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Installation Instructions Kinetix 350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP Servo Drives Catalog Numbers 2097-V31PR0-LM, 2097-V31PR2-LM, 2097-V32PR0-LM, 2097-V32PR2-LM, 2097-V32PR4-LM, 2097-V33PR1-LM, 2097-V33PR3-LM, 2097-V33PR5-LM, 2097-V33PR6-LM, 2097-V34PR3-LM, 2097-V34PR5-LM, 2097-V34PR6-LM Topic About the Kinetix 350 Drives Important User Information Catalog Number Explanation Before You Begin Install the Kinetix 350 Drive Connector Data Power Wiring Requirements Additional Resources Page 1 2 3 4 4 7 11
  Installation Instructions Kinetix350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP ServoDrives Catalog Numbers 2097-V31PR0-LM, 2097-V31PR2-LM, 2097-V32PR0-LM,2097-V32PR2-LM, 2097-V32PR4-LM, 2097-V33PR1-LM, 2097-V33PR3-LM,2097-V33PR5-LM, 2097-V33PR6-LM, 2097-V34PR3-LM, 2097-V34PR5-LM,2097-V34PR6-LM About the Kinetix350 Drives Kinetix® 350 single-axis EtherNet/IP servo drives provide an Ethernet enabled solution forapplications with output power requirements in the range of 0.4…3.0 kW (2…12Arms).Refer to the Kinetix350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP Servo Drives User Manual, publication2097-UM002, for detailed information on wiring, applying power, troubleshooting,and integration with ControlLogix®, or CompactLogix® controller platforms. TopicPage About the Kinetix350 Drives1Important User Inormation2Catalog Number Explanation3Beore You Begin4Install the Kinetix350 Drive4Connector Data7Power Wiring Requirements11Additional Resources15  2 Kinetix350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP Servo DrivesRockwell Automation Publication 2097-IN008B-EN-P - October 2011 Important User Information Solid-state equipment has operational characteristics diering rom those o electromechanical equipment. Saety Guidelines orthe Application, Installation and Maintenance o Solid State Controls (Publication SGI-1.1available rom your local Rockwell Automation sales oice or online athttp://www.rockwellautomation.com/literature/) describes some important dierencesbetween solid-state equipment and hard-wired electromechanical devices. Because o this dierence, and also because o thewide variety o uses or solid-state equipment, all persons responsible or applying this equipment must satisy themselves thateach intended application o this equipment is acceptable.In no event will Rockwell Automation, Inc. be responsible or liable or indirect or consequential damages resulting rom the use orapplication o this equipment.The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely or illustrative purposes. Because o the many variables andrequirements associated with any particular installation, Rockwell Automation, Inc. cannot assume responsibility or liability oractual use based on the examples and diagrams.No patent liability is assumed by Rockwell Automation, Inc. with respect to use o inormation, circuits, equipment, or sotwaredescribed in this manual.Reproduction o the contents o this manual, in whole or in part, without written permission o Rockwell Automation, Inc., isprohibited.Throughout this manual, when necessary, we use notes to make you aware o saety considerations. WARNING: Identiies inormation about practices or circumstances that can cause an explosion in ahazardous environment, which may lead to personal injury or death, property damage, or economic loss. ATTENTION: Identiies inormation about practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury ordeath, property damage, or economic loss. Attentions help you identiy a hazard, avoid a hazard andrecognize the consequences. SHOCK HAZARD: L abels may be on or inside the equipment, or example, drive or motor, to alert people thatdangerous voltage may be present. BURN HAZARD: Labels may be on or inside the equipment, or example, drive or motor, to alert people thatsuraces may reach dangerous temperatures. IMPORTANT Identiies inormation that is critical or successul application and understanding o the product.  Kinetix350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP Servo Drives 3 Rockwell Automation Publication 2097-IN008B-EN-P - October 2011 Catalog Number Explanation This publication applies to the following Kinetix350 drives. Kinetix350 Drives, Single-phaseCat. No.Description 2097-V31PR0-LM120/240V, 1 Ø, 2.0 A2097-V31PR2-LM120/240V, 1 Ø, 4.0 A2097-V32PR0-LM240V, 1 Ø, 2.0 A, with integrated ilter2097-V32PR2-LM240V, 1 Ø, 4.0 A, with integrated ilter2097-V32PR4-LM240V, 1 Ø, 8.0 A, with integrated ilter Kinetix350 Drives, Single/Three-phaseCat. No.Description 2097-V33PR1-LM240V, 1 Ø or 3 Ø, 2.0 A2097-V33PR3-LM240V, 1 Ø or 3 Ø, 4.0 A2097-V33PR5-LM240V, 1 Ø or 3 Ø, 8.0 A2097-V33PR6-LM240V, 1 Ø or 3 Ø, 12.0 A Kinetix350 Drives, Three-phaseCat. No.Description 2097-V34PR3-LM480V, 3 Ø, 2.0 A2097-V34PR5-LM480V, 3 Ø, 4.0 A2097-V34PR6-LM480V, 3 Ø, 6.0 A  4 Kinetix350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP Servo DrivesRockwell Automation Publication 2097-IN008B-EN-P - October 2011 Before You Begin Remove all packing material, wedges, and braces from within and around the components. Afterunpacking, check the item nameplate catalog number against the purchase order. Parts List The Kinetix350 drive ships with the following: ã General-purpose power input (IPD) header, back-up power (BP) header, shunt resistorand DC bus (BC) header, motor power (MP) header, and safe torque off (STO) header ã A ground clamp that also provides strain relief for motor power cable ã These installation instructions, publication 2097-IN008 Install the Kinetix350 Drive These procedures assume you have prepared your panel, and understand how to bond yoursystem. For installation instructions regarding equipment and accessories not included here, referto the instructions that came with those products. TIP The connector kit or motor eedback (catalog number 2090-K2CK-D15M) is not provided.Replacement connector sets (catalog number 2097-CONN1) are also available. Reer to theKinetix Motion Control Selection Guide, publicationGMC-SG001, or more inormation onconnector kits and replacement connector sets. SHOCK HAZARD: To avoid hazard o electrical shock, perorm all mounting and wiring o theKinetix 350 drive prior to applying power. Once power is applied, connector terminals may havevoltage present even when not in use. ATTENTION: Plan the installation o your system so that you can perorm all cutting, drilling,tapping, and welding with the system removed rom the enclosure. Because the system is o theopen type construction, be careul to keep any metal debris rom alling into it. Metal debris orother oreign matter can become lodged in the circuitry, which can result in damage tocomponents.
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