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Walter’s Automotive, a leading Mercedes-Benz dealer serving Corona, is excited for the arrival of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The 2014 S-Class arrives this fall to reset benchmarks in sophistication, comfort, safety, and performance industry-wide.
  • 1. S CLASS 2014
  • 2. Once again. Like never before. An all-new automobile is a milestone for any automaker. Only one, however, marks the dawn of a new era for all cars. Only one car sets the standard of the industry, and then continually resets it. Only one car can be the S‑Class. Every so often, the inventors of the car host a grand celebration of its history. They mark the occasion by inventing it once again. In preparation for this event, the engineers and designers of Mercedes-Benz check off an ambitious to-do list: Reset every standard. Reimagine every possibility. Refresh every aesthetic value. And rethink every idea of what an automobile can be. It’s part of a tradition that S 550 shown on cover with Iridium Silver metallic paint, and optional 19" twin 5‑spoke wheels, Surround View System, and Driver Assistance and Premium 1 Packages. S 550 Sedans shown above with Black paint, and optional Surround View System, Driver Assistance, Premium 1 and Warmth & Comfort Packages, and Sport Package Plus One. reaches back well over a century, yet it always culminates in the same eagerly anticipated zenith: The unveiling of new breakthroughs in technology, luxury and safety — each one either unimagined or believed impossible until the world sees it for the first time. It’s the moment when someday turns to now. It’s the debut of a new S‑Class. And like no other car, it celebrates history by making it once again.
  • 3. Imagination. What the leader follows. Of all the cars on the road, there is only one that does not — in fact, cannot — aim to be more like any other car. For generations, its mission has been to elevate the automobile and its driver to a level of capability, comfort and confidence unmatched by anything already in existence. Leading the industry means following only the imagination of its creators. The debut of an all-new S‑Class is more than a hopeful prediction of tomorrow. It’s a visionary preview of it, today. For 2014, it elevates vision to sight, reflex to instinct, comfort to well-being, convenience to effortlessness, and enjoyment to elation. A leader cannot aspire to be like anything else. The aim of the S‑Class has always been to inspire. S 550 S 63 AMG 4matic 1 With an abundance of groundbreaking advances in luxury, safety and driving ease, the S 550 moves the entire industry forward. A more potent 449‑hp biturbo V‑8 makes rapid progress you can enjoy purely for yourself. Standard AIRMATIC ® adaptive suspension and 18" wheels2 transform power into poise over any road. Available 4matic® all ‑wheel drive3 adds confidence in any season. Its lavishly crafted cabin offers unheard -of luxury in hushed comfort. And its stronger, lighter, sleeker body is both undeniably new, and unmistakably an S‑Class. The new S 63 AMG 4matic Sedan was created to achieve a singular objective: absolute performance. Its handcrafted 577‑hp biturbo V‑8 is at once more powerful and more efficient. Its AMG Performance 4matic all-wheel drive — a first in an AMG S‑Class —  adds agility and cornering grip while helping slash its 0–60 time to a mere 3.9 seconds.4 Standard 20" AMG® wheels are set off by aggressive lower bodywork and airflow-channeling winglets. And its Nappa leather-lined cockpit brings performance to life with exclusive instruments and drive modes.
  • 4. S 550 shown with Anthracite Blue metallic paint, and optional 19" twin 5 ‑ spoke wheels, Surround View System, and Driver Assistance and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes on back cover.
  • 5. S 550 shown with optional Silk Beige/Espresso Brown Exclusive Nappa leather upholstery, designo Sunburst Myrtle wood trim, Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System, Exclusive Trim, and Driver Assistance, Premium 1 and Sport Packages.
  • 6. Beacon. Without a single bulb. A perpetual paragon of technological advancement, the 2014 S‑ Class shares more than just its family lineage with the very first car. It, too, is a pioneer of innovation. Lovingly crafted by hand. And, like the 1886 Benz “Patent Motorwagen,” it contains not a single lightbulb — the first car so equipped since the dawn of electric lighting. Nearly 500 LEDs provide every traditional interior and exterior lighting function with greater effect and efficiency, while introducing new elements of safety, new feelings of security, and new expressions of style. Only six years separate the patents issued to Thomas Edison for his lightbulb and to Karl Benz for his namesake car. One of them shines more brilliantly than ever.
  • 7. Tradition. The value of time well spent. There are two traditions to which Mercedes-Benz devotedly adheres.   One is an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. The other is to innovate, a legacy that can only be honored by moving boldly ahead. One look at the bounty of genuine breakthroughs in the 2014 S ‑ Class makes it quite clear: The engineers of Mercedes -Benz log an incredible number of hours devising, designing and developing new ideas the world has never seen. It’s the only way to honor the tradition of innovation that traces back to the founders of the company — by constantly advancing and improving the car they invented. Engineering, however, is not the only driving force behind an S ‑ Class. Its design must live up to the highest expectations of both modernity and timelessness. And its craftsmanship must not merely meet a standard of excellence but continually raise it. From the proud, three - dimensional presence of its iconic chrome grille to the crisp yet fluid sculpture of its body, the newest Mercedes -Benz flagship sedan is both an evolution of elegance and a fresh representation of the athletic prowess underneath. From its industry-first all-LED lighting to its refreshingly restrained use of chrome adornments, the S‑ Class is a design whose sparkle emanates from its substance. Should you scrutinize its details more intently, it will quickly become clear that the car’s designers have already done so as well. Tighter tolerances minimize gaps that could create noise, drag or unsightly seams. And subtle flourishes channel airflow and rainwater to benefit roadholding, efficiency, cooling and visibility. Tradition and innovation reign as one in the S ‑ Class cabin. A pair of highresolution widescreens are set into a wavelike dash that envelops you in a sea of handcrafted leather and wood. The seats are tailored with thousands of stitches so impossibly precise that not one crosses paths with the tiny perforations in the leather. And nearly 300 LEDs offer ambience to suit your every mood, with seven hues, three zones, and five levels of brightness.
  • 8. S 550 shown with Palladium Silver metallic paint, and optional Porcelain/Black Exclusive Nappa leather upholstery, designo Metallized Ash wood trim, Surround View System, and Driver Assistance, Premium 1 and Warmth & Comfort Packages.
  • 9. S 550 shown with Ruby Black metallic paint, and optional Surround View System, and Driver Assistance, Premium 1 and Sport Packages. Please see endnotes on back cover.
  • 10. Balance. The core strength of an athlete. A true champion succeeds not from brute strength alone, but by achieving even the most strenuous feat with composure. It’s why the S 550 is thoroughly cross-trained to balance formidable power with swiftness, agility and grace. You probably know who invented the car, but who turned driving it into a sport? If you count winning the first official auto race, or setting a long list of speed records — some of which have stood for decades — the answer would be the same. And if you ask who pioneered fuel injection, the fully independent suspension, all-wheel drive, supercharging and multivalve engines, the answer is again Mercedes-Benz. The newest S 550 Sedan is born to a long line of athletic champions. And it’s engineered to establish a performance legacy of its own. Its 449‑hp biturbo V‑8 is more powerful than any of its closest competitors. Its 516 lb ‑ft of torque makes it the most potent standard S‑Class yet. Advanced high-pressure Direct Injection and multispark ignition can each finetune themselves in milliseconds, optimizing each combustion cycle as it occurs. A new ECO Start/Stop system can automatically shut off the engine when it’s not needed, saving fuel as you wait in traffic or at a red light. Hit the gas when the light turns green and it instantly restarts. And with a new body clad entirely in aluminum, the S 550 is quicker and more fuel- efficient, delivering 60 mph in 4.8 seconds4 and impressive fuel- efficiency.5 The refined, responsive 7‑speed automatic transmission features an elegant electronic selector and shift paddles, allowing total control of gear changes without taking your hands from the wheel. Along with ECO and Sport modes, the paddles offer immediate manual control of upshifts and downshifts. The S 550 is available with the sporty balance of rear-wheel drive or the all-road, all-season confidence of 4matic® all-wheel drive.3 Along with lighter weight for 2014, 4matic integrates the pioneering 4 ‑wheel Electronic Traction System (4 ‑ETS®), which sends power to the wheels — or a single wheel — with the best grip. The standard AIRMATIC® suspension is also quicker-responding and lighter than before. Its semi-active, self-leveling Adaptive Damping System combines sharp handling and silky comfort in both its Sport and Comfort modes. Optional MAGIC BODY CONTROL® advances the industry-leading fully active suspension into the world’s first proactive suspension.6 In Comfort mode, the stereo multipurpose camera of Intelligent Drive scans the road ahead of the car, and prepares the system’s advanced hydraulics to virtually obliterate surface variations before you can feel them.
  • 11. Performance art. Signed by the artist. Mounted atop every AMG engine is a small plaque bearing the signature   of the single technician who crafted it by hand. More than a crown jewel   of racing royalty, it authenticates a philosophy that’s been the driving force behind championship racecars for 46 years. For the high-performance AMG automobiles that carry this motorsports pedigree to the streets of the world, “One man, one engine” is far more than a spiritual legacy. It’s also tangibly evident in the meticulous engineering, proven endurance and superlative performance that three letters — and one signature — certify. The heart of the new S 63 AMG 4matic is its handcrafted 5.5‑liter biturbo V‑8. Increased fuel injection pressure and turbo boost quicken its pulse, and that of its driver. Output reaches a new high of 577 hp and 664 lb‑ft of torque, while its 0–60 time shrinks to just 3.9 seconds.4 A new lithium-ion battery and strategic use of carbon fiber in the predominantly aluminum body help cut nearly 220 lbs, for a class-leading power-to-weight ratio. The 7‑speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT ® MCT transmission incorporates a wet startup clutch. A paddle-shifted Manual mode is one of three selectable shift programs, offering 100-millisecond upshifts, as well as rev-matched downshifts announced with a snarl of the AMG® sport exhaust. Logic-controlled flaps in the rear mufflers open to release a more emotional growl under acceleration, and close to mellow out the sound for calm highway cruising. AMG has developed a new version of 4matic® that obliterates every notion concerning the performance potential of all-wheel drive.3 A 33:67 front/rear torque split helps preserve agility and driving fun. New ESP ® Curve Dynamic Assist enhances high -speed cornering with a torque- vectoring brake feature that helps prevent unwanted understeer. The AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension teams the highly capable AIRMATIC® system with exclusive AMG calibration and axle geometry. Staggered 20" AMG alloy wheels2 offer an enticing view of the large yet lightweight multi-piston AMG brakes. Optional forged -alloy 20" wheels can reduce weight even further. Aggressively chiseled lower bodywork previews the authoritative performance lurking beneath the hood. From inside the cockpit, exclusive AMG detailing and instrumentation put you firmly in charge.
  • 12. S 63 AMG 4matic shown with optional Diamond White metallic paint, Silver 20" AMG forged 10 ‑spoke wheels, Surround View System, and Driver Assistance Package. Please see endnotes on back cover.
  • 13. Insight. What it sees is worth believing. For over 60 years, Mercedes -Benz safety engineers have been focusing on the future. With countless breakthroughs, from the first crumple zone to the first stability control, they’ve predicted the safety standards that all cars have come to follow. And with the new systems of Intelligent Drive, an S‑Class can foresee what’s ahead and help its driver avoid danger. Year after year, the safety innovations Mercedes -Benz introduces to the world help to better protect your future — even the part that’s mere milliseconds in front of you. Perhaps no one has done more to change the course of automotive history — or help preserve the course of your own.
  • 14. S 550 shown with Palladium Silver metallic paint, and optional Rear Seat Entertainment system and Driver Assistance Package.
  • 15. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Predict, alert, assist, protect. Far more than a list of groundbreaking safety innovations, a Mercedes-Benz is engineered as an integrated system that’s designed to help you detect, avoid and survive a collision like no other car. Pioneers of accident avoidance. Brakes that boost confidence and comfort. Two safety systems that were first introduced by Mercedes -Benz to help you avoid potential collisions have since been adopted by virtually every automaker. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP ®) monitors the car’s response to driving inputs such as steering and braking, and responds when needed to help keep the car on course.3 Brake Assist (BAS®) can instantly maximize braking pressure if it detects an emergency braking situation — potentially shortening your overall stopping distance.7 Adaptive braking technology helps make driving more reassuring and relaxing. If you lift off the accelerator quickly, Predictive Brake Priming pre- charges the brakes for quicker response as soon as you apply them. In the rain, Automatic Brake Drying periodically sweeps water buildup from the discs. During uphill starts, Hill- Start Assist helps to prevent unwanted rollback. And a brake HOLD feature can help to make waiting in traffic or at long red lights less stressful.7 Industry-leading lighting. PRE‑SAFE ® is a Mercedes-Benz innovation that can recognize emergency situations or instability during certain vehicle maneuvers that suggest a collision or rollover is imminent. In an effort to better prepare the occupants and restraint systems in the moments before a collision, it can tighten the front seat belts — as well as the outboard rear belts with any of the Rear Seat Packages — adjust the right front seat, and close the windows and sunroof.9 Available new PRE -SAFE PLUS uses radar to sense a possible rear-end collision. It can also tighten the seat belts, while firmly holding the brakes to help prevent a secondary collision. Standard active full-LED headlamps, another Mercedes-Benz first, generate light that’s even closer to natural daylight than Bi‑Xenon lamps. Active Curve Illumination and Adaptive Highbeam Assist continuously vary their beam pattern to maximize illumination into corners and down straightaways, without creating glare for other drivers. Efficient, long-lasting LED technology is used for 100% of the car’s lighting, enhancing the effectiveness of the Daytime Running Lamps, turn signals, brake lamps and taillamps. A network of advanced restraints. Nine standard air bags offer 11- way protection.8 A driver’s knee air bag augments the dual-stage front air bags. Side-impact and side curtain air bags help protect all four outboard occupants. With any of the three Rear Seat Packages, the outboard rear seat belts integrate new air bags and active buckle tensioners, to help keep the occupant in place even if the seat is reclined. More than a continually expanding system of safety innovations, Intelligent Drive is a philosophy whose roots trace to the origins of active safety engineering at Mercedes-Benz. From the first antilock brakes to the future of autonomous driving assists, Intelligent Drive combines advanced sensors — using radar, ultrasonic, infrared, thermal and visual media to calculate position, speed, rotation and acceleration — all to help drivers avoid more types of accidents in ever-smarter ways. Cruise control that can help steer and stop. Available DISTRONIC PLUS® adaptive cruise control, a Mercedes Benz innovation, has added a suite of new safety and convenience benefits. Using radar-based technology, it can adapt your set speed in response to the flow of traffic ahead — automatically slowing until your path clears again. The new stereo camera empowers Steering Assist to help keep you centered in your lane while cruising. If the vehicle ahead slows to a stop, DISTRONIC PLUS can brake to a full halt, then resume with just a tap when traffic starts going again.11 LONG -RANGE RADAR WITH MID- SCAN 650-ft range with an 18° spread, and 200 ‑ft range with a 60° spread Protection that starts before a collision. Help when you need it most. The standard Mercedes-Benz mbrace® includes Automatic Collision Notification, which places a call for help if an air bag or seat-belt Emergency 10 Tensioning Device is activated. The S‑Class also activates its emergency flashers, unlocks its doors, turns on some interior lights, and shuts off both the fuel supply and the climate control. An alert, and action, for danger ahead. Included with DISTRONIC PLUS are features that can help to detect an impending collision with a vehicle or cycle ahead. Even if you’re not using cruise control, its new stereo camera also helps detect cross-traffic and pedestrians in your path. After sounding an alert, BAS PLUS can precisely boost the braking pressure to the level needed as soon as you apply the brakes. And if you fail to heed the alert for a stopped vehicle ahead or a pedestrian crossing in your path, PRE‑SAFE Brake11 can automatically apply up to 100% of the car’s braking force to help prevent or reduce the severity of an impact.7 New technology that looks out for collisions, and helps the driver brake. When driving at speeds above 5 mph, new COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST employs radar- based technology to alert you if you’re approaching a vehicle ahead at a speed and distance that suggest a collision is likely. Its Adaptive Brake Assist can automatically increase braking to the ideal level as soon as you step on the brake pedal.12 If deemed necessary, the system can also activate the features of PRE‑SAFE.
  • 16. A multitasking, multidimensional monitor. A preview of what’s behind you. The key to many of the new capabilities of Intelligent Drive is its stereo multipurpose camera. From its perch high within the windshield, it continually captures a rapid succession of images of the environment in front of the vehicle. High-speed algorithms analyze the images to help recognize and predict the presence and movement of vehicles and pedestrians in six dimensions of space and time — so that the appropriate safety systems of Intelligent Drive can respond as needed. For added safety when backing up, the standard rear view camera shows a live view of the area behind your S‑ Class on the large central in- dash screen.13 Steering dependent active on‑screen guidelines help you back into a parking space. 360 degrees of vision. STEREO MULTIPURPOSE CAMERA 1,600-ft range, with 3D capability over a 160‑ft range with a 45° spread SHORT-RANGE RADAR 8-inch to 100-ft range with an 80° spread The available new Surround View System uses cameras in all four directions to compose a single, live overhead v
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