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engineering ethics questions and answers
  Question 1 As a young engineer, you are instructed by your employer to prepare a bankable report for a  prospective project based on the information provided by your employer. You have no access to ascertain the reliability of the information provided. In light of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct, how do you advise your employer so that you may complete your assignment with integrity. You should at least include below points: 1. A member shall inform his employer in writing of any conflict between his personal interest and faithful service to his employer. 2. A member shall at all times take care to ensure that his work and the products of his work constitute no avoidable danger of death or injury or ill health to any person. 3. A member shall take all reasonable steps to avoid waste of natural resources, damage of the environment and wasteful damage or destruction of the products of human skill and industry  IEM Professional Interview Section B - Questions on Regulation s on Professional Conduct   Question No. 2: You are assigned to prospect an area for an extractable mineral(s). However, in your course of works, you discover no such minerals but some other valuable minerals which your employer is (are) not interested. On the other hand, the information you have is of great importance to the adjoining interest. As an engineer can you release the particular information which you have to the other party so that the minerals may be explored. Please discuss taking into consideration of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct.   Introduction    As an engineer, we shall be responsible to our employer and take care his benefits unless it is jeopardizing the community from health and safety aspect. Therefore, we do not disclose information gained during the course of employment without permission of employer. The works and information could be highly important and confidential for both the company and staffs. Duty to employer      With awareness of our duty and responsibility in the company and to our employer, we should also try to contribute to advancement of the industry and greater benefits of community. If in the course of my works, some other valuable materials were discovered, the information shall also be properly recorded and reported first to my employer. Though it is not interested by my employer, the finding/ discovery can be used for goodness of society and possibly can reduce and even recover the non-productive investment that employer put in. If the engineer feels it is for benefit of the people and hope the mineral could be extracted, he could propose to his employer. With permission by employer and disclosure of information in an appropriate way will not scacrify benefits of the company. Duty to Community and Industry     Without jeopardizing the benefits of employer and to contribute to advancement of the industry, I shall report the findings to employer and possibly followed with submission of proposal to employer for possible joint venture or information sharing/ selling to another party which they make use of the valuable materials. By doing so, we could abide by fulfilment of our duty to employer and contribute to advancement of the industry in morale way.    No wastage of resource (both natural and efforts)     In addition, if employer agrees to disclose the information, which was not useful to us but is of great interests of the other know party, we avoid waste of efforts and resource put in. The useful material could also be extracted for benefit of community. Disclosure of Information in proper way      As per earlier paragraphs, we shall take care the interests of our employer. All information and success gained during our course of work with current employer could be important for future development of the company and colleagues. If we feel that the information though not useful to us but to others, we can propose disclosure of information to employer and let them to make decision for better advancement of the industry and society at large. Look after members in the industry      All players in the same industry can compete and help each other. by doing so, the industry can make progress in a faster pace. The outcome is always everyone become more competitive and cost in production. By helping others in the industry, we create healthy cooperation with others. In return, we will also gain their assistance infuture. Conclusion   In the course of our works, we report our findings to employer. In the same time, we make our works benefiting the society. Disclosure of information, if with good reasons, shall be done in an ethical manner. The interest of our employer shall be safeguarded. For this case, we shall gain permission from employer or propose to employer our ideas.    IEM Professional Interview Section B - Questions on Regulations on Professional Conduct   Question No. 3: Mr X is a project engineer for a project contracted to Y company owned by Mr Z. Mr Z told Mr X that he is ordering latest model of electronic gadget for his company staff and he can get a set for Mr X at the company discounted price. Mr X agrees and pays on delivery. Did Mr X breach the IEM Regulations of Professional Conduct? 1. A member shall not accept remuneration in connection with professional services rendered to his employer other than from his employer or with his employer’s consent; nor shall be receive directly or indirectly any royalty, gratuity or commission on any article or process used in or for the purposes of the work in respect of which he is employed unless or until such royalty, gratuity or commission has been authorised in writing by his employer.   “It is the responsibility of every engineer to give highest regard to his profession and conduct himself with integrity when executing his tasks. “ Discuss this statement in detail within the context of the Malaysian environment. The roles of engineers are respectively wide. Amongst the major responsibilities for engineers are design, construction supervision, consultation, project procurement, commissioning and management etc. Engineers are responsible to give the highest regard to his profession and conduct himself with integrity when executing his task. For example a good design solution would have to include two important aspects namely design adequacy and cost effectiveness. In addition, engineers have obligation to generate design solutions that are environmental friendly at the same time meeting the demanding requirements of client. Engineers have a duty of care to the environment, society and to their valuable customers or clients. They would have to generate design that fulfil the design clauses in the engineering codes of design, meeting the requirements  by the various Governmental Departments and incorporate design solutions that are environmental friendly which induce minimum negative impacts to the surrounding environment and society. Besides, engineers would have to take into consideration the cost implication of their design solution to their clients. This has caused great dilemma in engineers, as they have to  balance cost implication of the design solution with other factors such as quality, efficiency and various socio-economy factors. In the context of a developing country like Malaysia, in some cases, clients however have different mindset from that of the engineers. Clients are more concern about the cost implication of the generated design solution; they are more interested in design solution that is cost effective and yet fulfils the minimum design requirements by the Government. In this respect, clients would normally opt for design solutions that are cost effective, that stay within their budget. Some clients would incorporate project budget that is far inadequate which requires the engineers to sacrifice the quality and long-term efficiencies aspects in their design solution. This has obviously contradicted with the engineers’ interests of incorporating optimum design that would guarantee long-term efficiencies and easy maintenance. In addition, a not-up-to the
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