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I did this my senior year in high school.
  Jared FriedmanAddendum to the Presentation on Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence: Very simply, the goal of creating an intelligent computer A landmark paper in artificial intelligence: Computing Machinery and Intelligence , A.M. Turing. Pulished in  Mind   in ! #$The Turing Thesis, stated t%o similar %ays:!. There is no functional difference et%een rains and computers&. Any thought process used y a human can, in principle, e programmed into a computer Picture of a neuron:Image from http:''%%%.n'the(neuron.htm , '&)'$&Three roads to artificial intelligence:!. M*I +canning&. -olution. /it0y0it programming y handA reasonale definition of intelligence: The Turing TestImages from pturing, 924/02     1*   Four 2ighly *elated /road Themes in the Field of Artificial Intelligence!. True understanding -ersus shallo% tricks&. Accurate modeling of human cognition -ersus 3%hate-er %orks4strategies. Types of thought easy for humans -ersus types of thought easy for computers). The human aility %ith commonsense kno%ledge -ersus the computer inaility+ample rule for M56I7:IF:!. The gram stain of the organism is gramneg, and&. The morphology of the organism is rod, and. The aeroicity of the organism is anaeroicT27 there is suggesti-e e-idence 8.9 proaility that the identity of the organism is  acteroides.*ule taken from ;inserg,  Essentials of Artificial Intelligence Transcript of a con-ersation et%een Joseph <ei=aum>s li=a program and a real teenage girl. li=a>s responses are in lue.  Men are all alike.  IN WHAT WAY  Theyre al!ays ugging us a out something or other. CAN Y#$ THIN% #& A '(ECI&IC E)AM(*E  Well+ my oyfriend made me come here. Y#$, -#Y&,IEN MAE Y#$ C#ME HE,E   He says that I am depressed all the time.  I AM '#,,Y T# HE,E Y#$ A,E E(,E''E  Its true that I am unhappy  # Y#$ THIN% C#MIN/ HE,E WI** HE*( Y#$ N#T T# -E $NHA((Y   I need help+ that seems certain. WHY # Y#$ WANT HE*( THAT 'EEM' CE,TAIN0  (erhaps I could learn to get along !ith my mother. TE** ME M#,E A-#$T Y#$, &AMI*Y  My mother takes care of me. WH# E*'E IN Y#$, &AMI*Y TA%E' CA,E #& Y#$  My father. Y#$, &ATHE, You are like my father in some !ays. WHAT ,E'EM-*ANCE # Y#$ 'EE You are not 1ery aggressi1e ut I think you dont !ant me to notice that. WHAT MA%E' Y#$ -E*IE2E I AM N#T 2E,Y A//,E''I2E -$T Y#$ THIN% I #NT WANT Y#$ T# N#TICE THAT You dont argue !ith me. WHY #NT Y#$ THIN% I A,/$E WITH Y#$ You are afraid of me.   #E' IT (*EA'E Y#$ T# -E*IE2E I AM A&,AI #& Y#$  My father is afraid of e1ery ody. WHAT E*'E C#ME' T# MIN WHEN Y#$ THIN% #& Y#$, &ATHE,  -ullies. Transcript of a con-ersation et%een +2*?@ and a person. +2?*@>s responses are in lue.!. pick up a red lock #% &. find a lock %hich is taller than the one you are holding and put it into the oB.  -y 3it+3 i assume that you mean the lock !hich is taller than the one i am holding. #%. . %hat does the oB containC The lue pyramid and the lue o4 ). %hat is the pyramid supported yC the o4 #. ho% many locks are not in the oBC  four of them 9. is at least one of them narro%ed than the one %hich I told you to pick upC  yes+ the red cu e D. %ill you please stack up oth of the red locks and either a green cue or a pyramidC #% E. is there a large lock ehind a pyramidC  yes+ three of them5 a large red one+ a large green cu e and the lue one. . put a small one into the green cue %hich supports a pyramid #% !$. put the littlest pyramid on top of it #% !!. had you touched any pyramid efore you put the green one on the little cueC Yes+ the green one !E. %hen did you pick it upC !hile i !as stacking up the red cu e+ a large red lock and a large green cu e ! . %hyC to get rid of it &$. %hy did you do thatC to clear off the red cu e  &!. %hy did you clear off that cueC to put it on a large green cu e &&. %hy did you do thatC to stack the red cu e+ a large lock+ and a large green cu e &. %hy did you do thatC ecause you asked me to 6on-ersation transcripts taken from 'ome &ascinating E4hi its , http:''lirary.think'&D$#'programs.html , '&)'$&1ther sources used:6ope, ?a-id. 2irtual Music ;inserg, Matt,  Essentials of Artificial Intelligence 2ofstadter, ?ouglas *. /odel+ Escher+ -ach 2ofstadter, ?ouglas *.  &luid Concepts and Creati1e Analogies Gut=%eil, *ay. The Age of Intelligent Machines *ussel, +tuart and 7or-ig, Peter.  Artificial Intelligence5 A Modern Approach
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