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1. Insurance …… Simplifying IT Dar AlTafakr Insurance Consultants Risk Assessment Policies Review Bids Preparation & Review Market Negotiations Claims Review…
  • 1. Insurance …… Simplifying IT Dar AlTafakr Insurance Consultants Risk Assessment Policies Review Bids Preparation & Review Market Negotiations Claims Review & Support Tailored Training A New Way To Think About Insurance Consultancy
  • 2. Insurance …… Simplifying IT  REVIEW OF RISK PROFILE  REVIEW OF POLICY WORDINGS  REVIEW OF INSURANCE VALUES  ARRANGE THE BIDDING DOCUMENTS  REVIEW OF THE BIDDING  BIDDERS NEGOTIATIONS  RISK & POLICY MONITORING  FOLLOW UP ON RECOMMENDA- TIONS  MARKET UPDATE  REGULATIONS UPDATE INSURANCE SUPPORT SOLUTIONS Experience at work for youPROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU NEED INSURANCE CONSULTING PROVIDES A TOTAL END TO END SOLUTIONEXPERIENCE BASED SOLUTIONS Serving local and national businesses with custom- ized insurance, risk management and consulting services . . . We will customize our services according to your specific industry and company. At Dar AlTafakr we aim to simplify insurance for those who are in need of an expert to  Provide insurance solutions  Give expert advise  Provide difficult or rejected claims assistance  Provide the necessary training to staff and engi- neers It starts with Risk Assessment where we visit the risk and obtain the necessary Risk Profile to allow us understand how the insurance program is ar- ranged and cater for the insurable risks. We review the risks that are retained by the client such as the deductibles, and the uninsured risks, and we finish with recommendations to allow the client assess the best position by balancing between what is insura- ble, retained and uninsurable. This process is vital, as it will eliminate over insurance / under insurance, maximize the full potential of insurance with the correct insurance values, and to have a clearer un- derstanding of the retained risks. With Dar AlTafakr as your full-service insurance consulting partner, we will proactively work with you to ensure that your company is properly in- sured and not overpaying for coverage and ser- vices. Your company can gain a strategic advantage from partnering with Dar AlTafakr as we have a proven service and support record, and remain strong and dedicated to our commitment of consistently provid- ing the highest level of industry expertise and quali- ty services to our clients. By working with us, you can also help minimize the insurance-related work- load on your management and administrative team. Dar AlTafakr Insurance Consultants
  • 3. @@@ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS The insurance market is sub- ject to fluctuations that can be a result of major claims and competition which reflect on underwriting results and oper- ating expenses and commis- sions that affects profitability which eventually contribute to the overall performance of the insurance company. RISK SOLUTIONS Whilst insurance provides fi- nancial protection, the real protection is in the physical precaution the client has taken to protect the risk. In addition, the new Sama regulations have imposed very strict Property Underwriting Guide- lines for insurers to follow. This is an additional concern for clients to man- age. SIMPLE SOLUTIONS There are answers to most of the ob- stacles that clients are facing today. With proper risk assessment, and the right approach, answers can be found to mitigate the risk, provide alterna- tive scenarios, and additional op- tions, thus allowing the client to make the right choice at the right price. Insurance ….. Simplifying IT SKILFUL NEGOTIATIONS Clients, to navigate the maze of insur- ance, require specialist skills and ex- perience to negotiate a better Insur- ance terms, and claims settlements. Insurance is not an exact science, therefore, a balance must be achieved between what is re- tained and what is insured Dar AlTafakr Insurance Consultants
  • 4. TAILORED INSURANCE TRAINING Specific training to key personnel on the cur- rent insurance policies to enhance the un- derstanding of not just the coverage, but the exclusions, the subjectivities and the warran- ties that are imposed by insurers and how to avoid common mistakes Insurance ….. Simplifying IT RISK MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY Whilst insurance is one of a number of risk mitigation tools, the purpose is to ensure that the business is not financially burdened to rebuild it, but continues following an in- surable loss. Managing the Risk is an im- portant feature of any business. CLAIMS REVIEW AND ASSITANCE Not every claim goes smoothly. Complica- tions set in that result in either the delay, partial settlement or rejection of the claim. Why settle for less, when you have the right for the full amount? A number of factors can affect the claim settlement. To name a few:  Inadequacy of the Sums Insured  Non-declaration or updating Risk infor- mation  No or Improper protection of risk  Lack of proper licenses and certificates  Breaches of warranties and subjectivi- ties Dar AlTafakr Insurance Consultants
  • 5. Dar AlTafakr Insurance Consultants P.O. Box 92203 Riyadh 11653 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: + 11 456 7238 Fax: + 11 456 2706 Insurance ….. Simplifying IT WWW.dar-con.com Info@dar-con.com It is time to consider the alternatives and view the available options because busi- ness is dynamic and no two businesses are the same. For Further Details Please Contact Nabil Kokash +966 55000 5082
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