Agreement Brings Nearly $1 Million in Back Pay

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December 2007/January 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC VOL. 61 NO. 11 Page DECEMBER 2007/JANUARY 2008 Agreement Brings Nearly $1 Million in Back Pay a higher wage rate. This…
December 2007/January 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC VOL. 61 NO. 11 Page DECEMBER 2007/JANUARY 2008 Agreement Brings Nearly $1 Million in Back Pay a higher wage rate. This adjustment addresses what the Union had characterized as a pay disparity issue for members in 13 job classifications. The Union and Company have worked together to provide compensation for individuals that is in line with the market Below are the 13 job codes with pay rate adjustments in the recent settlement. in the 13 identiJob Code Job Title fied job classifi91104 Assembler Power Plant B cations (see chart 97109 Aviation Maint Tech & Insp - Field left): C2709 Aviation Maint Tech & Insp - Flight Test Individual 51406 Inspector Assemb & Install B back pay District President Tom Wroblewski (l) 59006 Inspector Integral Fuel Cells amounts varied congratulates Frank French on his back pay and 01307 Painter Decorative Commercial A/C depending on rate adjustment. 33007 Production Test Mfg Technician hire dates and job 34107 Aircraft Test Tech A worked for resolution of the issue with classifications; however, the C4608 NC Multi Tool & Mill Machine Oper A Boeing, noted, “I credit Boeing for dototal adjustment checks to C4808 Milling Machine Oper - General ing the right thing for these members. It our members will approach N0309 General Machinist was not a contractual obligation since close to $1,000,000. 87510 Electronics Maint Technician each person had accepted the offered District 751 President 54008 Inspector Machined Parts B rate of pay when they hired in; however, Tom Wroblewski, who Approximately 200 members were ensured an extra special holiday season, thanks to the Union and Company, as they received a wage rate adjustment retroactive to the date when Boeing began to hire new employees with similar experience into their job classification at Pay Disparity Settlement Job Codes Business Rep Ron Bradley gets input from members at a recent shop floor meeting. the Company agreed that the pay disparity needed to be addressed and took appropriate action. ” “This adjustment ensured that members hired directly into one of the affected classifications were not getting paid less than those hired after them with similar experience. The back pay and adjustment acknowledges their prior experience is valued to both the Company and the Union,” Wroblewski added. The Union continues working hard to get the new hire rates for all members adjusted, as well. If the minimum rates are not increased before formal negotiations begin next June, rest assured it will be addressed at the bargaining table. Both the Company and the Union are acutely aware the rates have not changed since the 1992 contract. Neither side could have foreseen the drastic market change and the fact that at the time of the last two contracts, there were no plans for new hires as there were over 10,000 members on the CAT A list to be called Continued on page 2 Pickle Fork Work Returns to Auburn Members in Auburn again get to use their skills and expertise to fabricate and assemble the 777 ‘pickle fork.’ This pickle fork work, which connects the body side panel and rear spar to the wingbox on the 777, was transferred to Boeing Portland a few years back – despite protests from the Union. Because it was a transfer within Boeing facilities covered by our contract, it was not subject to the Work Transfer language. Continued on page 12 Stepping Up Two-Way Communication for 2008 UN I O N T I ME E IT As preparations for the 2008 negotiations with Boeing shift into high gear, District President Tom Wroblewski has mapped out a month-by-month plan to highlight various issues members have identified. By focusing on one issue a month, it allows members to have discussion and input on the topic. Each month will feature a different topic. R TI M U O ’S The Union has also began a series of face-to-face activities that will continue through the contract and TH give the Union much-needed two! IS TI ME way communication. See page 6 for Focus Groups contract issue The Union is holding focus groups history throughout Puget Sound to provide members an opportunity to give direct input to Union negotiators. Members are encouraged to attend to give honest feedback and input into the Union. The focus groups are a good mix of members from different work areas. Stewards and officers are ex2 10 9 cluded because the Union regularly hears from them. Instead, focus groups are aimed at members who do not normally participate in Union meetings. Members were eager to share their ideas, issues, concerns and experiences with the Union. By asking tough questions and getting unfiltered dialogue, we can better address the issues and ensure the Union proposal accurately reflects members’ concerns. Continued on page 7 3 8 CO 4 N TR 0 ACT ’ 8 L to R: Chuck Craft and Doug Wilke show Business Rep Jimmy Darrah pickle fork work that is returning to Auburn from Portland. Dues Decrease for 2008 Members give feedback at an Auburn focus group. A Better Alternative IAM Work Transfer offers alternative that keeps work inhouse 12 Monthly Union dues rate for IAM hourly workers at Boeing will be $56.80 for 2008. Dues are calculated at two times the average hourly wage (based on wages from Sept. 2006 through August 2007, including the $3,000 lump sum) plus $1.10 per capita tax to the Grand Lodge. The decrease is a result of the new hires who have come in at entry level rates and attrition of more senior wage earners who have retired. Tanker Time Inside Index With a decision in the near future, each member can help secure this work for the future President's Message ...... 2 Political Action ............... 3 Community Service .......4 Negotiation Info ........... 6 Retirement ...................... 9 Want Ads ........................ 10 3 Page 2 751 AERO MECHANIC December 2007/January 2008 REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT Let’s Keep Momentum Going for 2008 Negotiations by Tom Wroblewski, District President We end the year with some positive news that will carry into 2008. Pay Disparity First of all, the Union was successful in working with The Boeing Company to resolve a pay disparity issue for 13 job codes. Our affected members have already started to receive their wage adjustments, including back pay. Although it was not a contractual issue, Boeing did the right thing and corrected the pay disparity. The results were approximately 200 members split nearly $1,000,000 in back pay. This pay disparity issue was first brought to me by a number of members when the Company started hiring employees with similar experience on their resumes at a higher rate of pay. I applaud Boeing for doing the right thing and for listening to our rationale and resolving this issue. Negotiations with the Company are never easy, but with persistence and the support of the members, we were able to achieve an acceptable settlement. Although this settlement isn’t related to the new-hire pay issue, I am hopeful we can come to a resolution with the Company on that issue before contract negotiations next year. If not, we will definitely address it then. 767 Tanker Members will be receiving a letter soon asking for your help in landing the 767 Tanker contract for Boeing. Stewards will be bringing support letters through the shops. Please take the time to sign the letters and join in the effort to help secure our jobs for many years to come. This is only the first step. The next step is to ensure it is truly an American made tanker. Together, we can send a very powerful message. You can also send a message via e-mail. Go to aero/tanker.htm to find a link that will send the message. Highlighting Different Issues In shop floor meetings, focus groups and walks through the shop, members have repeatedly asked for more paid time off in the form of vacation, sick leave and bereavement. Look at the history of these benefits on page 6 and the charts show improvements are long overdue. It’s Our Time This Time! On the issue of progression, time to reach the maximum needs to be reduced. Our members are the most highly skilled in the world and certainly are proficient in all aspects of their jobs long before they reach the maximum rate. Boeing needs to recognize their contributions and shorten the progression to a more reasonable time period. It’s Our Time This Time! Proposed Dues Structure Change at Grand Lodge Convention The International (Grand Lodge Executive Board) has notified all District and Local Lodges that the existing dues structure, which was implemented in 1976, no longer supports the International’s operating costs for 2007 and beyond. Therefore, they intend to propose a membership wide dues structure change at the Grand Lodge Convention in 2008. This is not a proposal from District 751. The Grand Lodge is the governing body of the entire IAM. Members from across the United States and Canada elect delegates to this Convention just like you elect members to Congress. However, like any proposal to Congress, what goes in may not be the same as what comes out. What I do know is, their proposed dues structure is a straight percentage of your gross hourly base rate (excluding overtime and bonuses). The higher your gross hourly base rate, the higher your dues would be. On the other end, the lower your hourly base rate, the lower your dues would be. I have not seen the actual proposal nor will I before it is presented. Knowing a proposal is coming on the dues structure highlights the need to elect strong delegates to represent your interests at that Convention next year. Look Ahead to 2008 This District represents members across the State of Washington under 36 different contracts. Over the last year we have successfully negotiated 17 contracts that were accepted by our members. Two of those were first contracts at newly organized facilities. In addition, we have been able to negotiate improvements for our mem- Union Helps Secure Huge Back Pay Settlement Continued from page 1 back to Boeing. For District President Tom Wroblewski, this marked the second time since taking office in April that he has been able to work with Boeing to get over a million dollars in back pay for our members through working with the Company to come to a resolution. With the Company’s new leadership, it is even more impressive that Boeing, although not obligated per the contract to make any adjustments, worked with the Union to resolve a big issue. Last spring, the Union worked with Boeing to get pay rates adjusted and back pay for new hires who had previously worked at Boeing. This latest situation arose when Boeing realized it could not attract candidates who met the skill levels and experience necessary for the 13 job classifications. As a result, the Company began establishing criteria to provide additional compensation above the minimum rates for new hires who met the skills and experience requirements for the designated classifications. In some cases, Boeing made the pay practice changes mid-stream, and, therefore, some employees made less than others hired later with equivalent prior experience. This wage disparity did not go unnoticed by our members. The Union will continue to push to get Boeing to increase the other newhire rates. Union Steward Frank French, who works in the Everett paint hangar and had lots of overtime working on Air Force One, received over $10,000 in back pay from the settlement and stated, “I’m glad to see the Union and Company working together to fix this situation because I know they didn’t have to. The guys in my shop are pretty happy.” 751-member Daniel Plavsic got a $7 an hour increase retroactive back to January. He declared, “I love the Union and this Company more and more all the time. It is great it came to this conclusion. It came out even better than I expected. I owe a lot to Union Stewards Scott Salo and Chuck Eaton, as well as supervisor Geoff Robinson, who was pushing from management’s side. The timing couldn’t be better and it was great to get the back pay in time for the holidays.” Some questions arising from this announcement: Does this apply to all new hires over the past couple of years? Boeing did not adjust pay rates for all new hires. Only employees who were hired into job classifications that Boeing deemed as requiring a higher offer rate than the minimum (see chart on page 1) were reviewed for a potential adjustment. How was the date determined for establishing retroactive pay? The dates to make the new pay rates effective were based upon when a subsequent hire was made and paid more than an earlier hire with equivalent experience in each particular job code. The subsequent hire represents the starting point from which we may begin paying the higher amount. Each job code may have a different date. How will employees know how their individual pay adjustment amount was determined? Each adjustment amount was deter- mined by using the resume/application provided at the time the employee hired into the Company. Therefore, no further review will be done. When should the employees see the pay adjustment? They should see pay adjustments with back pay beginning with the December 20th paycheck and no later than the January 3rd, 2008 paycheck. Employees need to be patient and wait until the January 3rd paycheck to bring forward any concerns. If they still don’t see back pay by January 3rd, have them notify their manager and the manager will then contact the appropriate person to address the situation. If I was in one of the job codes listed, will I receive the adjustment? The adjustment only affects approximately 200 members. Determining who actually receives an adjustment was at the discretion of the Company based on the experience level at the time of hire. What is the Union doing for the rest of the new hires and the substandard wage rate? As was reported in an earlier communication to the membership, District President Tom Wroblewski is working with the Company on that issue as well. Although the Company is under no obligation to even discuss the matter prior to negotiations next year, they are at least listening to the arguments the Union is putting forward. We can’t promise a resolution prior to negotiations on this issue as it impacts a much larger population of the workforce, but rest assured, this Union is doing what it can to try and come to a resolution sooner than later. bers on issues that fell outside the parameters of the contract because we were able to convince The Boeing Company that making the changes was the right thing to do. As we look ahead to the coming year, we all will be very busy gearing up for one of the most important contracts in our history. Each of you is doing your part to ensure a successful outcome. It is very important to stand united and strong throughout the process. We all need to support each others’ issues. We need improvements in many areas of the contract including retirement, wages and benefits for all members. Let’s build on the momentum of our 2007 success and we will prevail because It’s Our Time…This Time! District Lodge 751, International Assn. of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Tom Wroblewski President, Directing Business Representative Clifton Wyatt Vice President Susan Palmer Secretary-Treasurer James Coats Sergeant-at-Arms Tommy Wilson Roy Moore Paul Knebel Mark B. Johnson Ray Baumgardner Emerson Hamilton Stan Johnson Paul Milliken Ron Bradley Jimmy Darrah Heather Barstow Jon Holden Don Morris Richard Jackson Union Business Representatives Union Offices: ã 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300 ã 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590 ã 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777 ã 8729 Airport Rd, Everett; 425-355-8821 ã 4226 E. Mission, Spokane (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305 Toll-free to Seattle from: Nationwide 1-800-763-1301 Tacoma 253-627-0822 Hotline: 1-800-763-1310 Web site: 751 AERO MECHANIC Connie Kelliher, Editor Member of The Newspaper Guild, CWA #37082 District 751 AERO MECHANIC ( ISSN 0894-7864, USPS 008-660) is published Monthly except Bimonthly in December/January by Aerospace Industrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S., SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Mechanic. $4 per year for non-members by District Lodge 751, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to District 751 Aero Mechanic, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108 December 2007/January 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC Page 3 POLITICAL ACTION Time to Take the Tanker and Congressional Rep. Will our government support the creation of thousands of Machinists Union, The time to act is NOW. The stakes are family-wage jobs for years, perhaps devery high. Within the next six weeks our cades, or will we give those jobs away? government will decide which airplane Will our government buy an American will serve as the Air Force’s refueling made tanker which enhances our national tanker for decades to come. The choice is security and maintains our country’s inbetween the Machinists Union/Boeing dustrial base or will we relinquish our built KC-767 or the French made and aerospace capabilities? Will our Air Force designed Airbus A-330. benefit from the most technologically Your help is needed today to secure the advanced, most capable tanker built by tanker order. (1) Send an e-mail to your the most experienced workforce in the Senators and Congressional Rep, (2) Sign world or will we allow Airbus to learn three letters your Union Steward will bring how to build a tanker and gain that expeto the shop, and (3) Call your two Senators rience at the expense of our armed forces? Your Union is pulling out all stops to help deliver the tanker. District President Tom Wroblewski is coauthoring Op-Ed articles for the local newspapers. He and District Secretary-Treasurer Congressman Jim McDermott and District 751 President Tom Wroblewski discuss strategy for landing Boeing the Air Susan Palmer have met with Force tanker contract and securing more work for our state. by Larry Brown, 751 Legislative Director L to R: 751 Sec-Treas Susan Palmer, Kristin Farr (SPEEA), Congressman Rick Larsen, 751 President Tom Wroblewski and 751 Political Director Larry Brown work together to secure the Air Force tanker for Boeing. each member of our Congressional Delegation and our International is working throughout the nation to build support for the KC-767. Help our government make the right choice. Help our Air Force receive the best product. Help our members keep defense jobs in this country. Log on to the 751 web site, send an e-mail letter, sign the letters your Steward brings into the shop and call your Senators and Congressional Representative. Please act TODAY. You can make a difference. How You Can Help 1) Send an e-mail message to our Senators and your Congressional Rep ( 2) Sign letters your Steward will have asking our two Senators and Congressional Reps for support. 3) Call our Senators and your Congressional Rep and ask for their support on the tanker. Sen. Murray @ 206 553-5545; Sen. Cantwell @ 206 2206400; Rep. Inslee @ 206 361-0233; Rep. Larsen 425 2523188; Rep. Baird @ 360 695-6292; Rep. Hastings @ 509 543-9396; Rep. McMorris-Rogers @ 360 353-2374; Rep. Dicks @ 253 593-6536; Rep McDermott @ 206 5537170; Rep. Reichert @ 206 275-3438; Rep. Smith @ (253) 896-3775 751 Club Dinner Dance Honors Our Political Activists On Saturday, December 1st, the Union honored our most politically active members - those who belong to the 751 Club and donate $7.51 or more per month to the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League (MNPL). The event was also a time to recognize those members who were top recruiters in the recent MNPL drive (see box below). In addition to a social hour and delicious dinner, those attending got to hear from Governor Christine
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