A Risk Management Approach Using Property Market Analysis : A Case Study : Ath_RPM in the periods 2001 -2015

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The role of professional engineers, valuers and estimators in a less buoyant period of economic activity must be aligned to construction industry and property market needs, hence providing better services for citizens, financial institutions and
  A Risk Management Approach Using Property Market Analysis :A Case Study : Ath_RPMin the periods 2001 201! ByProf. Angelo Robert Nicholas Molson , Dip.Beng, B.Eng(CV), M.Phil, MCIOB Independent British Researcher  1  Molson has stated that"  Theroleofprofessionalengineers,valuersandestimatorsinaless buoyantperiodofeconomicactivitymustbealignedtoconstruction industryandpropertymarketneeds,henceprovidingbetterservices orczens,nancansuonsannvesors.Theprofessionalsshouldbeabletomanagedevelopmentprojects,respectlegislation,thebuildingenvironmentandengineering technology,aswellascitizens’affordabilityandinvestors’ contributions  . 2  Molson a##irms that $200%&"  Residential properties in urban areas, Athens and other areas in Greece should respect: the legislation, building environment and ’ , economic and social welfare of Greece. 3  Molson has said" The Greek Real Estate Market produces expensive products with low returns and high maintenance costs in a long term period, discouraging investors and new buyers. Simultaneously, the housing credit system [has faced a huge] reduction in applications for housing mortgages. - cost,quality,affordablebuildingswithlong-termusefulfile,aswellby theGreekgovernmentalbodiestoincreasepropertytaxation  . 4  Molson has said" The Greek construction industry, despite years of training, remains notorious for its inability to forecast and control costs within the limits of the budget,discouraging private, public and international clients [from committing] more funds to new construction projects (secure contracts) and financial institutions [from controlling] efficiently the housing credit system.To make construction attractive to investors and ro erties affordable to    citizens, the industry must demonstrate its ability to forecast, control and report accurately private, public, international property development and engineering projects. The integration of Engineering & Technological Education (E&TE)and Industry can provide the mechanism to bring together critical demands in the Greek real estate market, in order to produce low cost, quality, affordable buildings with a long-term remaining   useful life  . 5
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