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  Name Class Advanced Expert Module 1 Test V OCABULARY    AND  G RAMMAR   1 For questions 1–10, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each ga! #$%&' &%%A$ %&F For some people, life in an English village is a form of retreat, allowing them to live closer to nature in a relaxedand peaceful setting. Others, who perhaps are more accustomed to the hustle and bustle of city life, may feel more (1)  _____ about living in a quiet and perhaps more isolated place and consider the idea of everyone knowing each other quite biarre. !owever, it is this notion of a (*)  _____ community which is often a striking difference between city and country life. nowing everyone near where you live and having (+)  _____ respect for your neighbours in a small community does, in effect, ()  _____ . #f someone needs help or is ill, they will find themselves in a (-)  _____ position where they feel well supported. $ou could say that (.)  _____ is a fundamental aspect of survival in such places. %illagers tend to (/)  _____ keeping their communities thriving through ()  _____ with each other, maintaining social clubs and events, and keeping the local amenities running.#f you visit any English village, you come across an eclectic mix of characters. &hilst you can expect some rather ()  _____ landowners to be influential in village parish matters, you will also get to talk to people from all (10)  _____ of life. 'iving in a village might not be everyone(s cup of tea but one thing(s for sure, there is a lot to be said for it. ) A  suspicious B  troubled C  apprehensive D  mistrustful* A  close+knit B  am+packed C  thickset D  close+up- A  collective B  two+sided C  mutual D  returned A  pay for  B  pay off  C  work off  D  work for / A  grateful B  suitable C  respective D  favourable0 A connecting B  networking C  associating D  corresponding1 A  take pride in B  make proud of  C  be proud in D  have pride for 2 A  conoining B  contacting C  liaising D  attaching3 A  plentiful B  abundant C  sustaining D  affluent)4 A  genres B  walks C  characters D  breeds 10 PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd.1  * For questions 1–., read the text below! 2se the word gi3en in caitals at the end of so4e of the lines to for4 a word that fits in the ga in the sa4e line! 5he cast felt somewhat (1)  __________ on discovering that they would#''67#O8mostly be performing to audiences who had been (*)  __________ free tickets9''O:95Eto encourage attendance. 9lthough it was customary for such tickets to be given out, it was usually in (+)  __________ and kept to a minimum. ;iven the<O=E>95Etheatre company(s limited funds, it was generally agreed that this was an ()  __________ position to be put in. !owever, the reality was that their directorF9%O6> had walked out and for now they were essentially (-)  __________ . =#>E:5!ad one of them been (.)  __________ the director over the last months, they7!9=O&might have had a better idea of how to turn things around. 7adly, this was not the case. ?ut all was not lost. 6 + For questions 1–, underline the correct for4 of the 3erb in italics in the following aragrah .9fter much deliberation, it (1)   was / has been / was being   finally suggested last Friday that the old 7t @ames community hall (*)   is being / could be /     should be renovated. 5he 7t @ames newsletter, which will be circulated next week, (+) is providing / will provide / would provide  further details of the plans that () have proposed / have been proposed / must have been proposed and also include computer+generated images of the hall as it is expected to look on completion of the works. 'ocal historians (-) have / have been / had recommended that the hall(s many historical features be retained and the council (.)  will support / was supporting / has supported   this  by stipulating that all key features (/)  should have been    / must be / are being  preserved in the architectural planssubmitted. 'ocal residents, who () had been / had being / are  worried that the hall would inevitably be demolished, say they are delighted with the outcome. 7o much so, that they () now   establish / would now establish / are now establishing   a local committee to take responsibility for the upkeep of the hall. 9Total:25 PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd.2
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