru) Si=o?i (1ambia) n$!ish and =atin. May we unite across our cu!tures to stop modern day s!avery. (%f you wou!d !ike to hear the me!ody it can be heard in other !an$ua$es. http466mpsku!!.mpsearchscript.com6sBt7choir7!amb7of7$od7mp7down!oad.htm!    ) 2es we pray ;=amb of od who takes away the sins of the wor!d have mercy on us.< uide usto reco$ni?e and to hear the victims cryin$ out. uide us to know your mercy and to share your mercy. =et us remember St. 5osephine 3ahkita was born in Sudan in 98C the year our con$re$ation was founded. &hen she was about nine years o!d she was kidnapped and forced to be a s!ave. 3akhita was often beaten and was so!d a number of times. ventua!!y she was bou$ht by %ta!iansand was servin$ a fami!y in %ta!y. &hen the father had some business in another country he !eft the dau$hter at a boardin$ schoo! with the 'anossian Sisters. 3akhita was !eft to be the s!ave or 2  servant of dau$hter. After sometime the father returned and wanted to brin$ both his dau$hter and her s!ave or servant back to his house. 3akhita had been !earnin$ of od. She had fe!t a sense of the 'reator but she had not rea!!y !earned of od before. She did not want to !eave the house of the 'anossian Sisters. *he father went to court ho!din$ that 3akhita was his property and must come with him. *hou$h 3akhita had been treated as a servant the Sisters s!ow!y seemed to have a $rowin$ sense of her human di$nity. *hey asked church authorities to work with them and appea! for 3akhita in the court. Dina!!y the %ta!ian court ru!ed that s!avery was i!!e$a! in their country. She had actua!!y had a ri$ht to freedom since she arrived in %ta!y. 3akhita had not rea!i?ed her di$nity and her ri$ht. Sometimes peop!e trapped in s!avery need a transformation within first. 3akhita !ived with the Sisters for some years. She asked to be accepted into the community and in 9C became a Sister. She was known for her $ent!eness and kindness. She worked extensive!y to he!p the poor and the sick and died in CE,. Since the ear!y +---s Sisters aware of peop!e sufferin$ throu$h human traffickin$ have been askin$ church authorities to speak out more. Dina!!y this past 5anuary in #ome the feast day of St. 5osephine 3akhita was proc!aimed the %nternationa! Fay of Prayer and Awareness A$ainst uman *raffickin$. Pope Drancis has ca!!ed traffickin$ a modern Gcrime a$ainst humanity.G %t ishurtin$ about +/ mi!!ion peop!e. =et us pray4 3  &e unite with Sisters around the wor!d the universa! church and peop!e of $ood wi!!. &e have taken a corporate stance. How we must educate ourse!ves pray and consider the many different ways that we can act. =et us have an ;examination of consciousness.< 2ou are invited to c!ose your eyes and ref!ect. =et us consider how we can he!p chan$e the FMAHF for human s!avery. Fo you use a ce!! phone a !aptop a FIF p!ayer: Probab!y s!ave !abor was invo!ved in the manufacture of these.Fo you drink coffee eat choco!ate enBoy cinnamon spice: Probab!y s!ave !abor was invo!ved in$rowin$ or in harvestin$ these.Fo you know where your c!othes were made: Fo you know where your shoes were made: ow cou!d you $et more information about these thin$s: ow cou!d you de!iberate!y make choices about what you wear: &e pray that od may he!p us to educate ourse!ves and !ive in better ways.JJ=amb of od who takes away the sin of the wor!d have mercy on us. &e are part of the sins of the wor!d.   In the Webstream Gathering, more information was given about the Corporate Stance itself.  Closing of the #rayer =et us Luiet!y ref!ect how we mi$ht participate in our %ncarnate &ord movement a$ainst human s!avery. *hen you wi!! be invited to write what you wi!! do on one of the strips of paper. After that we wi!! tape a strip in a circ!e !ike the !ink of a chain then we wi!! Boin the next strip and thenext . . . (o!d up a strip of paper take tape and show how to do this. *hen add another !ink.)&e wi!! break the chains of s!avery by !inkin$ to$ether in a chain of united action.=et us each ref!ect. &hat type of thin$ cou!d % do:&i!! % dai!y pray the prayer on the card with St. 5osephine 3ahkita:&i!! % Boin other %& Sisters in our month!y ;writin$ action.< &e wi!! $et information on how to write a !etter or an e7mai! or si$n a petition a$ainst some aspect of traffickin$ once a month. &i!! % be$in to find out where my food comes from and how to be sure that those producin$ it are treated Bust!y:&i!! % vo!unteer time to he!p those in our city educatin$ others about traffickin$: &i!! % participate in the ,+ days of prayer with a short ref!ection for each day: (ere is a !ink to read those4 http466cdnE.aheartforBustice.com6wp7content6up!oads6+-+6-96,+Fai!yPrayerPoints.pdf   4
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