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Technical note IEC 60034-30 standard on efficiency classes for low voltage AC motors The International Electrotechnical Commission has introduced a new standards relating to energy efficient motors. IEC 60034-30 defines new efficiency classes for motors and harmonizes the currently different requirements for induction motor efficiency levels around the world. It will hopefully put an end to the difficulties encountered by manufacturers producing motors for the global market. Motor users will be
   Technical noteIEC 60034-30 standard on eiciency classes orlow voltage AC motors The International Electrotechnical Commission hasintroduced a new standards relating to energy efficientmotors.IEC 60034-30 defines new efficiency classes for motorsand harmonizes the currently different requirements forinduction motor efficiency levels around the world. It willhopefully put an end to the difficulties encountered bymanufacturers producing motors for the global market.Motor users will benefit through the availability of moretransparent and easier to understand information. IE efciency classes or 4-pole motors at 50 Hz Below lowest IE classification  The standard also introduces IE4 (Super Premium Efciency),a uture level above IE3. IE4 products are not yet commerciallyavailable. What motors are covered by the standard?  The scope o the new standard is wider than that o theagreement previously in orce in Europe. IEC 60034-30 coversalmost all motors (or example standard, hazardous area, marine,brake motors):Single-speed, three-phase, 50 and 60 Hz−2, 4 or 6-pole−Rated output rom 0.75 to 375 kW−Rated voltage U− N up to 1000 VDuty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic−duty) with a rated cyclic duration actor o 80% or higherCapable o operating direct online 50 and 60 Hz− The ollowing motors are excluded rom IEC60034-30Motors made solely or converter operation−Motors completely integrated into a machine (or example,−pump, an or compressor) that cannot be tested separatelyrom the machine. What is the new classification based on?  The efciency levels defned in IEC 60034-30 are based on testmethods specifed in IEC 60034-2-1: 2007 with low uncertaintyor IE2 and IE3. The methods with IEC 60034-2-1 determineefciency values more accurately than the methods previouslyused. Premium eiciencyIE3PremiumHigh eiciencyIE2Comparable to EFF1Standard eiciencyIE1Comparable to EFF2 What are the new efficiency classes defined by IEC60034-30: 2008?  The new standard defnes three IE (International Efciency)efciency classes or single-speed, three phase, cage inductionmotors.  For more inormation please contact:    T   M   0   2   5   E   N   R  e  v   A   2   0   0   9 © Copyright 2009 ABB. All rights reserved.Specifcations subject to change without notice. Table 1 Table with efficiency classes: IE 60034-30 (2008)Table 2 kWHPIE-1 - Standard efficiencyIE2 - High efficiencyIE3 - Premium efficiency2 pole4 pole6 pole2 pole4 pole6 pole2 pole4 pole6 pole 50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz0.75172.−81.5−79.7−84.6−85.5−83.3−87.1−87.7−85.6−3.75−84.5−85.0−83.5−87.5−87.5−87.5−88.5−89.5−89.5483.1−83.1−81.485.8−86.6−84.6−88.1−88.6−86.8−5.57.584.786.084.787.−93.5−94.6−94.7−94.6−95.495.6−95.4−150200−94.1−94.5−94.1−95.0−95.0−95.0−95.4−96.295.816093.893.8−93.8−94.8−94.9−94.8−95.6−95.8−95.6−185250−94.1−94.5−94.1−95.4−95.4−95.0−95.8−96.2−95.820094.0−94.0−94.0−95.0−95.1−95.0−95.8−96.0−95.8−22030094.  The resulting efciency values dier rom those obtained underthe previous IEC testing standard, IEC 60034-2: 1996, whichgenerally gave higher overall efciency values as the estimatedadditional losses were too low.Manuacturers documentation must show how the efciencyvalues are determined. Efciency values can only be compared i they are based on the same testing method. What are the threshold levels of the motor efficiencyclasses?  Table 1 above shows the threshold levels o the motor efciencyclasses or two-, our- and six-pole motors between 0.75 and375 kW (50 and 60 Hz). How is the IE class marked?  The lowest efciency value and the associated IE-code o themotor are shown on the rating plate. How is IEC60034-30 compatible with other efficiencystandards? Dierences still exist between the various standards. The newIEC standard harmonizes the currently dierent requirementsor induction motor efciency levels around the world, however,making the comparison easier. Work to harmonize standardscontinues. Table 2 below shows a rough comparison between IEC60034-30and other efciency schemes. The IEC60034-30 only defnes the requirements or the efciencyclasses and aims to create a basis or International consistency.It does not speciy which motors must be supplied with whichefciency level. This is let to the respective regional legislationand European Directive. Each country will be advised to adopt theminimum efciency levels compatible with EU Directive as a wayto assure availability o the most efcient motors or users. How does ABB apply the new standard?  ABB has calculated the eiciency values under the−eiciency testing standard (IEC60034-2-1: 2007) accordingto the indirect method, with additional losses determinedrom measuring. ABB supplies a ull range o motors in class IE2.− Also Premium eiciency motors in class IE3 are available. IEC60034-30EuP Directive2005/32/ECEurope (50Hz)CEMEPvoluntaryagreementUS (60Hz)EPActOthersSimilar localregulationsfor example incountries like; IE1StandardeiciencyComparable toEFF2Below standardeiciency AS in AustraliaNBR in BrazilGB/T in ChinaIS in IndiaJIS in JapanMEPS in KoreaIE2High eiciencyComparable toEFF1Identical toNEMAEnergyeiciency / EPACTIE3PremiumeiciencyExtrapolatedIE2 with 10to 15% lowerlossesIdentical toNEMAPremiumeiciency
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