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English Expert Test
  Name Class Advanced Expert Module 2 Test V OCABULARY    AND  G RAMMAR 1 For questions 1–10, read the sentences below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap 1The cameras were set up so as to _____ the badgers unawares during their night time forays. A  startle B  catch C  discover  D  watch2We were _____ at the exorbitant prices the hotel was charging for standard rooms. A  puzzled B  terrified C  dazed D  astounded3_____ behaviour will not be tolerated at this college and any pupil found guilty of bullying will be expelled immediately. A  nsafe B  !armful C  Threatening D   arbaric#$n an attempt not to wa%e his parents& Tim found himself _____ up the stairs whilst holding his breath. A  slipping B  lur%ing C  snea%ing D  stal%ing'The T( documentary was so enthralling that we were all _____ to the set until it ended. A  glued B  secured C  hoo%ed D  united)*lthough she had been told +uite sternly to _____ herself together& she simply couldn,t stop the tears from flowing. A  bring B  rein C  force D  pull-!e was always such a charming and sensitive man that we couldn,t imagine how he could ever _____ anyone up the wrong way. A  bother  B  rile C  rub D  provo%e/$f you don,t do as you,re _____ & you,ll go straight to bed without any food&, she threatened. A  taught B  told C  made D  said0iven how spontaneous she had always been& no one was in the least bit surprised when she decided she was going to move to $taly on a _____ . A  impulse B  wish C  whim D  flash PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd.1  1arol could not have %nown that her decision to turn left at the 4unction would _____ such an interesting chain of events. A  trigger  B  stir  C  establish D  incite 10 ! For questions 1– , read the te#t below and thin$ of the word that best fits each gap %se onl& one word in each gapA' %'*C+D -.-+/ (1)  __________ was ringing the door bell was +uite insistent. $ figured it (!)  __________ be something important as ()  __________ when would you call on someone in the middle of the night5 6ushing to put on mydressing gown& (2)  __________ was close at hand& $ decided to peep out of the window to get (3)  __________ glimpse of the person below. Through the glass& which was covered in frost& $ could 4ust about ma%e (4)  __________ a familiar7loo%ing figure. (5)  __________ was my sister doing here at this time of the night5 $ let her in. 8he was incredibly +uiet& which was very unusual for her. (6)  __________ who %new her would have recognised from her demeanour that she ( )  __________ come for help. 9 PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd.2   For questions 1–4, co7plete the second sentence so that it has a si7ilar 7eaning to the first sentence, using the word gi8en Do not change the word gi8en 9ou 7ust use between three and si# words, includingthe word gi8en 19any people said they had had enough of the economic situation. :;<*n awful lot ___________________________ the economic situation.2=othing new was covered in the first term& they simply reviewed the basics. 6>=<$n the first term they 4ust went ___________________________ and reviewed the basics. 3(ery few people put forward suggestions at the meeting.*=?>=; ___________________________ the meeting made any suggestions.#*lthough we were wor%ing hard& we were getting nowhere.@6>6;88 =o ___________________________ we were wor%ing hard.'We spent ages trying to solve the problem.:$6;$t too% us a great deal ___________________________ solution.)=o one was surprised when the police arrested a few demonstrators.$=;($T* A; ___________________________ that some people would be arrested at the demonstration. 6Total:25 PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd.3
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