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  Bohr’s Model of the Atom Chapter 3.2  The Chemist and the Physicist A One Act Play by Mrs. Docker CHEMIST: So what do you think of Rutherford’s Model of the Atom? Cool huh?PHYSICIST: Well…An electron moving in an orbit around the nucleus is constantly changing direction.CHEMIST: Yeah…PHYSICIST: And…when something is changing speed or direction, us physicists say it is ‘accelerating’.CHEMIST: So… PHYSICIST: Us physicists have proved that when a charged particle accelerates, it continuously produces electromagnetic radiation which is emitted as photons. CHEMIST: Uh Huh… PHYSICIST: This means that an electron travelling in an orbit should be emitting photons, and therefore it should be losing energy CHEMIST: Okay… PHYSICIST: If the electron were to lose energy as it orbits it would collapse in towards the positively charged nucleus…CHEMIST: … because opposite charges attract! Right! But wait a sec, this is not what is observed! Atoms are stable and do not appear to be collapsing.PHYSICIST: That must mean that although electrons are constantly moving, they do not lose energy. CHEMIST: Oh. Well Rutherford’s model can’t explain this. We need to make some modifications!  Limits of the Rutherford Model  Atomic Spectra Continuous spectrum produced by passing white light through a prism
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