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1. INTERNALIZING A ACROSS CULTURES THE CASE OF IKEA BRAND 2. Leadership in IKEA Part.1 Global strategy of IKEA Part.2 Case of Lenovo Part.3 Leadership by Example Part.4…
  • 2. Leadership in IKEA Part.1 Global strategy of IKEA Part.2 Case of Lenovo Part.3 Leadership by Example Part.4
  • 3. Part.1 Emphasis on identification with the brand Mutual understanding and patterning A culturally sensitive approach to brand internalization Inward sense making---- conceptualizing& comprehending Sense making
  • 4. Part.1 togetherness and enthusiasm; cost consciousness; leadership by example; Core values Vision IKEA Way
  • 5. Part.1 Nearly half of 17,000 Diversity Female Sex Percentile at IKEA management level Female Male
  • 6. Part.1 perceived only few IKEA values and felt a great degree of isolation. work alone and only dreamt of the team of his own. “always give a positive example to others, be always optimistic and smile at people”. being the guide of “IKEA culture and creating its image”. The team leader @ Moscow IKEA store She perceived almost all of IKEA value. The family spirit. Eager to interact. A strong team spirit. ★ More attention to the interaction with the group ★Emotional influence on the group member. The PR and environmental manager @ St Petersburg
  • 7. Part.2 Conceptualizing Comprehending Activating Ⅰ Activating Ⅱ Small group of Senior managers at IIS (30 years) Corporate managers at headquarter (13.5 years) International managers in charge of expansion (10 —30 years) Local employees
  • 8. Part.2 Comprehending Activating Ⅱ Value-based recruitment Corporate documents Survey and reflection to find right people to formalize relationship with employees, customers and suppliers to encourage feedback from employees, customers and suppliers Bringing in experienced people Conduct business in new market without needing much data Flexible respondent To enforce brand values as well as find healthy mix between core brand value and cultural value Value-based recruitment to eradicate cultural misfit e.g. Russia 3% Some of IKEA’s Global Strategies
  • 9. Part.2 “Curious, open ambitious people” “individuals who add to IKEA’s identity” “Well-educated, eager to learn people” “Great people” “collectivistic by nature” “people who are rewarding to work with ” VS
  • 10. Part.3 Global working shifts Achieve localization Strong successors team Culture integration based on mutual trust Measure worth Accumulate varied experiences Improve professional competence Bring successful experiences Form a local team Promote the local Search potential successors Select and train them Succeed the manager at once Understanding of the company culture 3-word principle "Honesty, respect, compromise” Effective communications among levels Case of Lenovo
  • 11. Part.3 Working Hours. Flexible V.S. Fixed Differences in Working rhythm Undesirable extra hours. say “NO” VS compromise to show diligence Holiday and Leaves Policies Chinese Public Holidays, Company Holidays, with paid Annual Leave and Marriage Leave Other leaves Sick leave, Compassionate Leave and Maternity Leave for female
  • 12. Part.4 Sun Yafang Chairman of Former Vice President of Former President of GOOGLE China Chairman & CEO of Innovation Work KAI-FU LEE LI Ka-shing Founder & Chairman of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Richest man in Asia for many years Chairman of the board & CEO of Zhang Ruimin
  • 13. Part.4 Brief bios Tale of smashing the refrigerators Personal Achievement The hard pioneering work in Haier 1997: "Entrepreneur of the Year," Asia Weekly 1999: "Global 30 Most Respected Entrepreneurs , Financial Times 2002: "Businessman of the Year in China," CCTV 2002: "Global Business Leader and an Outstanding Donor," United Way International 2004: "Asia’s 25 Most Influential Business Figures," Fortune Magazine 2005: "World’s 50 Most Respected Business Leaders," Financial Times 2009: "China's Most Powerful People," BusinessWeek 2011: " Inspired Leadership Award" Zhang Ruimin
  • 14. Part.2 Part.3 Part.1 You Lingxiao 0121133028 Part.4 * Speaker: Name Group Members & Division of Work
  • 15. THANKS PPTer: Chen Yifei
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