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Teaching Organiser Chapter One: New Yer New You
  TEACHING ORGANISERChapter 1: New Year, New YouDate: 1 st  – 12 th  Januar 2!1 1  Na#e o$ Tea%her&s': (or#Durat)on&wee*s'Gra##ar Ite#&s' 13 Weeks1 st  – 12 th  January 2017 a)Nounsa.Common Nounsb.Proper Nounsb)Articesa.!n e#inite artice $a% an $an% Do#a)n &s'The#eTop)% P&'(NA*P&P*& AN+ C,*-,'&N&W &A'/ N&W ,  E+ECTATIONS &-uest)ons.state#ents to /e answere0 wh)e an0 a$ter essonss)#)ar to o/3e%t)4es' 1.Pupis can isten to a tak proramme on Ne ear resoutions.2.Pupis can speak about their Ne ear resoutions.3.Pupis can rea a brochure on Ne ear ceebrations. . Pupis can create a poster on an eent. TEACHING AND 5EARNING STRATEGIES 2  1.Pupi4centre ness2.Cooperatie earnin CROSSC6RRIC65AR E5E7ENTS 1.*anuae2.5aues3.Patriotism an Citi6enship 89 Creatiity an !nnoation 5)sten)n an0 Spea*)n Content Stan0ar0&s': 3 Durat)on: hours  1.2*isten/ enae an interpret meanin#u conersations.1.3*isten an respon criticay to a i e rane o# spoken/ au io an isua tets.1.(peak inteiiby/ eo8uenty an appropriatey #or i##erent purposes/ au iences/ contets an cutures. 5earn)n Stan0ar0&s':Stu0ents are a/e to: 1.2.1*isten an respon to simpe irections/ instructions an proce ures.1.3.1*isten to spoken/ au io an isua tets to9:i)retriee main i eas.:ii)retriee supportin etais.1..1&press #eein an ie simpe escription o# persona eperiences oray A%t)4)t&)es': 1.*istenin to au io recor in2.Pair Work :Ask an Anser ;uestions) (or#at)4e Assess#ent: 1.-ree <ap Resour%es: 
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