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  AT RCNGN BANGALORE LFMT SERVICE DETAILS   LFMT FEATURES ã Limited FMT is a SIP VOIP service provided on Internet and is restricted to wifi coverage of customer roadand !PE ã Fi#ed Moi$e Te$ep%on& is an 'APP( ased ca$$ing service provided & )S*L w%ic% a$$ows customers to initiate + receive VoIP ca$$s wit%in and outside t%e networ, ased on static IP eit%er from %is $aptop + moi$e i e - ca$$s can e made to an& $and$ine- moi$e- VOIP from )S*L LFMT numer ã T%is service is ca$$ed Limited FMT as it allows the number to be registered only from the static IP of broadband provided ( and subscribed ) by Customer  at the time of provisioning the service ! ã It a$$ows voice and video ca$$s ã It a$$ows ca$$s eit%er from moi$e %andset or $aptop   ã nly re#uirement for the service is $tatic IP ta%en from the $ervice provider! ã It supports Android- App$e- windows ã It gives &ou moi$it& wit%in t%e range of .ifi networ, ã It a$$ows &ou to dia$ numers from moi$e contacts ã An& numer of connections can e registered on sing$e static IP ã T%e numer can e a$$owed to register from provisioned Static IP on$& ã !ustomer can down$oad standard SIP comp$iant APPs from different P$a& store in t%eir Moi$e+Laptop+Ta+/es,top Few e#amp$e of free APPs are 0oiper- Linp%one- !SIPsimp$e Un$i,e .%atsapp- Vier- in LFMT customer can ma,e+receive ca$$s from anot%er LFMT and a$so non1LFMT numers $i,e PST*- *2*- Moi$e- IS/- *L/ numers from+to )S*L+*on1)S*L numers .%en used from Moi$e it does not re3uire SIM and moi$e networ, is not used  LFMT FEATURES  TE!4*I!AL /ETAILS T%e )S*L roadand wor,s on PPPoE aut%entication and t%e IP address- 2atewa& 5 /*S is a$$ocated and assigned from )RAS server If customer suscrie for t%e static IP address- t%e a$$ocated IP is associated wit% $ogin name and t%erefore ever& time &ou $og in to roadand- same IP wi$$ get assigned to &our modem 6!PE7 T%e identit& of t%e Internet connection is i e IP a$$otted to t%e !PE for a session is used for restricting FMT registration to wifi coverage of !PE 4ence t%ere is need for static IP a$$otted to t%ose customer w%o suscrie for $imited FMT service
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