Strategic Markup Language (StratML)

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Strategic Markup Language (StratML)XML CoP1.18.2006StratML BackgroundHistoryScope:StratML is envisioned as a standardized XML template and vocabulary for Federal agency…
Strategic Markup Language (StratML)XML CoP1.18.2006StratML Background
  • History
  • Scope:
  • StratML is envisioned as a standardized XML template and vocabulary for Federal agency strategic plans that is aligned with the Federal Enterprise Architecture, government policy, and leverages existing standards.
  • StratML Project Plan1) research to identify a relatively small set of core elements that are common to all strategic plans;2) build consensus within the StratML CoP (as well as more broadly across industry and government at all levels, to the degree that time and resources allow) on the semantics (names and definitions) of such elements;3) rendition, piloting, and testing of an XML vocabulary and template (schema);StratML Project Plan (cont.)4) validation of the template against existing government policy and related standards; 5) advancement of the schema not only for government wide usage but also for establishment as an international standard through a recognized voluntary consensus standards organization; and6) Testing and validation of XML CoP’s Federal XML Naming and Design Rules and Guilelines (NDRG).StratML Phased Approach
  • Phase 1:
  • In support of recently issued OMB guidance on IPv6 and implementation of subsection 207(d) of the eGov Act, Phase 1 work will focus on IRM strategic plans, the development of an XML vocabulary of common terms used in such plans, and the creation of an XML schema encompassing those elements. Vetting and validation of vocabulary and schema will be conducted with AIC followed by a pilot test.
  • Phase 2:
  • Work will increase the scope to include the agency-wide strategic plans that agencies are required to compile and maintain under the Government-wide Performance and Results Act (GPRA).
  • StratML Timeline
  • January 2006: Planning and recruitment
  • Late January 2006: StratML CoP meetings begin; Phase 1 begins
  • March 2006: IRM Vocabulary complete
  • April 2006: IRM Schema development and testing
  • May 2006: Phase 2 begins
  • June 2006: Agency Strategic Plans Vocabulary complete
  • July 2006: Agency Strategic Plans Schema development and testing
  • August 2006: Standard application process
  • StratML Other Issues
  • Other Touchpoints (GPRA, OMB Guidance (A-11, A-130, FEA, E-Gov Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, others)
  • StratML CoP
  • Member Recruitment (IAC, AIC, CAF, CFO-C)
  • Q&A
  • Contact InformationAdam Schwartzaschwartz@gpo.gov
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