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AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201712AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201734AgriBusiness & Food…
AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201712AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201734AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201756AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 20177inside... 18I N TER V IE WI N TER V IE WTargeting Faster Growth for Export of Agri & Food Products‘Hamdard transforms itself, reconnects with GENext through energized marketing’- D. K. Singh, Chairman, APEDA26P RE - E V E N T- Says Mansoor Ali10 editorial46 HONEY INDUSTRY Honey Production and Bee Keeping – A Global Perspective SNACK & BEVERAGE52 Handling The Millenials: Millenial Marketing74 COFFEE INDUSTRY114 TECHNOLOGY136 FOOD INDUSTRY Offers US $ 50 billion potential for foreign investment in five years 50 Creating Synergy between Global Food Companies and Indian Importers Page 20: List of Participants at Indian Pavilion (Gulfood 2017)32 by AK Singh, Group President, LBI General Trading LLC., Dubai & USAIndian Snacks & Beverage Industry Booming– Gurpreet Singh, Head (International Business), Bikanerwala Foods Private Limited, Delhi (India)A look at how Indian consumers have been steadily changing their patterns of drinking coffee Bühler presents pioneering foreign material detection technology and introduces new segment leader at Fruit Logistica India’s Food Processing industry on fast track– Amit Lohani, Founder Director of Forum of Indian Food ImportersPRE-EVENTsAdvertiser Index on Page 1678AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017150154156 NEWSAgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 20179Editorial....As part of an integrated approach to agriculture and rural development to fulfil the promise of doubling the farmers’ income in the next few years, the initiatives proposed in the Union Budget for 2017-18, presented to parliament by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, have received wide welcome.Chief Editor S. Jafar Naqvi Consulting Editors T.V. Satyanarayanan Sub-Editor Rummana Zaidi Chief Co-ordinator M.B. Naqvi Editorial Co-ordinator Syed M K Layout & Design Faiyaz Ahmad Mohd. Iqbal Head Office New Delhi: : +91-11-29535593 / 64519106 / 65655264 abfienquiry@gmail.com Other Business Offices Mumbai: 9702903993 mtpl.mumbai@gmail.com Pune: 9881137397 mtpl.pune@gmail.comBangalore: 8050206265 bangalore.mtpl@gmail.com Chennai: 9941130277 mediatodaychennai@gmail.com Admn. & Marketing Office MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD. J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai, IGNOU Road, New Delhi - 110068 (India) Phone : 91-11-29535593 / 64519106 / 65655264 E-mail: abfienquiry@gmail.com Web.: www.abfionline.com www.mediatoday.in Subscription India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post Rs. 1300/- by Courier 2 Years Rs. 1850/- by Normal Post Rs. 2450/- by Courier Overseas : US$ 120 for 1 Year / US$ 230 for 2 Years Single Copy in India : Rs. 100/Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10 Printed, published and owned by M.B. Naqvi, Printed at Everest Press, E-49/8, Okhla Industrial Area Ph-II, New Delhi - 110 020 and Published from E-11/47 A, New Colony, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110017 (INDIA) Editor : S. Jafar Naqvi Vol 14....... Issue 3 ...... March, 201710The proposals include doubling of the long term irrigation development fund under National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to Rs 40,000 crore, creation of a dedicated micro irrigation fund to improve water use efficiency, greater coverage under crop insurance, a dairy processing and infrastructure development fund, and expansion of agri market, for which states have been advised to de-notify fruits and vegetables from APMC (agricultural produce market committee). Alongside, the electronic National Agriculture Market (NAM) is sought to be expanded to 585 Mandis from 250 at present. While the increased outlay for irrigation is aimed at fast tracking agriculture towards less dependence on monsoon rains, the dairy development fund, with an investment of Rs 8,000 crore over three years would help to create an additional processing capacity of five crore litres of milk per day, which could yield an extra income of Rs 50,000 crore per annum to the farmers. A significant initiative announced in the budget to re-energize the farming activity is the formulation of a model law on contract farming, aimed at bringing manifold benefits to the farmers. Currently, the model APMC Act has a provision for contract farming, but the proposed comprehensive law would seek to subsume contract farming from the purview of this Act. While the existing contract farming framework is limited to marketing of farm produce – that to, only one or two commodities – the proposed law would cover all the commodities. In fact, it would cover farming right from the stage of distribution of seeds to marketing of the final produce. One of the objectives of the model law is to ensure that APMCs themselves do not become arbitrators on contract farming. Since land and agriculture are state subjects, the draft of the model law would be prepared and circulated among the states for adoption. A high powered committee of experts would be soon entrusted with the job of formulating the draft model law. The new legislation, when it comes into force, is expected to draw large investments in agro-processing industries from both within the country and abroad. Experts underscore the many benefits that could accrue to the farmers as well as those in the rural areas through adoption of the proposed law. Predictably, most of the investments would be in the fruits and vegetables sector, where the growers would get greater exposure to extension services or programmes of agro- processors who would be strict in enforcing quality parameters while procuring fruits, vegetables and other produce. Wastage would be much less as the entire produce would be procured by the processer under the contract, and this, again, means more income to the grower. There could be also greater inflow of improved techniques and agricultural practices from abroad as foreign investors would be promoting them among the growers with whom they have signed contracts. Another major benefit for the farmers would be that they would be free from the clutches of money lenders and middlemen. If all such steps can make farming more attractive and profitable, surely, it would help stem the migration of rural youth to the urban areas. Comments are welcome at: editorialmtpl@gmail.com Views expressed by individuals and contributors in the magazine are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of “AgriBusiness & Food Industry” editorial board. AgriBusiness & Food Industry does not accept any responsibility of any direct, indirect or consequential damage caused to any party due to views expressed by any one or more persons in the trade. All disputes are to be referred to Delhi Jurisdiction only. .....EditorAgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 20171112AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 20171314AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 20171516AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201717INTERVIEWTargeting Faster Growth for Export of Agri & Food Products - D. K. Singh, Chairman, APEDAIndian agri and food exports have been taking support from Agricultural & Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority, popularly known by its acronym APEDA. This body has been promoting and supporting the Indian exporters in many ways including promotion of India origin food items in potential destinations. Chief Editor of AgriBusiness & Food Industry, as Media Partners of Gulfood 2017 met the new Chairman of APEDA Shri D K Singh, IAS to know more about APEDA activities and his future vision. Excerpts of the Exclusive Interview:India being the leading exporter of Basmati rice and recently China has also approved some of the export units. Can you explain the potential of Indian Basmati exports to China, Iran and elsewhere? Many types of Basmati and non Basmati rice varieties are cultivated in different agro climatic zones of India. With annual production of about 95-100 million MT, India is second largest producer of rice in the world. India produces about 8 million MT of Basmati paddy annually during Kharif (monsoon) season out of which over 4 million MT of Basmati rice is exported from India every year to over 130 countries.18Recently I led a 20 member trade delegation of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) member exporters and officers to Iran. The main purpose of the visit related to promotion of export of rice since Iran is one of the largest importers of Basmati rice from India. About 250 people participated in the sales promotion event held at Hotel Espinas Palace, Tehran. On the spot preparation of Iranian dishes prepared by Iranian Chefs with use of Indian rice was demonstrated and served as part of the lunch. Participants included about 30 media personnel,AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017importers, inspection agencies of Iran Government and government officials from Food and Drug Organization (FDO) etc. Film of about 3.5 minutes duration was screened depicting different aspects of Basmati cultivation, processing, issue of health certificate and assurance of Indian rice being GMO free. The delegation met various departments in the government of Iran including Food and Drug Organization, Governmental Trading Corporation and Trade Promotion Organization. Meetings were also held with Iran Chamber of Commerce and Rice Importers Association. The deliberations helped todispel the negative publicity which appeared in some part of Iran media causing doubts about the health and safety of rice from India. Government of Iran may soon issue the notification about resumption of issuance of permits for import of rice. To supplement domestic production of about 2 million MT, Iran imports about 1 million MT of rice every year out of which about 7 lakh MT is exported from India. On Chinese front, China has recently approved 14 rice mills for export of Basmati rice. For non-Basmati rice AQSIQ China are yet to convey acceptance for the protocol after completion of pest risk analysis. China is now the largest importerINTERVIEWof rice in the world besides being the largest producer. We hope Indian rice varieties will find place with restaurants and hotels serving Indian food. The quantity may be small initially but given the trend of people trying new food items, it is likely to become sizeable over the years. India is emerging as one of the important exporter of processed foods and ready to eat food products in the country for exports? How do you see this portion of APEDA basket ? The Indian food industry is poised for huge growth, increasing its contribution to world food trade every year. In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential for value addition, particularly within the food processing industry. The export of processed and value added food products primarily consists of Dehydrated Onion and Garlic, Cucumber and Gherkins -- Prepared & Preserved, Mango Pulp, other frozen food products, Jaggery & Confectionery, Biscuits, Cocoa Products, Cereal Preparations, Milled Products, Ready to Eat, Ready to Cook and Ready to Serves products, ethnic food preparation, Groundnuts, Guargum and Alcoholic Beverages. As per comtrade data (2015), the share of processed food export of aforementioned items from India is 1.02% in the global export. The major destination for these products are USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East and South East Asiav Basmati Exports Flourish -Iran & China market set for Faster Growth v Grapes Exports Set to Grow at 35%and Africa. Contributing to around 25% export in the total APEDA scheduled product, this sector has witnessed a compound growth 11.40% in last decade from $ 1.35 bn during 2006-07 to 3.98 bn in 2015-16. In Rupee term the compound growth is 15.64 % which increased from Rs 6,095.64 crores to Rs 26,067.64 crores in 2015-16. Indian grapes are quite popular as we find in many countries, especially Europe. How the export of grapes to EU countries is progressing in the current grape season? There has been a good response from the farmers, as the 38128 farms were registered in the current year in comparison to 29050 farms last year, which is a 31% increase. There has been a good agro climatic situation in the grape growing area in Maharashtra and Karnatakaregion which has provided a very good crop. Till date 1868 no. of containers has been exported to EU and comparison to 1394 no. of containers in the last year. There has been a 37% growth over the last year from the same period. Is there any new market where the export of grapes has started? Market access for export of grapes to Canada was received last year One trial container was also sent in the last year which was successfully cleared. 20-25 containers of grapes are likely to be shipped in the current season. India has a lot of potential in export of buffalo meat. How you envisage the trend of exports in this sector in next five years? India has a definitev Meat Exports to Grow 25-50% in next 5 years.role in the world Bovine meat exports to the world as it has a largest Buffalo population at around 109 Million heads. As seen from the world meat trade trends, India is exporting Buffalo Meat to around 65 countries on constant basis for last 40 years. We anticipate a growth of 5-10 % in every year in next 5 years provided the Foreign Trade Policy remains same, in our exports in value terms. However we may have a setback in 2016-17 where the trade figures went down in November 2016 to Jan 2017. As per the sources, you have successfully launched a promotional campaign in South Africa recently. What is the outcome of the programme and its selling features? A Brand Promotion Programme was organized in association with High Commission of South Africa in Johannesburg. Twelve exporters participated in the promotion programme. The programme was organized for three days. A buyer-seller /trade meet cum exhibition was organized on the 1st day followed by promotion programme in one of the popular shopping mall in Sandston, Johannesburg. A wide range of processed food products were displayed during the exhibitions in the BSM. Field visits were also organized to one of the retail chain headquarter and the retail outlet “Pick & Payâ€?. The programme was very well publicized through two TV interviews in the channels of South Africa Broadcasting Corporation and CNBC. A good response was received by the participating exporters.AgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 201719agri exportsList of Participants at Indian Pavilion A delegation of 60 exporters would be led by Mr. D K SINGH, Chairman APEDA for participation in Gulfood 2017 event. The APEDA participation would be organized by Dr. Sudhanshu, DGM & Mr. Bidyut Baruah, AGM, APEDA. Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority(APEDA) Mr. D.K. Singh, IAS, Chairman Dr. Sudhanshu, Deputy General Manager 3rd Floor, NCUI Building 3, Siri Institutional Area, (Opp. Asiad Village), August Kranti Marg, New Delhi - 110016, India Tel.: +91-11-26513204, 26513219 Email: headq@apeda.gov.in Website: www.apeda.gov.in AIREA Mr. Rajendra Sundaresan Mob.: +91-9899898324 Email: airea.delhi@gmail.com Al-Khair Exports Mr. Suhail Mob.: +91-9818001334 Email: alkhairexports@hotmail.com info@alkhairexports.comChokhi Dhani Mob.: +91-7665157555 Email: exports@chokhidhanifoods.comGood Day Foods Pvt. Ltd Tel: +91-22-32460294/32460365 Email: purchase@gooddayfoods.comEarthling Ms. Shilpy Sharma Mob.: +91-9871693121 Email: shippy.sharma@gmail.comH R Exports Mr. Mohit Gupta Mob.: +91-9560418989 Email: mohit.gupta@shaziarice.com / shaziarice@gmail.comEccoroots Foods India Pvt Ltd Ms. Harwinder Kaur Mob.: +91-7290047061 Email: Intl.marketing@ecorootsfoods.com Elmac Foods Phone: +9126538045/46/47 Email: vnthacker@gmail.com; vt@elmacfoods.com Evexia Nutritional Pvt Ltd Phone: 080-28361855 AK Singh export@evexianutri.comHarmilapi Impex Mob.: 9811655648 Email: harmilapiimpex@yahoo.com Himalya International Ltd Phone: 01704-223494,8894788545 Email: jinni@himalyainternational.com Indies Global Foods Pvt Ltd Mob.: +91-9729001777 Email: vishalgoel@outlook.comAl-Quresh Exports Mr. Junaid Qureshi Phone: +91-22 2642 5934 Email: junaidqureshi@al-quresh.comFalak Frozen Food Exports Mob: 9958099971 Email: amit.falakfrozenfood@gmail.comIndo Arab Grain Suppliers Mr. Ajay Kumar Mob.: +91-9991101000 Email: accounts@indoarab.co.inApsara Food Industries (P) Ltd Fax +911147065863 Email: apsarabiscuits@gmail.comFertinvest India Pvt. Ltd Mob.: +91-993000621 Email:- kunal.mazumdar@fertinvest.comISCON Balaji Foods Pvt Ltd Mob.: 9099976906 Email: dipal@isconbalajifoods.comAustin Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Mob.: 9924300998 Email: info@austinfoods.netGee Gee Agrotech Mr. Robin Goyal Mob.: +91-9855116306/09855300313 Email: geegeeagro@hotmail.comKohinoor Foods Ltd. Mr. Puneet Mahajan / Mr. Sanjiva Rishi Mob.: +91-9910494240/ 9873880302 Email: info@kohinoorfoods.in/ puneet.mahajan@kohinoorfoods.inB. Natha Singh Karam Singh Mob.: 9811012626 Email: bnk@doubleelephant.com Baramati Agro Ltd Mob.: 00 91 9767497224 Email: doc1@baramatiagro.com Basic India Limited Tel: +91 11 23355331, 2 Mob.: +91 9810058415 Email: sales@basicindialtd.com Bhikharam Chandimal Bhujiawala Pvt. Ltd Mob.: +91-9950997001 sumit@bhikharamchandmal.in20G V Rice Unit Mr. Suruinder Kumar Mob.: +91-9996642146/9729178000 Email: doc@gvrice.comKundan Rice Mills Ms. Manisha Kapoor Mob.: +91-9711000469 Email: pa.vidit@kundangroup.comGeewin Exim Mr. G.Chermakani Mob.: +91-9626099777 Email: nfo@geewinexim.com marketing@geewinexim.comMaclines Trading India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Kumar Gaurav Mob.: +91-9999308609, +91-9999307809 Email: maclines.india@maclinesme.comGoel International Rice Mr. Vijay Goel Mob.: +91-9254333544/9215750431 Email: info@goelrice.netMala’s Fruit Products Phone: 02168-240312 Email: raghvendra.t@malasfruit.com hujefag@malasfruit.comAgriBusiness & Food Industry w March 2017Mehrotra Consumter Products Pvt. Ltd. Phone: +91-120-4260545 Mob.: +91-9720170743 Email: kriti@organictattva.com Merry Food Mr. Rajul Tondon Mob.: +91-9935535800 Email: rajultandon1960@gmail.com Misthan Foods Limited Mr. Hiteshkumar Patel/ Mr.Vaibhav pandya Mob.: +91-9925168399/9687620981 Email: vaibhav pandya@mishtann.com/ info@mishtann.com Modern Agro Foods Mr. Vishal Bhagtani, Mob.: +91-9881236645 Email: vishal@modernagrofoods.com Nakoda Group Of Industries Pvt. Ltd. Phone: +91 712 2778824 / 2721555 Mob.: +91-9225361403, 9172222087 Email: ravindra@nakodas.com Paladiya Corporation Mob.: +91 9545513148 Ph : +91 20 41214100 Email: paladiyacorp@outlook.comSarah Foods Mob.: +91-9818294200 Email: sales@sarahfoods.inTGS Foodz Pvt. Ltd. Mob.: +91 9029682066 Email: akhter@tgsretail.inSarjena Foods Pvt Ltd Mob.: +91-9820326776 Email: nirmalgogri@gmail.comThe Punjab State Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation Limited (Markfed) Mr. H S Bains Phone PBX : (91)-(172)- 2660095-97, 2660161-65, 2660081, 2609470, 2605502Sarveshwar Foods Ltd. Mr. Rohit Gupta Mob.: +91-9419333000/9419185580 Email: rohit.gupta@sarveshwarrice.com Shah Nanji Nagsi Exports Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ashwin Shah Mob.: +91-9960271564/9873593225 Email: marketing@shahnn.comShree Jagdamba Agrico Exports Pvt Ltd. Mr. Samarth Goel Mob.: +91-9215660601/09416031390 Email: exports@shreejagdambaexports.in Shri Shrinivas Traders Email: bafnacold5@gmail.com Shri Venue Exports Mob.: +91-9323313030 Email: shrivenueexports@yahoo.co.inPJs Overseas Ltd Mr. Pawan Kumar Jain Mob.: +91-9811099456/9958288696
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