Annona Muricata Leaves Induce G Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis Through Mitochondria-mediated Pathway in Human HCT-116 and HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells

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anona muricata
  Annona muricata leaves induce G cell cycle arrest and apoptosisthrough mitochondria-mediated pathway in human HCT-116 andHT-29 colon cancer cells I.Product / Ingredient Studieda. Annona muricata L. (Annona muricata) as a member of theAnnonaceae family, the custard apple family, is a small tropical treewidely cultiated throughout the tropical countries. Annona speciessuch as Annona s!uamosa and Annona reticulata are well nown tohae traditional application in the tropicsb.#he popular fruit tree of Annona muricata nown also as $graiola% or$soursop% has e&tensie ethnobotonical uses, such as sedatie,astringent,piscicide,insecticide,ermifuge,hypotensie,antiparasiticandantispasmodic.c.'urthermore, it is traditionally used for the treatment of feers,asthma, pain, coughs, wound and s in remediesd.Annona muricata was described as $the cancer iller% due to itsremar able cytoto&icity against arious cancer cell lines. #he seedsand leaes of Annona muricata hae been widely used by the natiesin South America for the treatment of cancer and tumors.II.Indication a. #o establish the possible apoptotic pathways induced in #*+ and#-- colon cancer cells by ethyl acetate e&tract of Annonamuricata leaes.III.#ype of laima. #he stems, bar s and leaes of Annona muricata reealed noteworthyantiproliferatie eects against cancer cells without aecting normalcellsI0.1osage and Administrationa. #he antiproliferatie potential of the three isolated e&tracts wase&pressed as I23 alue, the concentration of plant e&tract that caused234 inhibition of cell growth which was calculated based on thepercentage of cell iability. As ethyl acetate e&tract of Annona muricataleaes (55A6) showed the strongest I23, which was used to continuethe study.0.#ype of Study (uman or Animal)a.uman cells b.178- (normal human colon epithelial cells)c.#*+ and #-- (human colon cancer cells)0I.Study 1esign (5&perimental or 9bserational)a. 5&perimental in itrob.178- (normal human colon epithelial cells), #*+ and #--(human colon cancer cells) were obtained from the American #ype ellollection (A#, 6anassas, 0A, :SA). #he cells were maintained in;P6I-83 medium (Sigma, St. Louis, 69, :SA) supplemented with  -34 '<S (PAA Lab, Pasching, Austria), 23 =g/ml amphotericin < (PAALab) and -33 :/ml penicillin (PAA Lab) in a humidi>ed atmosphere with24 9 in the air at ?@ -. ells in the e&ponential growth phase werecollected for the following e&periments. #he negatie control for all theassays was represented by the untreated medium containing ehicle16S9 (3.-4).0II.Study Populationa. olon cancer 0III.1uration of the Studya. Incubated for @* h.I.Study 5nd Pointsa. ell iability was ealuated by using the ?(8,2dimethylthiaBol*yl)*,2diphenyltetraBolium (6##) assay. b.In brief, cells (2 & -3 8 cells/ml) were treated with three isolatede&tracts at dierent concentrations in +well plate and incubated for@* h..5thics ommittee Approala. Cot mentioned within the article.I.Limitation of the Studya. Cot stated within the article.II.Study ;esultsa. 55A6 e&erted signi>cant cytoto&ic eects on #-- and #*+ cellsas determined by 6## and L1 assays. b.After *8 h treatment, 55A6 e&hibited the I alue of --.8?@-.7@ mg/mland 7.+7@-.*8 mg/ml against #*+ and #-- cells, respectiely.'low cytometric analysis demonstrated the cell cycle arrest at D- 23phase and phosphatidylserine e&ternaliBation con>rming the inductionof apoptosis. c.55A6 treatment caused e&cessie accumulation of ;9S followed bydisruption of 66P, cytochrome c lea age and actiation of the initiatorand e&ecutioner caspases in both colon cancer cells.ImmunoEuorescence analysis depicted the upregulation of <a& anddownregulation of <cl* proteins while treated with 55A6.d.'urthermore, 55A6 conspicuously bloc ed the migration and inasionof #*+ and #-- cells.III.Source of 5idenceF a. 6oghadamtousi, S.G., et al., Annona muricata leaes induce D- cellcycle arrest and apoptosis through mitochondriamediated pathway inhuman.... Hournal of 5thnopharmacology (*3-8),httpF//d&/.ep.*3-8.37.3--i
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